Charlie Sheen Done With Interviews, Joins Twitter

After a media blitz of TV, radio and Web interviews, Charlie Sheen says he is done. But he, in fact, is just eliminating the middle man. The troubled Two and a Half Men star today joined Twitter today,  so he can share his thoughts with the world directly any time he feels like it. Within a few hours, Sheen had amassed almost 500,000 followers.

As for one-on-ones, “this is it,” Sheen told Howard Stern who interviewed him on his radio show this morning. “I am talking to you and I think I have one little interview today at the house and that’s it. Then I am going to sit by the phone and wait for one of these charlatans to reach out.” “Charlatans,” of course, is Sheen’s pet name for the producers of Two and a Half Men.

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