UPDATED: McTiernan-Roven Demystified

Finally, I’m told why film director John McTiernan had a beef with movie producer Chuck Roven. According to my sources: McTiernan wanted Roven off Rollerball. Now that is hardly a crime. But in some Hollywood people’s warped world, one way of accomplishing it is to hire a sleazeball P.I. and wiretap the unsuspecting producer. Remember, Roven’s Mosaic Media had a deal with MGM to co-finance movies, one of which was Rollerball. Even MGM execs didn’t know the extent to which Roven’s producer credit on the film pissed off helmer McTiernan, who was also a producer on it. I’m told this went way beyond the usual director-not-wanting-money-guy-to-get-in-his-way paranoia. Who else thinks this industry needs massive therapy?

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2006/04/updated-mctiernan-roven-mystery-solved-103/