Cairo Assault On Fox News: “They Hit Us With Their Fists, Sticks, Bars, Rocks”

Fox News correspondent Greg Palkot, who, along with his camerman were badly beaten by demonstrators in Cairo on Wednesday, this morning gave a pretty fascinating firsthand account of the events in a post on Here it is:

CAIRO, Egypt –  It was Wednesday afternoon. We were covering the clashes between pro- and anti-government protesters near Tahrir or Liberation Square in Cairo.

A short time after we started our shooting, cameraman Olaf Wiig was threatened by a small group of pro-Mubarak thugs.

We ducked down an alley. It turned out to be a dead end, so we dashed into a nearby building.

At first it was a perfect vantage point to cover the street battle. Then it quickly turned into a battle station for the pro-government side. (more…)

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