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‘Who Is America?’ Review: Sacha Baron Cohen Plays Dumb In Stupid Spoof Series

Who Is America

When David Nevins called Sacha Baron Cohen "the premier provocateur of our time" in announcing the new Who Is America? series, the Showtime boss was certainly honest to a fault. Full of mild shock, zero awe and a lot of recycled scenarios, the flabby, seven-episode dupe-the-dimwits endeavor from the once blighting satirist certainly provokes a great inducement to change the cable channel. Or to paraphrase a true great provocateur, Johnny Rotten: Boring, Sasha… Read


Ryan Murphy Praises ‘Pose’ Director Janet Mock, Says FX Drama Has Been “The Highlight Of My Career”

TV powerhouse producer Ryan Murphy has long been an advocate for underserved communities within the entertainment industry, but with his latest FX show Pose — about the New York trans community in the ’80s —he’s pushed for further inclusivity, hiring five trans women of color as series regulars, and over 100 trans actors and crew members for this project that was “joyous and amazing” to create. Making the show has, he said, “without question been the highlight of my… Read


New York-Backed ‘Half Life’ Casts ‘Alex Mack’ Star Larisa Oleynik

EXCLUSIVE: Larisa Oleynik, best known for playing the title role in Nickelodeon classic The Secret World of Alex Mack, has been cast in the lead role in Half Life, a TV comedy created by rookie showrunner Patty Carey and backed by New York City. Oleynik also appeared in the film 10 Things I Hate About You and, more recently, played Ken Cosgrove’s wife, Cynthia, on Mad Men. In Half Life, she will star as Patty, a working mom trying to realize her dream of becoming a… Read


‘GLOW’ Season 2 Audience Is Third-Richest For Netflix, And Right In 18-49 Wheelhouse, Nielsen Numbers Show

The second season of Netflix’s GLOW drew the streaming service’s most affluent U.S. audience after those for The Crown and House of Cards, according to the latest Nielsen SVOD Content Ratings data. Viewership also skewed strikingly young, per the data, with 86% of viewers of Season 2 in the first three days the season premiered (June 29 to July 1) between the ages of 18 and 49. Out of all original streaming content that Nielsen has analyzed, the show had the highest… Read


‘Game Of Thrones’ EP Carolyn Strauss On Viewers’ “Different Consciousness” In Current Political Climate

Game of Thrones

Has the tension of our current political era changed the way television is being made? Game of Thrones EP and former HBO President Carolyn Strauss thinks so. Speaking during a PaleyLive panel discussion celebrating the first part of the upcoming CNN original series The 2000s: A Look Back at the Dawn of TV’s New Golden Age, Strauss said that these days, “There's a totally different consciousness in the mind of viewers and the mind of the people who are buying the… Read


Fox Slates WWE ‘SmackDown Live’ On Fridays As USA Renews ‘Raw’

Fox has slated WWE’s SmackDown Live on Friday nights starting in October 2019, kicking off a five-year deal between the broadcast network and the pro wrestling circuit. Beginning October 4, 2019, Fox will air a weekly, two-hour, live event 52 weeks a year. USA Network, meanwhile, which used to air SmackDown, said it is renewing Monday Night Raw, a high-rated mainstay that debuted on the network in 1993. The re-up is also for five years. Sources familiar with the talks… Read


Jerry Seinfeld Says Roseanne Barr Should Be Replaced…And Oddly Enough Can’t Remember A Comic Career Imploding

Jerry Seinfeld is all over the place in his stance — well, it’s closer to stand-up than stance — on Roseanne Barr’s firing from Roseanne. Falling somewhere between an interview and a bit (watch it above), Seinfeld tells Entertainment Tonight that a) Barr should be replaced, b) Barr shouldn’t have been fired and c) he’s never seen someone ruin their entire career with the push of a button. Seinfeld’s memory might not be what it once was, it seems. True, his old Seinfeld… Read


Viacom’s Bellator Wraps Global Deal With Streaming Service DAZN

Viacom's answer to UFC – the solidly rated Bellator Fighting Championships circuit – has set a new deal with international streaming service DAZN. Described as a nine-figure transaction, the new deal will see 15 fights simulcast on Viacom's Paramount Network as well as on DAZN. Seven more exclusive cards a year will be created just for DAZN, which streams sporting events in Germany, Austria, Japan and other countries. DAZN plans to launch in the U.S. in September. The… Read


How ‘Game Of Thrones’ Visual Effects Artists Steve Kullback & Joe Bauer Brought Down The Wall

Steve Kullback Joe Bauer

Having been through seven increasingly audacious seasons of HBO flagship series Game of Thrones, visual effects producer Steve Kullback always looks at a new season from the same perspective: “Geez, how the hell am I going to do this?” Working with "no-holds-barred" creatives David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, along with VFX supervisor Joe Bauer, the collaborators always tend to come to the same conclusion about the road ahead: "Well, that's amazing, but obviously it's unproduc… Read


‘Electric Dreams’ Production Designer Julie Berghoff Explains Anthology Series Challenges & Her Visions Of The Future

Coming off of the critically acclaimed first season of The Handmaid's Tale—for which she won her first Emmy—production designer Julie Berghoff challenged herself with another singular dystopian sci-fi series, in the form of Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams. An avid fan of the seminal sci-fi author's short stories, Berghoff appreciated Dick's ability to capture the world as it was in his time, as well as his unusual ability to forecast future societal developments with his… Read


With ‘American Horror Story’ & ‘American Animals’, Evan Peters Unpacks The Madness Of Acting And America Today

Starring in all seven seasons of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story, and signing on recently for an eighth, Evan Peters has had the opportunity over the years to play all kinds of unsettling and utterly specific characters within the producer's twisted domain, finding his most haunting—and most timely—role to date with AHS: Cult's Kai Anderson. With his piercing gaze, his unnatural blue locks and his homicidal tendencies, cult leader Kai is the embodiment of madness, a… Read


‘Rise’ Music Director Tom Kitt Elicits Raw Authenticity Of The High School Musical In Season 1 With ‘Spring Awakening’

Tom Kitt

A Tony Award- and Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway success known for musicals including High Fidelity and Next to Normal, Tom Kitt has over the past several years followed his passion for the world of film and television, making inroads on projects including Pitch Perfect and Penny Dreadful before finding a very personal role as music director of NBC’s drama Rise. Having scored Broadway musicals and performed a great deal himself—with vivid memories of his own high school… Read