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Your Complete Guide to Pilots and Straight-to-Series orders

2017 Netflix Pilots

2017 Netflix Pilots


ALEXA & KATIE (multi-camera)
Ordered straight to series; 13 episodes
STUDIO: Netflix
TEAM: Heather Wordham (w, ep), Matthew Carlson (ep, sr)
LOGLINE: Two lifelong best friends who are eagerly anticipating the start of their freshman year of high school confront a crisis that leaves them feeling like outsiders at a time when fitting in seems to matter most.
CAST: Paris Berelc, Isabel May, Tiffani Thiessen, Emery Kelly, Jack Griffo, Kerri Medders

Ordered straight to series; eight episodes
STUDIO: CBS Television Studios/Funny or Die/3 Arts
TEAM: Tony Yacenda (w, d, ep), Dan Perrault (w, ep), Dan Lagana (ep, sr),  Joe Farrell (ep), Ari Lubet (ep), Josh Lieberman (ep), Michael Rotenberg (ep)
LOGLINE: True-crime satire that explores the aftermath of a costly high school prank that left 27 faculty cars vandalized with phallic images. An aspiring sophomore documentarian investigates the controversial and potentially unjust expulsion of troubled senior (and known dick-drawer) Dylan Maxwell. It will leave one question on everyone’s minds until the very end: Who drew the dicks?
CAST: Jimmy Tatro, Tyler Alvarez, Griffin Gluck, Camille Hyde, ​Eduardo Franco, Jessica Juarez, Lou Wilson, Camille Ramsey​, Calum Worthy, G Hannelius

ATYPICAL (fka Antarctica)
Ordered straight to series
STUDIO: Netflix
TEAM: Robia Rashid (w, ep), Seth Gordon (d, ep), Mary Rohlich (ep), Jennifer Jason Leigh (p)
LOGLINE:  Sam, an 18-year-old on the autistic spectrum, is searching for love and independence. His funny yet painful journey of self-discovery upends his entire family, forcing them to grapple with change in their own lives as they struggle with the central theme: What does it really mean to be normal?
CAST: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Keir Gilchrist, Michael Rapaport, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Amy Okuda

Ordered straight to series; 20 episodes
STUDIO: The ULULU Company/Netflix
TEAM: Matt Groening (ep), Josh Weinstein (ep)
LOGLINE:  Set in the crumbling medieval kingdom of Dreamland, it follows the misadventures of hard-drinking young princess Bean, her feisty elf companion Elfo and her personal demon Luci. Along the way, the oddball trio will encounter ogres, sprites, harpies, imps, trolls, walruses and lots of human fools.
VOICES: Abbi Jacobson, Nat Faxon, Eric Andre, John DiMaggio, Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille, David Herman, Matt Berry, Jeny Batten, Rich Fulcher, Noel Fielding, Lucy Montgomery

DISJOINTED (multi-camera)
Ordered straight to series; 20 episodes
STUDIO: Warner Bros TV/Chuck Lorre Productions
TEAM: Chuck Lorre (w, ep), David Javerbaum (w, ep),
LOGLINE: A lifelong advocate for marijuana legalization finally is living her dream as the owner of an L.A.-area cannabis dispensary. Joining her are three budtenders, her twentysomething son and a deeply troubled security guard. All of them are more or less constantly high.
CAST: Kathy Bates, Dougie Baldwin, Elizabeth Ho, Dougie Baldwin, Elizabeth Alderfer, Tone Bell, Chris Redd

Ordered straight to series; eight episodes
STUDIO: Universal Television/Paper Kite Productions/JAX Media/3 Arts Entertainment
TEAM: Natasha Lyonne (w, ep), Leslye Headland (w, ep), Amy Poehler (ep), Brooke Posch (ep), Dave Becky (ep)
LOGLINE: Follows a young woman named Nadia on her journey as the guest of honor at a seemingly inescapable party one night in New York City.
CAST: Natasha Lyonne


Ordered straight to series; 10 episodes
STUDIO: Netflix/Skydance Television
TEAM: Laeta Kalogridis (w, ep, sr), David Ellison (ep), Dana Goldberg (ep), Marcy Ross (ep), Steve Blackman (ep), Brad Fischer (ep), James Vanderbilt (ep), Miguel Sapochnik (d)
LOGLINE: Set in the 25th century when the human mind has been digitized and the soul itself is transferable from one body to the next, it follows a former elite interstellar warrior known as an Envoy who has been imprisoned for 500 years and is downloaded into a future he’d tried to stop. If he can solve a single murder in a world where technology has made death nearly obsolete, he’ll get a chance at a new life on Earth.
CAST: Joel Kinneman, Martha Higareda, James Purefoy, Dichen Lachman,Leonardo Nam, Chris Conner, Ato Essandoh, Marlene Forte, Trieu Tran, Kristen Lehman, Adam Busch

Ordered straight to series; 10 episodes
STUDIO: Netflix
TEAM: Ben York Jones (w, ep), Michael Mohan (w, ep),
LOGLINE: Coming-of-age story that follows two groups of high school misfits, an A/V club and a drama club, who collide in 1996 Oregon.
CAST: Peyton Kennedy, Jahi Winston, Patch Darragh, Claudine Nako,  Sydney Sweeney, Elijah Stevenson, Quinn Liebling, Rio Mangini

Ordered straight to series; 10 episodes
TEAM: Andy Breckman (w, ep, sr), Randy Zisk (d, ep), Howard Klein (ep), Tony Danza (p)
LOGLINE: Dramedy centers on Tony Sr., a disgraced former NYPD officer who never followed the rules. He lives with his son, Tony Jr., an earnest, obsessively honest NYPD detective who makes a point of always following the rules. This “odd couple” become unofficial partners as Tony Sr. offers his overly cautious son blunt, streetwise advice on everything from handling suspects to handling women. Inspired by an Israeli format.
CAST: Tony Danza, Josh Groban, Monica Barbaro, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Frank Whaley (recurring)

Ordered straight to series; 10 episodes
STUDIO: Paramount TV/Amblin TV
TEAM: Mike Flanagan (w, d, ep), Trevor Macy (ep), Darryl Frank (ep), Justin Falvey (ep)
LOGLINE:  A modern re-imagining of Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel about people living in an old mansion where supernatural phenomena is occurring.
CAST: Carla Gugino, Michael Huisman, Timothy Hutton Elizabeth Reaser, Kate Siegel, Henry Thomas, Annabeth Gish (recurring)

INSATIABLE (passed on at the CW)
Picked up to series; 13 episodes
STUDIO: CBS Television Studios/Ryan Seacrest Productions/Storied Media Group
TEAM: Lauren Gussis (w, ep), Ryan Seacrest (ep), Nina Wass (ep), Todd Hoffman (ep), Dennis Kim (ep), Andrew Fleming (d)
LOGLINE: A disgraced, dissatisfied civil lawyer-turned-beauty pageant coach takes on a vengeful, bullied teenager as his client and has no idea what he’s about to unleash upon the world.
CAST: Dallas Roberts, Debby Ryan, Sarah Colonna, Alyssa Milano, Erinn Westbrook, Michael Provost, Chris Gorham, Kimmy Shields, Irene Choi, Jordan Gelber (recurring), James Lastovic (recurring)

Ordered straight to series; 10 episodes for 2018 premiere
STUDIO: Legendary TV/Netflix
TEAM: Matt Sazama (w, ep), Burk Sharpless (ep), Zack Estrin (ep, sr), Kevin Burns (ep), Jon Jashni (ep), Neil Marshall (d, ep), Marc Helwig (ep)
LOGLINE: Taking its cues from the original 1960s series, it revolves around the Robinson family. Stranded light years from their intended destination, they find themselves battling a strange new alien environment and also their own personal demons.
CAST: Toby Stephens, Molly Parker, Taylor Russell, Maxwell Jenkins, Parker Posey, Ignacio Serricchio, Raza Jaffrey (recurring)

Ordered straight to series; 10 episodes for 2019 premiere
STUDIO: Netflix/LightWorkers Media/Industry Entertainment
TEAM: Michael Petroni (w, ep) Mark Burnett (ep), Roma Downey (ep), James McTeigue (d, ep), Andrew Deane (ep)
LOGLINE: Chronicle of the modern world’s reaction to a man who first appears in the Middle East, creating a groundswell of followers around him claiming he is the Messiah. Is he sent from God or is he a dangerous fraud bent on dismantling the world’s geopolitical order? The story unfolds from multiple points of view.

Ordered straight to series for two seasons; 18 episodes
STUDIO: Fox 21 TV Studios
TEAM: Evan Romansky (w, co-ep), Ryan Murphy (ep), Michael Douglas (ep), Aleen Keshishian (ep), Margaret Riley (ep), Jacob Epstein (ep), Sarah Paulson (p), Paul Zaentz (p)
LOGLINE: Origins story about Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest follows her journey and evolution from nurse to full-fledged monster and her murderous progression through the mental health care system.

Ordered straight to series; 10 episodes
STUDIO: Netflix/Fox 21 TV Studios
TEAM: Veena Sud (w, ep), Gavin O’Connor (d, ep), Lawrence Bender (ep), Kevin Brown (ep), Alex Reznik (ep)
LOGLINE: Tensions run high between African-American citizens and Caucasian cops in Jersey City, where a teenage African-American boy is critically injured by a cop. Based on the 2013 Russian action movie The Major.
CAST: David Lyons, Beau Knapp, Russell Hornsby, Raul Castillo, Zackary Momoh, Michael Mosley, Patrick Murney, Regina King

Ordered straight to series; 10 episodes
STUDIO: Netflix
TEAM: Spike Lee (d, ep), Tonya Lewis Lee (ep)
LOGLINE: Nola Darling is a Brooklyn-based artist in her late 20s struggling to define herself and divide her time amongst her friends, her job and her three lovers. Contemporary update of Spike Lee’s 1986 debut film.
CAST: DeWanda Wise, Lyriq Bent, Cleo Anthony, Anthony Ramos, Sydney Morten, Chyna Layne, Ilfenesh Hadera

Ordered straight to series
STUDIO: Netflix/Principato-Young Entertainment
TEAM: Lior Raz (w, ep), Avi Issacharoff (w, ep), Peter Principato (ep), Itay Reiss (ep), Kimberlin Belloni (ep)
LOGLINE: The CIA and Mossad embark on a high-stakes global operation to track down and kill one of the world’s most wanted terrorists. Inspired by actual events.

Ordered straight to series; two seasons, 20 episodes
STUDIO: Warner Bros. TV/Berlanti Productions 
TEAM: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (w, ep),  Lee Toland Krieger (d, ep), Greg Berlanti (ep), Sarah Schechter (ep), Jon Goldwater (ep)
LOGLINE: Reimagines the origin and adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a dark coming-of-age story of horror, the occult and witchcraft. Sabrina wrestles to reconcile her dual nature — half-witch, half-mortal — while standing against the evil forces that threaten her, her family and the daylight world humans inhabit.
CAST: Kiernan Shipka


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