Trio Cast In Peter Tolan's NBC Comedy Pilot 'Brave New World'

Ed Begley Jr., Nick Braun (Red State) and Will Greenberg (Cloverfield) have been cast as leads in Peter Tolan’s comedy pilot for NBC Brave New World. The single-camera project, from Sony Pictures TV, is a workplace comedy that follows a group of unusual characters at Pilgrim Village, a theme park that specializes in recreations of New England in 1637. Braun, repped by WME and manager Adam Levine,  will play one of the workers at Pilgrim Village who is embarrassed about his job but needs the money and the health benefits. Innovative-repped Begley will play the ineffective boss at Pilgrim Village who can be somewhat of a prick. ICM-repped Greenberg will play an entitled douche who claims he is an actual Mayflower descendant.

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