Director & Producer Rescue 3 On Hudson

Cook up your “real-life Bourne” comparisons here. The AP is reporting that movie director Doug Liman and producer Avram Ludwig were sailing in New York on Wednesday when they saw a large cargo ship slam into a small speedboat on the Hudson River and “jumped into action”. The Hollywood pair found four people screaming for help when they arrived on the scene. Liman and Ludwig said they picked up three passengers from the water, while the speedboat owner wouldn’t leave his vessel until rescue crews arrived. Liman and Ludwig were in New York filming Fair Game. Liman, who has directed action pics like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and The Bourne Identity, was quoted as saying no Hollywood action sequence could compare to the rush of adrenaline he felt during Wednesday’s rescue. Ludwig told the AP: “Simulating life-threatening situations prepares you for real life. We can keep a level head under a lot of pressure.”

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