Berlin: The World Likes Tupac Shakur

Morgan Creek Productions is doing well in selling offshore rights to Tupac, the biopic of rapper Tupac Shakur that will begin production by the summer with Antoine Fuqua directing. One might think a film about an American rapper who died in 1996 might be a tough sell outside the U.S. Not so. Morgan Creek has sold Canada TV rights to E!, Australia/New Zealand to Hopscotch, UK free TV to BBC, Benelux to Paradiso, Scandanavia to AB Svensk, South Africa to NuMetro, Middle East to Italia Films, Switzerland to Ascot Elite, Greece to Village Roadshow, Taiwan to Studio Solutions Group, India to Italia Films and Iceland to Sam Film. Universal is distributing in the US and Daniel Diamond, MCP’s president of International Sales & Distribution, continues to move territories in Berlin.

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