Donal Logue To Star In Marc Cherry's Drama Pilot 'Hallelujah'

After a stint on FX with Terriers, Donal Logue is returning to broadcast television as the lead in Marc Cherry’s Hallelujah drama pilot for ABC. The project is set in the town of Hallelujah, Tenn., where the forces of good and evil are exemplified by hardworking, moral diner owner Rye Turner (Logue), a family man who has had a run of tragic luck, and his long-time nemesis, corrupt millionaire Del Roman (Terry O’Quinn), who is a law unto himself. Del seems to be winning the battle until mysterious newcomer Jared O’Neal (Jesse L. Martin) arrives in town. The pilot brings Logue back to ABC, where he toplined the underrated comedy series Knights of Prosperity.

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