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Your Complete Guide to Pilots and Straight-to-Series orders

2015 ABC Family/Freeform Pilots

2015 ABC Family/Freeform Pilots


GORGEOUS MORONS (multi-camera)
STUDIO: ABC Signature
TEAM: Lee Eisenberg (ep), Gene Stupnitsky (ep), Danny Chun (w, ep).
LOGLINE: Two stunningly handsome but ridiculously simple brothers – one is a model, the other a personal trainer – find their lives rocked by their brainy new roommate, a female literature Ph.D. whose looks are, by their standards, in desperate need of help.
CAST: Lilah Richcreek, Christopher Russell, Lilah Richcreek, Dylan Playfair, Federico Dordei

KEVIN FROM WORK (single camera)
Picked up to series; 10-episode order
TEAM: Barbie Adler (ep), Aaron Kaplan (ep), McG (d, ep)
LOGLINE: An adorable but lonely and unlucky-in-love young man professes his love to his beautiful and quirky co-worker, thinking he’ll never see her again after he accepts a job offer overseas. But when that job offer is rescinded, they have to continue to work with each other.
CAST: Noah Reid, Paige Spara, Jordan Hinson, Amy Sedaris, Matt Murray

TOUGH COOKIE (single camera)
Not going forward
TEAM: Lauren Iungerich (d, ep), David Janollari (ep)
LOGLINE: A young mother isn’t ready to parent, and her daughter doesn’t want to be parented. It takes a village to raise a child — or, rather, a child to raise a village.
CAST: Shoshana Bush, Rick Gonzalez, Arturo del Puerto


Picked up to series
STUDIO: Imperative Entertainment/Automatik
TEAM: Adam Nussdorf (w, ep), Tim Kring (ep), Zak Kadison (ep), Justin Levy (ep), Brian Kavanaugh-Jones (ep)
LOGLINE: A young man wakes up from a coma after 12 years and discovers new supernatural abilities that propel him into the middle of a dangerous conspiracy.
CAST:  Callan McAuliffe, Jordan Calloway, Dilan Gwyn, Romy Rosemont, Michael McGrady, Burkely Duffield

Picked up to series
STUDIO: Sea to Sky Entertainment/BV Family Productions/ABC Family.
TEAM: Nichole Millard (w, ep), Kathryn Price (w, ep), Stephen McPherson (ep)
LOGLINE: Edgy, soapy thriller revolves around an American in London who becomes the prime suspect in the savage murder of her roommate. As the investigation unfolds, the show will question whether she’s a naive young girl whose poor decisions are being magnified under the ruthless glare of the British tabloids or a sociopath who brutally murdered her friend. Even her own sister, who comes to London to defend her, will question how well she really knows her little sister as more and more ugly truths come out. The mystery will twist through all layers of London society — from a posh but depraved sex club all the way up to the Royal Family.
CAST: Daisy Head, Zachary Fall, Katrina Law, Kevin Ryan, Billy Zane

TEAM: Jon Turteltaub (d, ep), Spenser Cohen (w, ep), Anna Halberg (ep)
LOGLINE: A recently widowed police detective and his two daughters are stranded at a foreboding hotel and must unravel the hotel’s mysteries to escape.
CAST: Alicia Coppola, Brianna Brown, Leonard Earl Howze


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