Charlie Sheen Offers To Pay 'Men' Crew

Charlie Sheen has offered to partially reimburse the crew of his hit CBS comedy series Two and a Half Men who have been sidelined while the actor is undergoing a rehab treatment. Sources confirm a TMZ report that Sheen has offered to pay one third of the salaries of the crew for the time they have been on an unplanned hiatus, with producer Warner Bros. TV and network CBS covering a third each. There is no response to his proposal from the studio and the network yet. The studio has been exploring options to compensate the crew of the show but it is also waiting to see how long the hiatus will be. If Sheen returns to work later this month and as early as next week as some reports suggest, the studio will most likely be able to make up for most of the lost time and the crew would get paid as originally planned. No re-start date for Men has been set yet as WBTV and CBS are waiting for for an indication that Sheen is well enough to resume work.

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