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Your Complete Guide to Pilots and Straight-to-Series orders


2016 Fox Pilots


CHAD: AN AMERICAN BOY (single camera)
Not going forward; will be shopped
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV
TEAM: Nasim Pedrad (w, ep), Rob Rosell (w, ep), Michael Rotenberg (ep), Dave Becky (ep), Jason Winer (d, ep)
LOGLINE: A 14-year-old boy in the throes of adolescence is tasked with being the man of the house, which leaves him with all the responsibilities of being an adult without any of the perks.
CAST: Nasim Pedrad. Paul Chahidi, Christine Tawfik, Matthew Mindler, Ariana Molkara

CHARITY CASE (single camera; working title)
STUDIO: ABC Studios/20th Century Fox TV
TEAM: Robert Padnick (w, ep), James Griffiths (d)
LOGLINE: After Hailey inherits her late billionaire husband’s charity, she quickly finds that changing the world is far less glamorous than she had imagined.
CAST: Courteney Cox, Kyle Bornheimer, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Dan Gill

THE ENFORCERS (single camera)
STUDIO: Warner Bros TV
TEAM: Sherry Bilsing-Graham (w, ep), Ellen Kreamer (w, ep), Gail Mancuso (d, ep)
LOGLINE: Two wildly different single mothers with dreams of being police officers find themselves partnered as inspectors in the Code Enforcement Department. Instead of fighting crime, they have been relegated to handling petty code breaking such as noise complaints, tree trimming and water misuse.
CAST: Niecy Nash, Christine Woods, Ian Gomez, Matt Oberg

FAMOUS (single camera)
Not going forward but remaining in development; had been ordered straight to series
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox Television
TEAM: Ralph Farguhar (w, ep), Ty Hodges (w, sp),
LOGLINE: Filmed in mock-documentary style at a couples therapy session, it features dating high school teachers Fred and Geneva, both of whom secretly aspire to work in Hollywood. He wants to be a screenwriter and she envisions stardom as a pop diva. One of those dreams miraculously comes true when Geneva lands a record deal after her first music video goes viral and logs millions of views. As she rises to stardom, Fred feels pushed to the sidelines. Can this couple survive or will they discover that being famous and in love makes for a complicated threesome?

MAKING HISTORY (single camera)
Picked up to series
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV
TEAM: Julius Sharpe (w, ep), Phil Lord (ep), Chris Miller (ep)
LOGLINE: Three friends find a way to travel through time for truth, justice and riches, which complicates their lives in 2016. They visit some of the greatest moments of the past as they try to resolve their personal problems, while history and pop culture comically collide.
CAST: Adam Pally, Leighton Meester, Yassir Lester

THE MICK (single camera)
Picked up to series
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV/3 Arts
TEAM: John Chernin (w, ep), Dave Chernin (d, ep), Randall Einhorn (d, ep), Oly Obst (ep), Nicholas Frenkel (ep)
LOGLINE: With a fish-out-of-water theme, it centers on a hard-living, foul-mouthed woman who moves to affluent Greenwich, CT, to raise the spoiled kids of her wealthy sister who has fled the country to avoid a federal indictment. She quickly learns what the rest of us already know: Other people’s children are awful.
CAST: Kaitlin Olson, Sofia Black D’Elia, Carla Jimenez, Thomas Barbusca, Jack Stanton

SON OF ZORN (single camera; live-action/animated hybrid)
Picked up to series
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV
TEAM: Reed Agnew (w, ep, sr), Phil Lord (ep), Chris Miller (ep), Seth Cohen (ep), Eric Appel (d, co-ep)
LOGLINE: Upon arriving home on Earth for the first time in 10 years, Zorn, a fully animated, legendary warrior, finds that reconnecting with his live-action son and ex-wife while suffering through a mundane office job and the banality of suburban life is harder than waging actual war in his distant, mystical homeland of Zephyria.
CAST: Jason Sudeikis, Johnny Pemberton, Cheryl Hines, Tim Meadows

THIN ICE (single camera)
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV
TEAM: Liz Meriwether (w, ep), Ed Macdonald (w, co-ep), Mark Grimmer (w, co-ep), Katherine Pope (ep)
LOGLINE: A woman reclaims her dreams when she finds herself at the end of the earth — in Antarctica — surrounded by a group of brilliant misfits.

UNTITLED CHRIS CASE (single camera; fka My White Wife and Kids)
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV/Entertainment 360
TEAM: Chris (w, ep), Evan Silverberg (ep), Daniel Rappaport (ep), Chris Spencer (ep), Malcolm D. Lee (d)
LOGLINE: Jay “Havoc” Hammond, an African-American ex-NFL lineman who recently moved in with his white wife and her two oddball sons, struggles to win the most challenging game of his life: fatherhood.
CAST: Bill Bellamy, Becki Newton, Joshua Carlon, Steele Stebbins, Amberia Allen

UNTITLED LAURA STEINEL (aka HR; single camera)
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV
TEAM: Laura Steinel (w, co-ep), Sue Naegle (ep), Jeff Schaffer (d, ep)
LOGLINE: Jane is caught between trying to manage her charmingly incompetent human resources department and a new eccentric CEO who dreams of bringing the New Jersey plastics plant into the future.
CAST: Judy Greer, Patton Oswalt, Milana Vayntrub, Veronica Osorio, Lateefah Holder, Esai Morales


Picked up to series; 12-episode order
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV
TEAM: Kiefer Sutherland (ep), Howard Gordon (ep), Manny Coto (ep), Evan Katz (ep), Brian Grazer (ep), Stephen Hopkins (d)
LOGLINE: Story follows a military hero’s return to the U.S. and the trouble that follows him back — compelling him to ask CTU for help in saving his life, and stopping what potentially could be one of the largest-scale terror attacks on American soil. Told in real time with split screens, each episode will represent one hour of an eventful day.
CAST: Corey Hawkins, Miranda Otto, Anna Diop, Teddy Sears, Jimmy Smits, Dan Bucatinsky, Coral Pena, Charlie Hofheimer

Picked up to series
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV
TEAM: David Slack (w, ep), Len Wiseman (d, ep), David Bernardi (ep), Dennis Kim (ep), Todd Hoffman (ep)
LOGLINE: An enigmatic tech billionaire purchases a troubled police precinct in the wake of a loved one’s murder. Can this eccentric and enigmatic figure’s cutting edge approach fix the broken ways of these blue-blooded veterans?
CAST: Justin Kirk, Natalie Martinez, Caitlin Stasey, Taylor Handley, Eric Winter

Picked up to series
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV/Morgan Creek Productions
TEAM: Jeremy Slater (w, ep), James Robinson (ep), David Robinson (ep), Barbara Wall (ep), Rupert Wyatt (d)
LOGLINE: Serialized psychological thriller following two very different men tackling one family’s case of horrifying demonic possession and confronting the face of true evil. Inspired by William Blatty’s original 1971 book.
CAST: Alfonso Herrera, Ben Daniels, Geena Davis, Brianne Howey, Hannah Kasulka, Kurt Egyiawan

Picked up to series
STUDIO: Warner Bros TV/Lin Pictures/Good Session Productions
TEAM:  Matt Miller (w, ep), Dan Lin (ep),  McG (d, ep), Jennifer Gwartz (ep)
LOGLINE: Texas cop and former Navy SEAL Martin Riggs suffers the loss of his wife and baby and he moves to Los Angeles to start anew. There, he gets partnered with LAPD detective Roger Murtaugh who, having recently suffered a “minor” heart attack, must avoid any stress in his life. Based on the movie franchise.
CAST: Clayne Crawford, Damon Wayans Sr., Keesha Sharp, Jordana Brewster, Kevin Rahm, Chandler Kinney, Johnathan Fernandez

Ordered straight to series; 13 episodes
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV
TEAM: Seth MacFarlane (w, ep), Jon Favreau (d, ep)
LOGLINE: Set 300 years in the future, the live-action comedy-drama follows the adventures of the Orville, a not-so-top-of-the-line exploratory ship in Earth’s interstellar fleet. Facing cosmic challenges from without and within, this motley crew of space explorers will boldly go where no comedic drama has gone before.
CAST: Seth MacFarlane, Adrianne Palicki, Scott Grimes, Peter Macon, J Lee

Picked up to series
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV
TEAM: Dan Fogelman (w, ep), Rick Singer (w, ep), Tony Bill (ep), Helen Bartlett (ep), Paris Barclay (d, ep)
LOGLINE: Story follows a young female pitcher who defies the odds when she becomes the first woman to play in the major leagues.
CAST: Kylie Bunbury, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Sarah Wayne Callies, Mo McRae, Meagan Holder, Tim Jo, Ali Larter, Dan Lauria

Ordered straight-to-series; event series
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV
TEAM: Paul T. Scheuring (w, ep), Neal Moritz (ep), Marty Adelstein (ep), Dawn Olmstead (ep), Nelson McCormick (d)
LOGLINE: A follow-up to the cult 2005 Fox action series. The original Prison Break centered on a young man determined to prove his convicted brother’s innocence and save him from death row by hatching an elaborate plan to escape from prison.
CAST:  Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Mark Feuerstein, Augustus Prew, Rick Yune, Steve Mouzakis, Sarah Wayne Callies, Amaury Nolasco, Amin El Gamal, Inbar Lavi, Marina Benedict, Kunal Sharma, Paul Adelstein

STUDIO: Warner Bros TV/Outerbanks Entertainment
TEAM: Caroline Dries (w, ep), Kevin Williamson (ep), Julie Plec (ep), Adam Davidson (d)
LOGLINE: A rookie FBI agent embeds herself in a suspected terrorist family.
CAST: Tracy Spiridakos, Nick Weschler, Sarita Choudhury, Karan Oberoi,  Alexander Siddig, Amanda Warren, Yasmin Kaur

Ordered as event series
STUDIO:  20th Century Fox TV, Imagine Television
TEAM: Gina Prince-Blythewood (w, d, ep), Reggie Rock Blythewood (w, ep), Brian Grazer (ep), Francie Calfo (ep)
LOGLINE: Series examines the dangerous aftermath of racially charged shootings in a small town in Tennessee.
CAST: Sanaa Lathan, Stephan James, Helen Hunt, Stephen Moyer, Richard Dreyfuss, DeWanda Wise, Conor Leslie, Tristan Wilds, Aisha Hinds, Will Patton, Clare-Hope Ashitey, Angel Bonanni

STAR (fka Untitled Lee Daniels)
Picked up to series; 13-episode order
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV
TEAM: Lee Daniels (w, d, ep), Tom Donaghy (w, ep), Charley Murray (ep, sr), Pamela Oas Williams (ep), Effie Brown (ep)
LOGLINE: Set in Atlanta, it revolves around three girls who come together to form a band and their rise to the top. It will chronicle the choices with which these artists are faced along the way, while showcasing the allure and heartache of the cutthroat music scene and exploring cultural themes from a new perspective.
CAST: Queen Latifah, Benjamin Bratt, Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny, Brittany O’Grady, Nicholas Gonzalez

Passed on
STUDIO: Paramount TV/20th Century Fox TV
TEAM: Craig Brewer (w, d, ep), Robert Evans (ep), Sue Naegle (ep), Chris Levinson (ep)
LOGLINE: Music-fueled show follows star-crossed young lovers Kyle and Gaby as they pursue their dreams and passions through the sweat of line dancing in honky tonks, the grime of the oil refineries and the glamour of modern Texas. It’s about family legacies, starting over, finding true love and the American dream.
CAST: Alfonso Herrera, Nathalie Kelley, Edward James Olmos, Bryana Salaz, Jim Belushi, Lindsey Gort, Riley Smith

STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV
TEAM: Stephen Nathan (w, ep), Jon Collier (w, ep), Spencer Medof (ep), Barbara Natterson-Horowitz (p), Kathryn Bowers (p)
LOGLINE: A successful, driven cardiologist risks career suicide by teaming with a socially challenged veterinarian who relates better to animals than people. They try to put aside their competitive natures to cure the incurable using a unique blend of cross-species medicine that’s never been tried before.
CAST: Marsha Thomason, Peter Facinelli, Kim Raver, Antonia Bernath, Melissa Tang, Ben Rappaport



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