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Your Complete Guide to Pilots and Straight-to-Series orders

2016 TNT Pilots

2016 TNT Pilots


Ordered straight to series
STUDIO: Paramount TV/Anonymous Content/Studio T
TEAM: Cary Fukunaga (w, ep),  Eric Roth (ep), Hossein Amini (w, ep), Steve Golin (ep), Rosalie Swedlin (ep), Jakob Verbruggen (d)
LOGLINE: Set in the tenements and mansions of 1894 New York City, it centers on Dr. Laszlo Kreizler who, with the help of newspaper reporter John Moore and police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt, uses the emerging discipline of psychology to track down one of New York City’s first serial killers. Based on the novel by Caleb Carr.
CAST: Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans

Not going forward
STUDIO: TNT Originals/MGM Television
TEAM: Scott Smith (w, ep), Thomas Kelly (ep, sr), Lloyd Braun (ep), Andrew Mittman (co-ep), Allen Coulter (d)
LOGLINE: A hotly contested presidential election has America plunging uncontrollably into a modern day Civil War. The series weaves together the personal stories of citizens from all walks of life, whose actions – amplified in an age of instant media – add fuel to the conflict and affect the fate of the entire country.
CAST: Bradley Whitford, Toby Jones, Courtney B. Vance, Enrique Murciano

Picked up to series; 10-episode order
STUDIO: Warner Horizon Television/TNT Original Productions/ Le Train Train
TEAM: Eliot Laurence (w, co-ep),  Rashida Jones (ep), Will McCormack (ep)
LOGLINE: Follows the rise of five diverse and treacherous South Florida manicurists in the traditionally male world of organized crime. There is a lot more going on at the Nail Artisan of Manatee County salon than silk wraps and pedicures.
CAST: Carrie Preston, Harold Perrineau, Jenn Lyon, Judy Reyes, Jack Kesy, Karrueche Tran, Kevin Rankin, Jason Antoon, Dean Norris

STUDIO: Warner Horizon TV/Studio T/John Wells Productions
TEAM: Janine Sherman Barrois (w, ep), John Wells (ep), Anthony Hemingway (d, ep), Mark Taylor
LOGLINE: Follows two sets of neighbors whose lives are dramatically changed in the wake of a scandal that rocks the community. Shifting focus to a different set of families each season, the show will expose the American Dream to be an illusion as it holds up a fun-house mirror to the cracks beneath a community’s seemingly happy surface.

HOME (Originally developed at Fox in 2013-14)
Not going forward
STUDIO: Jerry Bruckheimer TV/Warner Horizon
TEAM: Aron Eli Coleite (w, ep), Brad Anderson (d, ep), Jerry Bruckheimer (ep), Jonathan Littman (ep), KristieAnne Reed (co-ep)
LOGLINE: Thriller that delves into the secrets lingering behind the façade of a seemingly idyllic suburban family. Rose Altma is an accomplished designer with a successful business who is newly pregnant. She thrives in a wonderful life with her husband, Joe, a highly regarded prison psychologist, and enjoys being a stepmother to his two sons. But her image of her perfect family is shattered when she discovers long-buried secrets that threaten to destroy the very foundation of her life.
CAST: Andrew Buchan, Bethany Joy Lenz, JoBeth Williams, Harris Dickinson, Sawyer Barth, Bruce Greenwood, Benito Martinez, Nicole Muñoz, Roberta Colindrez

Not going forward; pilot being shopped
STUDIO: Tomorrow Studios/Studio T
TEAM: Jeff Davis (w, ep), Marty Adelstein (ep), Becky Clements (ep), Simon Oakes (ep), Euros Lyn (d)
LOGLINE: Tells the wild story of young William Shakespeare’s arrival onto the punk-rock theater scene in 16th century London – the seductive, violent world where his raw talent faced rioting audiences, religious fanatics and raucous sideshows. It’s described as a contemporary version of Shakespeare’s life, played to a modern soundtrack that exposes all his recklessness, lustful temptations and brilliance.
CAST: Benjamin Wadsworth, Kristine Froseth, Thomas Kretschmann, Laurie Davidson, Darren Mann (recurring)

STUDIO: TNT Originals/Plan B Productions
TEAM: Rod Lurie (d, ep), Marc Frydman (ep), DeDe Gardner (ep), Jeremy Kleiner (ep), Sarah Esberg (ep)
LOGLINE: Savagery and violence are the cornerstones of Colonel “Terrible” Bill Lancaster’s holy war against the Comanche in post-Civil War Texas. Despite the peaceful co-existence between the Comanche and local townspeople, Lancaster sets out on a quest to kill off every single member of the tribe, bringing chaos to the town of Slater. Meanwhile, his wife, Cynthia Lancaster, will let no one get in the way of her obsessive quest to institute her feminist ideals, even if she has to challenge the U.S. Army and make her own allegiance with the Comanche women. Whether by force or free will, change is coming to Texas, and the escalating insanity will reveal humanity at its most monstrous.
CAST: Garret Dillahunt, Lauren Ambrose, Caitlin Gerard, Pat Healy, Kwame Patterson

STUDIO: Sony Pictures TV and Timberman/Beverly
TEAM: Christopher Cook (w, co-ep), Michael Dinner (w, d, ep), Sarah Timberman (ep), Carl Beverly (ep)
LOGLINE: Described as being in the literary-noir tradition of Cormac McCarthy’s No Country For Old Men, it tells the story of a cop, two “running buddies” on a crime spree across Texas and the girl who becomes the complication in a very unique love triangle. Everyone has a story. Everyone is a mystery.
CAST: Tim McGraw

STUDIO: Tomorrow Studios/Studio T
TEAM: Josh Friedman (w, ep, sr), Marty Adelstein (ep), Becky Clements (ep), Bong Joon Ho (ep), Park Chan-wook (ep), Lee Tae-hun (ep) Dooho Choi (ep), , Scott Derrickson (d, ep)
LOGLINE: Set seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland and the remnants of humanity inhabit a gigantic, perpetually moving train that circles the globe, the program questions class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival. Based on Bong Joon-ho’s 2013 movie.
CAST: Daveed Diggs

Not going forward
STUDIO: Warner Horizon
TEAM: Akiva Goldsman (w, ep), Marc Haimes (w, co-ep)
LOGLINE: Centers on Dick Grayson (aka Robin), who emerges from the shadow of Batman to become Nightwing, the leader of a fearless band of young superheroes-to-be including Starfire, Raven and many others.

Ordered straight to series; delayed by rights issues
TEAM: M. Night Shyamalan (ep), Ashwin Rajan (ep), John Santilli (ep), Dan McKinnon (ep)
LOGLINE: Anthology based on the original EC Comics by William Gaines as well as new stories. Features a new Crypt Keeper.

STUDIO: IM Global Television
TEAM: Guy Busick (w, ep), R. Christopher Murphy (w, ep), M. Night Shyamalan (ep), Mark Stern (ep), Stuart Ford (ep)
LOGLINE: An anthology of season-long horror tales that unfold in real time – each one taking viewers hour-by-hour through a single “long night of hell.” The first season will follow a murderous psychopath who returns to his Midwestern hometown during the annual county fair to exact revenge on a community he believes destroyed his life.

WILL (originally ordered straight-to-series at Pivot in 2013)
Picked up to series; 10 episodes
TEAM: Craig Pearce (w, ep), Vince Gerardis (ep), Howard Braunstein (ep), Louise Rosager (ep), Shekhar Kapur (d)
LOGLINE: The wild story of young William Shakespeare’s arrival onto the punk rock theater scene that was 16th century London — the seductive, violent world where his raw talent faced rioting audiences, religious fanatics and raucous side-shows. It’s the hot, contemporary, dangerous version of Shakespeare’s life, played to a modern soundtrack, exposing all his recklessness, lustful temptations and brilliance.
CAST: Laurie Davidson, Olivia DeJonge, Colm Meaney, Mattias Inwood, Max Bennett



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