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Your Complete Guide to Pilots and Straight-to-Series orders

2020-21 Netflix Pilots & Series Orders

2020-21 Netflix Pilots & Series Orders

56 Pilots
72 Series Orders


ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE (Ordered straight to limited series; four episodes)

The story of blind teenage Marie-Laure and German soldier Werner, whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II. Based on the book by Anthony Doerr.

Studio 21 Laps Entertainment

Team Shawn Levy (d, ep), Steven Knight (w, ep)

Cast Aria Mia Loberti, Mark Ruffalo, Hugh Laurie

ANATOMY OF A SCANDAL (Ordered straight to series; six episodes)

A high-flying Westminster politician's marriage unravels when he is accused of rape. Sophie is sure her husband is innocent, while prosecutor Kate is equally convinced he is guilty. Tells the story of a scandal among the British privileged elite and the women caught up in its wake. Based on the 2017 novel by Sarah Vaughan.

Studio 3dot Productions/Made Up Stories

Team David E. Kelley (w, ep, sr), Melissa James Gibson (w, ep, sr). S.J. Clarkson (d, ep), Liza Chasin (ep), Bruna Papandrea (ep), Steve Hutensky (ep), Allie Goss (ep), Sarah Vaughan (co-ep), Margaret Chernin (co-ep)

Cast Sienna Miller, Michelle Dockery, Rupert Friend

BLUE EYE SAMURAI (Animated; ordered straight to series)

A mixed-race master of the sword who lives a life in disguise while seeking revenge in Edo-period Japan.

Studio Netflix

Team Michael Green (w, ep, sr), Amber Noizumi (w, ep, sr), Erwin Stoff (ep), Jane Wu (p)

Cast Maya Erskine, George Takei, Masi Oka, Randall Park, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Brenda Song, Darren Barnet

AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER (Ordered straight to series)

Live-action adaptation of the 2005-08 Nickelodeon animation series follows Aang and his friends, who must save the world by defeating Fire Lord Ozai and ending the destructive war with the Fire Nation.

Studio Netflix

Team Albert Kim (w, d, sr), Dan Lin (ep), Lindsey Liberatore (ep), Michael Goi (d, ep), Roseanne Liang (co-ep), Roseanne Liang (d), Jabbar Raisani (d)

Cast Gordon Cormier, Kiawentiio, Ian Ousley, Dallas Liu, Daniel Dae Kim, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Lim Kay Siu, Ken Leung, Elizabeth Yu, Maria Zhang, Tamlyn Tomita, Yvonne Chapman, Casey Camp-Horinek

BREATHE (Ordered straight to series)

When a small plane crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness, a lone woman -- Manhattan attorney Eve -- must battle the elements and odds to survive.

Studio Warner Bros. Television

Team Martin Gero (w, ep), Brendan Gall (w, ep), Maggie Kiley (d, ep)

Cast Melissa Barrera,

THE CHAIR (Ordered straight to series; six episodes)

Dramedy centers on the chair of an English department at a major university.


Team Amanda Peet (w, ep, sr), Annie Julia Wyman (w), Sandra Oh (ep), David Benioff (ep), D.B. Weiss (ep), Bernie Caulfield (ep)

Cast Sandra Oh, Jay Duplass, Holland Taylor

DEVIL IN OHIO (Ordered straight to limited series; eight episodes)

When hospital psychiatrist Dr. Suzanne Mathis shelters a mysterious cult escapee, her world is turned upside down as the strange girl’s arrival threatens to tear her own family apart. Based on the book by Daria Polatin.


Team Daria Polatin (w, ep, sr), Rachel Miller (ep), Andrew Wilder (ep), Ian Hay (p), John Fawcett (d), Brad Anderson (d), Leslie Hope (d), Steve Adelson (d)

Cast Emily Deschanel, Sam Jaeger, Gerardo Celasco,’ Madeleine Arthur, Xaria Dotson, Alisha Newton, Naomi Tan


FKA Guillermo del Toro Presents 10 After Midnight

Anthology collection of Guillermo del Toro’s personally curated stories, described as both equally sophisticated and horrific.

Studio Netflix

Team Guillermo del Toro (w, d, ep), Miles Dale (ep), Gary Ungar (ep) Panos Cosmatos (w, d), Jennifer Kent (w, d), Vincenzo Natali (w, d)

Cast F. Murray Abraham, Ben Barnes, Elpidia Carrillo, Essie Davis, Hannah Galway, Crispin Glover, Demetrius Grosse, David Hewlett, Andrew Lincoln, Tim Blake Nelson, Luke Roberts, Sebastian Roché, Glynn Turman, Peter Weller, Rupert Grint

ECHOES (Ordered straight to limited series)

Identical twins Leni and Gina share a dangerous secret. Since they were children, they secretly have swapped lives, culminating in a double life as adults: They share two homes, two husbands and a child. But everything in their perfectly choreographed world is thrown into disarray when one of the sisters goes missing.

Studio Netflix/Endemol Shine Banks Australia

Team Vanessa Gazy (w, ep), Brian Yorkey (ep, co-sr), Quinton Peeples (ep, co-sr), Imogen Banks (ep)

Cast Michelle Monaghan, Matt Bomer, Daniel Sunjata, Ali Stroker, Karen Robinson, Rosanny Zayas, Michael O'Neill, Celia Weston, Gable Swanlund, Tyner Rushing (recurring), Hazel Mason (recurring), Ginger Mason (recurring), Alise Willis (recurring), Maddie Nichols (recurring)

FIRST KILL (Ordered straight to series; eight episodes)

When it's time for teenage vampire Juliette to make her first kill so she can take her place among a powerful vampire family, she sets her sights on a new girl in town named Calliope. But much to Juliette's surprise, Calliope is a vampire hunter, from a family of celebrated slayers. Both find that the other won't be so easy to kill and, unfortunately, way too easy to fall for. Based on a short story by Victoria “V.E.” Schwab.

Studio Netflix

Team Victoria “V.E.” Schwab (w, ep), Felicia D. Henderson (w, ep, sr). Emma Roberts (ep), Karah Preiss (ep), Jet Wilkinson (d)

Cast Sarah Catherine Hook, Imani Lewis

FLORIDA MAN (Ordered straight to series; eight episodes)

A struggling ex-cop is forced to return to his home state of Florida to find a Philly mobster’s runaway girlfriend, what should be a quick gig becomes a spiraling journey into buried family secrets and an increasingly futile attempt to do the right thing in a place where so much is wrong.

Studio Aggregate Films

Team Donald Todd (w, ep, sr), Jason Bateman (ep), Michael Costigan (ep), Miguel Arteta (d), Julian Farino (d), Haifaa Al Mansour (d), Kevin Bray (d)

Cast Edgar Ramírez, Anthony LaPaglia, Abbey Lee, Otmara Marrero, Lex Scott Davis, Emory Cohen, Isaiah Johnson, Clark Gregg (recurring), Sibongile Mlambo (recurring), Paul Schneider (recurring), Lauren Buglioli (recurring), Michael Esper (recurring)

FROM SCRATCH (Ordered straight to series)

An African-American woman falls in love with a Sicilian chef while studying abroad in Florence and goes on to build a life with him in Los Angeles, merging two seemingly opposite cultures.

Studio Hello Sunshine/3 Arts Entertainment

Team Attica Locke (ep, sr), Tembi Locke (ep), Zoe Saldana (ep), Reese Witherspoon (ep), Lauren Neustadter (ep), Richard Abate (ep), Jermaine Johnson (ep), Will Rowbotham (ep), Nzingha Stewart (p), Guy Louthan (p), Emily Ferenbach (p), Cisely Saldana (p), Mariel Saldana (p)

Cast Zoe Saldana, Eugenio Mastrandrea, Keith David, Danielle Deadwyler, Kellita Smith, Judith Scott, Lucia Sardo, Paride Benassai, Roberta Rigano, Terrell Carter (recurring), Medalion Rahimi (recurring), Jonathan Del Arco recurring), Peter Mendoza (recurring), Lorenzo Pozzan (recurring), Jonathan D. King (recurring), Saad Siddiqui (recurring)

GLÓRIA (Ordered straight to series)

Set in the 1960s, at the height of the Cold War, in the small village of Glória do Ribatejo, where RARET is located, an American broadcasting center that broadcasts Western propaganda to the Eastern Bloc. João Vidal, an engineer from families linked to the Estado Novo but recruited by the KGB, will take on several high-risk espionage missions that could change the course of Portuguese and world history.

Studio Netflix/SPi/RTP

Team Pedro Lopes (w, ep), Tiago Guedes (d, ep)

Cast Stephanie Vogtm Miguel Nunes, Carolina Amaral, Victoria Guerra, Afonso Pimentel, Adriano Luz, Joana Ribeiro, Marcelo Urgeghe, Sandra Faleiro, Carloto Cotta, Maria João Pinho, Inês Castel-Branco , Rafael Morais, Leonor Silveira

HEARTSTOPPER (Ordered straight to series)

Charlie, a high-strung, openly gay overthinker, and Nick, a cheerful, soft-hearted rugby player, one day are made to sit together at their all-boys school. They quickly become friends, and soon Charlie is falling hard for Nick, even though he doesn’t think he has a chance. But love works in surprising ways, and Nick is more interested in Charlie than either of them realized. Based on the comic by Alice Oseman.

Studio See-Saw Films

Team Alice Oseman (w, ep), Euros Lyn (d, ep), Patrick Walters (ep), Jamie Laurenson (ep), Hakan Kousetta (ep), Iain Canning (ep), Emile Sherman (ep), Zorana Piggott (p)

Cast Joe Locke, Kit Connor, Sebastian Croft, William Gao, Corinna Brown, Kizzy Edgell, Cormac Hyde-Corrin, Tobie Donovan, Rhea Norwood

GRENDEL (Ordered straight to series)

Hunter Rose is a gifted fencer, writer and assassin seeking to avenge the death of a lost love. He goes to war with New York’s criminal underworld, only to realize -- why beat them, when you can join them?

Studio Dark Horse Entertainment

Team Andrew Dabb (w, ep, sr), Mike Richardson (ep), Keith Goldberg (ep), Chris Tongue (ep)

Cast Abubakr Ali, Jaime Ray Newman, Julian Black Antelope, Madeline Zima, Kevin Corrigan, Emma Ho, Erik Palladino, Brittany Allen, Andy Mientus

IN FROM THE COLD (Ordered straight to series)

During a European vacation with her daughter, an American single mom’s life is turned upside down when the CIA forces her to confront her long-buried past as a Russian spy who was also the product of a highly classified KGB experiment granting her special abilities. After a mysterious string of manic and murderous incidents suggests someone with her exact abilities is targeting innocent people, Jenny is forced out of hiding to stop this villain or risk losing the family and new life she has built.

Studio Netflix

Team Adam Glass (w, ep)

Cast Margarita Levieva

GRISELDA (Ordered straight to limited series; six episodes)

Chronicles the real life of Griselda Blanco, who created one of the most profitable cartels in history. A devoted mother, her lethal blend of charm and unsuspecting savagery helped her expertly navigate between family and business, leading her to become widely known as the “Black Widow.”


Team Ingrid Escajeda (w, ep, sr), Eric Newman (ep), Doug Miro (ep), Andrés Baiz (d, ep), Carlo Bernard (ep), Sofia Vergara (ep), Luis Balaguer (ep)

Cast Sofia Vergara, Alberto Guerra, Vanessa Ferlito, Alberto Ammann, Christian Tappan, Diego Trujillo, Paulina Davila, Gabriel Sloyer, Juliana Aidén Martinez, Martin Rodriguez, José Zúñiga

INVENTING ANNA (Ordered straight to limited series; 10 episodes)

A journalist with a lot to prove investigates the case of Anna Delvey, the Instagram-legendary German heiress who stole the hearts of New York’s social scene – and stole their money as well. But is Anna New York’s biggest con woman, or is she simply the new portrait of the American dream? Anna and the reporter form a dark, funny love-hate bond as Anna awaits trial and the reporter fights the clock to answer the biggest question in Manhattan: Who is Anna Delvey? Based on Jessica Pressler’s New York magazine article “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People."

Studio Universal Television

Team Shonda Rhimes (ep, sr), David Frankel (d, ep)

Cast Julia Garner, Anna Chlumsky, Katie Lowes, Laverne Cox, Alexis Floyd, Arian Moayed, Anders Holm, Anna Deavere Smith, Jeff Perry, Terry Kinney, Jennifer Esposito

THE NIGHT AGENT (Ordered straight to series)

Centers on a low-level FBI agent who works in the basement of the White House, manning a phone that never rings -- until the night that it does, propelling him into a fast-moving and dangerous conspiracy that ultimately leads all the way to the Oval Office. Inspired by Matthew Quirk's novel.

Studio Sony Pictures Television Studios

Team Shawn Ryan (w, ep, sr), Seth Gordon (d, ep), Marney Hochman (ep), Julia Gunn (ep), Jamie Vanderbilt (ep), William Sherak (ep), Paul Neinstein (ep), Nicole Tossou (ep), David Beaubaire (ep)

Cast Gabriel Basso, Luciane Buchanan, Hong Chau, DB Woodside, Fola Evans-Akingbola, Eve Harlow, Phoenix Raei, Enrique Murciano, Sarah Desjardins

JIGSAW (Ordered straight to series)

Spanning a quarter-century, it centers on the largest heist ever attempted and the vengeance, scheming, loyalties and betrayals that surround it. Based loosely on the real-life case of $70 billion in bonds that went missing in downtown Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy.


Team Eric Garcia (w, ep), Ridley Scott (ep), David W. Zucker (ep), Jordan Sheehan (ep), Fred Berger (ep), Brian Kavanaugh-Jones (ep), Justin Levy (ep), Russell Fine (ep), Jose Padilha (d)

Cast Giancarlo Esposito, Paz Vega, Rufus Sewell, Tati Gabrielle, Peter Mark Kendall, Rosaline Elbay, Jai Courtney, Niousha Noor

KINGS OF AMERICA (Ordered straight to limited series)

Follows three powerful women whose lives were inextricably intertwined with the world’s largest company: a Walmart heiress, a maverick executive and a longtime Walmart saleswoman and preacher who dared to fight against the retail giant in the biggest class action lawsuit in U.S. history.

Studio Netflix/Bond Group Entertainment

Team Jess Kimball Leslie (w, ep), Adam McKay (d, ep), Amy Adams (ep), Betsy Koch (ep), Brunson Green (ep), Diana Son (ep, sr)

Cast Amy Adams

LOST OLLIE (Ordered straight to series)

Live-action series follows a lost toy's search across the countryside for the boy who lost him, and the story of the boy who lost more than a best friend.

Studio 21 Laps Entertainment

Team Shawn Levy (ep), Josh Barry (ep), Brandon Oldenburg (ep), Emily Morris (co-ep)

Cast TBA

PARTNER TRACK (Ordered straight to series)

Ingrid Yun is an idealistic young lawyer who struggles with her moral compass and her passions as she fights to climb the partner track at an elite New York City law firm.


Team Georgia Lee (w, ep, sr), Sarah Goldfinger (ep, sr), Kim Shumway (ep), Tony Hernandez (ep), Kristen Campo (ep), Julie Anne Robinson (d), Tanya Wexler (d), Kevin Berlandi (d), Lily Mariye (d), Charles Randolph-Wright (d)

Cast Arden Cho, Bradley Gibson, Alexandra Turshen, Nolan Gerard Funk, Dominic Sherwood, Rob Heaps, Matthew Rauch, Desmond Chiam (recurring), Tehmina Sunny (recurring), Lena Ahn (recurring)

MAID (Ordered straight to series)

A single mother turns to housekeeping to — barely — make ends meet as she battles against poverty, homelessness and bureaucracy. Inspired by Stephanie Land’s memoir 'Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive."

Studio John Wells Productions/LuckyChap Entertainment/Warner Bros. Television

Team Molly Smith Metzler (w, ep, sr), John Wells (ep), Erin Jontow (ep), Margot Robbie (ep), Tom Ackerley (ep), Brett Hedblom (ep), Stephanie Land (ep)

Cast Margaret Qualley, Nick Robinson, Anika Noni Rose

MONSTER: THE JEFFREY DAHMER STORY (Ordered straight to limited series)

Chronicles the story of one of Jeffrey Dahmer, one of America’s most notorious serial killers, largely told from the point of view of his victims. It dives deeply into the police incompetence and apathy that allowed the Wisconsin native to go on a multiyear killing spree and dramatizes at least 10 instances where Dahmer was almost apprehended but ultimately let go.


Team Janet Mock (w, d, ep), Ryan Murphy (w, ep), Ian Brennan (w, ep), Carl Franklin (d, ep)

Cast Evan Peters, Richard Jenkins, Niecy Nash, Penelope Ann Miller, Shaun J. Brown, Colin Ford

THE ONE (Ordered straight to series)

Rebecca is the ambitious and impulsive founding CEO of MatchDNA, a tech company that has designed a DNA test that allows people to identify their perfect partner. Based on the novel by John Marrs.

Studio Urban Myth Films/Studio Canal

Team Howard Overman (w, ep), Johnny Capps (ep), Julian Murphy (ep)

Cast Hannah Ware, Dimitri Leonidas, Amir El-Masry, Stephen Campbell Moore, Wilf Scolding, Diarmaid Murtagh, Lois Chimimba, Eric Kofi-Abrefa, Pallavi Sharda, Zoe Tapper, Albano Jeronimo, Gregg Chillin

ONE PIECE (Ordered straight to series; 10 episodes)

Follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew as they explore a fantastical world of endless oceans and exotic islands in search of the world’s ultimate treasure known as “One Piece” to become the next Pirate King.

Studio Tomorrow Studios/Netflix

Team Steven Maeda (w, ep, sr), Matt Owens (w, ep), Marty Adelstein (ep), Becky Clements (ep), Eiichiro Oda (ep)

Cast Iñaki Godoy, Mackenyu, Emily Rudd, Jacob Romero Gibson, Taz Skylar

ON THE VERGE (Ordered straight to series; 12 episodes)

Dramedy about four female friends in their late 40s who chose to use midlife not as a time of mourning their youth but as an opportunity for personal reinvention, with the hope of finally living lives that embody their beliefs and values.

Studio Netflix/Canal Plus

Team Julie Delpy (w, ep), Alexia Landeau (w), Olivier Gauriat (ep), Elisabeth Shue (ep), Michael Gentile (ep), Lauraine Heftler (ep), Rola Bauer (ep),

Cast Julie Delpy, Elisabeth Shue, Sarah Jones, Giovanni Ribisi, Alexia Landeau

PAINKILLER (Ordered straight to limited series)

Examines the origins of the opioid crisis. Based on Patrick Radden Keefe's New Yorker article "The Family That Built an Empire of Pain" and Barry Meier's book 'Pain Killer: An Empire of Deceit and the Origin of America's Opioid Epidemic.'

Studio Netflix

Team Micah Fitzerman-Blue (w, ep, sr), Noah Harpster (w, ep, sr), Eric Newman (ep), Alex Gibney (ep), Peter Berg (d)

Cast uzo Aduba, Matthew Broderick

SWEET TOOTH (Ordered straight to series; eight episodes)

Follows the adventures of Gus — part deer, part boy — who leaves his home in the forest to find the outside world ravaged by a cataclysmic event. He joins a ragtag family of humans and animal-children hybrids like himself in search of answers about this new world and the mystery behind his hybrid origins. Based on the DC Vertigo comic created by Jeff Lemire.

Studio Team Downey/Warner Bros. TV

Team Jim Mickle (w, ep, sr) Beth Schwartz (w, ep, sr)Robert Downey Jr. (ep), Susan Downey (ep), Amanda Burrell (ep), Linda Moran (p), Evan Moore (p)

Cast Christian Convery, Nonso Anozie, Adeel Akhtar, Will Forte, Dania Ramirez, Stefania LaVie, James Brolin (narrator)

PIECES OF HER (Picked up to series; eight episodes)

A random act of violence in a sleepy Georgia town sets off an unexpected chain of events for 30-year-old Andy Oliver and her mother Laura. Desperate for answers, Andy embarks on a dangerous journey across America, drawing her toward the dark, hidden heart of her family.

Studio Netflix/Made Up Stories

Team Charlotte Stoudt (w, ep, sr), Lesli Linka Glatter (ep), Bruna Papandrea (ep), Minkie Spiro (d, ep), Steve Hutensky (ep), Casey Haver (ep), Karin Slaughter (ep), Janice Williams (ep)

Cast Bella Heatchcote, Toni Collette, Jessica Barden, David Wenham, Joe Dempsie, Jacob Scipio, Omari Hardwick

RESIDENT EVIL (Ordered straight to series; eight episodes)

In the first timeline, 14-year-old sisters Jade and Billie Wesker are moved to New Raccoon City. A manufactured, corporate town, forced on them right as adolescence is in full swing. But the more time they spend there, the more they come to realize that the town is more than it seems and their father may be concealing dark secrets. Secrets that could destroy the world. Cut to the second timeline, well over a decade into the future: there are less than fifteen million people left on Earth. And more than six billion monsters — people and animals infected with the T-virus. Jade, now thirty, struggles to survive in this New World, while the secrets from her past – about her sister, her father and herself – continue to haunt her. Inspired by Capcom’s game franchise.

Studio Constantin Film

Team Andrew Dab (w, ep) Robert Kulzer (ep), Oliver Berben (ep), Mary Leah Sutton (ep), Bronwen Hughes (d, ep), Martin Moszkowicz (p)

Cast Lance Reddick, Adeline Rudolph, Siena Agudong, Poala Nunez, Tamara Smart, Ella Balinska

THE SANDMAN (Ordered straight to series)

Follows the people and places affected by Morpheus, the Dream King, as he tries to fix all the cosmic and human mistakes he’s made during his vast existence. Based on the DC comics.


Team Allan Heinberg (w, ep, sr), Neil Gaiman (w, ep), David S. Goyer (w, ep)

Cast Tom Sturridge, Gwendoline Christie, Vivienne Acheampong, Boyd Holbrook, Charles Dance, Asim Chaudhry, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Mason Alexander Park, Donna Preston, Jenna Coleman, Niamh Walsh, Joely Richardson, David Thewlis, Kyo Ra, Stephen Fry, Razane Jammal, Sandra James Young, Patton Oswalt

SOCIAL DISTANCING (Ordered straight to series; eight episodes)

Anthology series set in the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic showcases the power of the human spirit in the face of uncertainty and isolation. Each stand-alone episode is told through a virtual lens and captures the unique emotional experience of being forced apart by circumstance and having no choice but to communicate remotely and rely on technology to maintain any sense of connection.


Team Hilary Weisman Graham (w, ep, sr), Jenji Kohan (ep), Tara Herrmann (ep), Blake McCormick (ep), Diego Velasco (d, co-ep),

Cast Danielle Brooks, Mike Colter, Oscar Nunez, Guillermo Diaz, Asante Blackk, Peter Scanavino, Lachlan Watson, Max Jenkins, Marsha Stephanie Blake

THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY (Ordered straight to series)

Multigenerational drama hinges on a love triangle between one girl and two brothers, the ever-evolving relationship between mothers and their children, and the enduring power of strong female friendship. Coming-of-age story about first love, first heartbreak and the magic of that one perfect summer.

Studio Amazon Studios/wiip

Team Jenny Han (w, ep, sr), Gabrielle Stanton (ep, sr), Karen Rosenfelt (ep), Paul Lee (ep), Nne Ebong (ep), Hope Hartman (ep)

Cast Lola Tung, Rachel Blanchard, Jackie Chung, Christopher Briney

SUPERCROOKS (Ordered straight to series)

The next installment of Millarworld’s 'Jupiter’s Legacy' saga sees a ragtag gang of supervillains, con artists, petty thieves and leg-breakers band together for the heist of the century. Crime pays, and they’re going to prove it. Some people just want to have the time of their lives and make a little dirty money while they’re doing it. If the superheroes get in the way, they’re going to be spitting teeth.

Studio Netflix

Team Mark Millar (w, ep)

Cast TBA

3 BODY PROBLEM (Ordered straight to series)

FKA Three Body Problem

Based on three books by Liu Cixin about humanity’s first contact with an alien civilization: 'Remembrance of Earth’s Past,' 'The Dark Forest' and 'Death’s End.' The first follows Ye Wenjie, who, after her father’s death at the hands of the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution, attempts to help aliens invade Earth, while different factions on Earth plan different ways of welcoming the extra-terrestrials.

Studio Plan B/Primitive Streak

Team Alexander Woo (w, ep), David Benioff (w, ep), D.B. Weiss (w, ep), Derek Tsang (dRian Johnson (ep), Ram Bergman (ep), Brad Pitt (ep), Jeremy Kleiner (ep), Dede Gardner (ep), Rosamund Pike (ep), Robie Uniacke (ep), Lin Qi (ep), Bernadette Caulfield (ep), Nena Rodrigue (ep)

Cast Eiza Gonzalez, Benedict Wong, Tsai Chin, John Bradley, Liam Cunningham, Jovan Adepo, Eiza Gonzalez, Jess Hong, Marlo Kelly, Alex Sharp, Sea Shimooka, Zine Tseng, Saamer Usmani

TREASON (Ordered straight to series; six episodes)

Follows Adam Lawrence, trained and groomed by MI6, whose career seems set. But when the past catches up with him in the form of Kara, a Russian spy with whom he shares a complicated past, he is forced to question everything and everyone in his life. A triangular relationship forms between Kara, Adam and his wife, Maddy -- three people who are trying to expose one another’s secrets, navigate political and diplomatic relationships, whilst hanging onto their personal lives, and those they love most.

Studio Binocular Productions

Team Matt Charman (w, ep, sr), Foz Allan (ep), Valery Ryan (ep), Louise Hooper (d)

Cast Olga Kurylenko, Oona Chaplin, Charlie Cox

UNTITLED ALEXI HAWLEY PROJECT (Ordered straight to series; eight episodes)

A fledgling lawyer at the CIA becomes enmeshed in dangerous international power politics when a former asset threatens to expose the nature of her long-term relationship with the agency, unless they exonerate her of a serious crime.

Studio Entertainment One/Hypnotic

Team Alexi Hawley (w, ep, sr), Doug Liman (ep), Gene Klein (ep), David Bartis (ep), Noah Centineo (ep)

Cast Noah Centineo

UNTITLED CASTLEVANIA UNIVERSE PROJECT (Ordered straight to series; animated)

Anime centers on Richter Belmont — a descendant of 'Castlevania' characters Trevor and Sypha — and set against the backdrop of the French Revolution.

Studio Powerhouse Animation/Project 51 Productions

Team Kevin Kolde (ep), Clive Bradley (ep, sr)


When a father and daughter learn that each secretly has been working as CIA operatives for years, they realize their entire relationship has been a lie and they truly don’t know each other at all. Forced to team up as partners, they tackle universal family dynamics set against a global backdrop of spies, action and humor.

Studio Skydance TV

Team Nick Santora (w, ep), Arnold Schwarzenegger (ep), David Ellison (ep), Dana Goldberg (ep), Bill Bost (ep), Phil Abraham (d, ep)

Cast Arnold Schwarzenegger, Monica Barbaro, Travis Van Winkle, Gabriel Luna, Fortune Feimster, Jay Baruchel, Milan Carter, Fabiana Udenio, Barbara Eve Harris, Aparna Brielle, Andy Buckley; recurring: Devon Bostick, David Chinchilla, Stephanie Sy, Scott Thompson, Rachel Lynch


'Vikings' sequel begins in the early 11th century and chronicles the legendary adventures of some of the most famous Vikings who ever lived – Leif Eriksson, Freydis Eriksdotter, Harald Hardrada and the Norman King William the Conqueror. These men and women will blaze a path as they fight for survival in the ever changing and evolving world.

Studio MGM Television

Team Jeb Stuart (w, ep, sr), Michael Hirst (ep), Morgan O’Sullivan, James Flynn, Sherry Marsh, Alan Gasmer, Sheila Hockin, John Weber, Niels Arden Oplev (d, ep), Stephen St. Leger (d), Hannah Quinn (d), Vanessa Alexander (w), Declan Croghan (w), Eoin McNamee (w)

Cast Sam Corlett, Frida Gustavsson, Leo Suter, Bradley Freegard, Jóhannes Jóhannesson, Laura Berlin, David Oakes, Caroline Henderson, Pollyanna McIntosh (recurring), Asbjørn Krogh Nissen (recurring)

THE WATCHER (Ordered straight to limited series)

A married couple (Watts, Cannavale) whose move into their dream home is being threatened by terrifying letters from a stalker, signed “The Watcher.” (Note: unofficial synopsis.)


Team Ryan Murphy (w, ep), Ian Brennan (w, ep), Eric Newman (ep), Henry Joost (ep) Ariel Schulman (ep)

Cast Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, Jennifer Coolidge

WEDNESDAY (Ordered straight to series)

Charts the Addams Family's Wednesday Addams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy. That’s where she attempts to master her emerging psychic ability, thwart a monstrous killing spree that has terrorized the local town and solve the supernatural mystery that embroiled her parents 25 years ago — all while navigating her new and very tangled relationships.

Studio MGM/UA Television

Team Al Gough (w, ep, sr), Miles Millar (w, ep, sr), Tim Burton (d, ep), Kayla Alpert (ep), Andrew Mittman (ep), Kevin Miserocchi (ep), Jonathan Glickman (ep), Gail Berman (ep)

Cast Jenna Ortega, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán, Thora Birch, Riki Lindhome, Jamie McShane, Hunter Doohan, Georgie Farmer, Moosa Mostafa, Emma Myers, Naomi J. Ogawa, Joy Sunday, Percy Hynes White, Gwendoline Christie, Christina Ricci

WE OWN THIS CITY (Ordered straight to limited series)

Chronicles the rise and fall of the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force — and the corruption and moral collapse that befell an American city in which the policies of drug prohibition and mass arrest were championed at the expense of actual police work. Based on the book by Justin Fenton.


Team David Simon (w, ep), George Pelecanos (ep), Reinaldo Marcus Green (d, ep)

Cast Jon Bernthal, Josh Charles, Jamie Hector

WHITE STORK (Ordered straight to series; 10 episodes)

FKA Spadehead

When James Cooper is selected to run for a seat in Parliament, Asher Millan is sent to vet him for primetime. But she quickly uncovers potentially damaging secrets buried deep in James’ past -- secrets that will threaten to blow everything apart: his career, his marriage, even the powerful people backing his campaign.

Studio Netflix

Team Christopher Dunlop (w, ep), Kristoffer Nyholm (d, ep)

Cast Tom Hiddleston

THE WOMAN IN THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE GIRL IN THE WINDOW (Ordered straight to series; eight episodes)

FKA The Woman in the House

Every day is the same for heartbroken Anna. She sits with her wine, staring out the window, watching life go by without her. But when a handsome neighbor moves in across the street, Anna starts to see a light at the end of the tunnel. That is until she witnesses a gruesome murder … or did she?

Studio Gloria Sanchez Productions/Netflix

Team Rachel Ramras (w, ep, sr), Hugh Davidson (w, ep, sr), Larry Dorf (w, ep, sr), Will Ferrell (ep), Jessica Elbaum (ep), Brittney Segal (ep)

Cast Kristen Bell, Tom Riley, Michael Ealy Mary Holland, Shelley Hennig, Christina Anthony, Samsara Yett, Cameron Britton, Benjamin Levy Aguilar

WINGS OF FIRE (Not going forward after being ordered straight to series; animated)

Centers on a bitter war that has raged for generations between the dragon tribes who inhabit the epic world of Pyrrhia. According to prophecy, five young dragons will rise to end the bloodshed and bring peace back to the land. Raised and trained in secret from the time they were hatched, the Dragonets of destiny – Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Starflight and Sunny – embark on an evolving quest that will bring them face to face with their true selves and the overwhelming scope of this savage war they are destined to bring to an end.


Team Dan Milano (w, ep, sr), Christa Starr (w, d, sr), Justin Ridge (ep, sr), Ava DuVernay (ep), Tui T. Sutherland (ep), Sam Register (ep), Sarah Bremner (ep)

Cast TBA

THE WITCHER: BLOOD ORIGIN (Ordered straight to limited series; six episodes)

Set in an elven world 1,200 years before the world of 'The Witcher,' the series will tell a story lost to time – the creation of the first prototype Witcher and the events that lead to the pivotal “conjunction of the spheres,” when the worlds of monsters, men and elves merged to become one.


Team Declan de Barr (ep, sr), Lauren Schmidt Hissrich (ep), Jason Brown (ep), Sean Daniel (ep), Tomek Baginski (ep), Jarek Sawko (ep)

Cast Laurence O’Fuarain, Michelle Yeoh, Sophia Brown, Lenny Henry, Mirren Mack, Nathaniel Curtis, Dylan Moran, Jacob Collins, Lizzie Annis, Huw Novelli, Francesca Mills, Amy Murray, Zach Wyatt



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