Steve Zaillian On To Rewrite Jack Ryan

EXCLUSIVE: I’m told that Steve Zaillian is being brought aboard by Paramount to rewrite the new Jack Ryan film. Chris Pine will play Ryan in the Tom Clancy-created series, and Lost‘s Jack Bender is directing. Lorenzo di Bonaventura is producing.

The project till now has been referred to as Moscow, but the film doesn’t yet have a formal title or a start date. It’s an original and not based on one of the Clancy books, but I gather that the launching point of the film is discussed in Clancy’s The Hunt for Red October, both the book and the original film that starred Alec Baldwin. It has to do with a terrifying helicopter crash that nearly killed Ryan when he was a 23-year old platoon leader in the US Marines. He was the only member of the platoon to survive.

The hope is to start production this year. Zaillian knows the Ryan lore very well. He scripted the 1994 Jack Ryan film Clear and Present Danger, the last film that starred Harrison Ford. I’m told he also did a major uncredited rewrIte on Patriot Games, the first film Ford did after replacing Baldwin. Paramount has used a number of scribes to get this far with an origin story about the beginnings of Jack Ryan. It started with Hossein Amini. That didn’t work out. Then, Paramount acquired Dubai, an original spec script by Adam Cozad that Cozad redrafted to be the Ryan relaunch. Anthony Peckham came on to do a pass, and then Cozad was brought back. Now, Zaillian will bring it home. Paramount is co-financing the film with David Ellison’s Skydance.

WME-repped Zaillian just scripted The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and he’s signed to also adapt The Girl Who Played with Fire.

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