Sheen Willing To Work With Chuck Lorre Again, Harvey Weinstein Bets On Moonves

Over the past week, Sheen has called Two and a Half Men co-creator Chuck Lorre a clown, a turd and a charlatan among other things. But, despite the bad blood, Sheen doesn’t rule out working with Lorre again. “Maybe two guys just sit in a room and say, ‘Look, we hate each other, let’s continue to make some great television,” he said during his 20/20 interview that aired tonight.

There was no love for CBS executive though. “The fun stops” on the set of Men “when they roll in,” Sheen said. “They just puke all over it. They’re not welcome to be in the presence of what I’m delivering.”

Meanwhile, on Piers Morgan Tonight, Harvey Weinstein was asked about Sheen whom he called “one of the best actors when he’s motivated.”

But when Morgan suggested that the actor’s strategy of going after the bigwigs, including CBS Corp. CEO Leslie Moonves, might work, Weinstein quickly dismissed that. “I know Les Moonves,” Weinstein said. “Charlie Sheen is playing a losing game.” He later added, “Les Moonves knows how to program a network, Les Moonves knows how to make a show. He is a dangerous guy to go against.”

As for acting jobs, Weinstein said he would cast Sheen, who co-starred in his company’s spoof Scary Movie 3, in Scary Movie 4.

Morgan saw a ratings bump from his Monday interview with Sheeen which delivered 1.3 million viewers, tying Morgan’s largest audience since the premiere.

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