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Latest Toronto International Film Festival News


Withoutabox Film Festival Submission Platform To End Service Next Year

Amazon-owned Withoutabox, the dominant indie film festival submission platform for the last decade, has decided to end its service. In a letter to users, the service – run through IMDbPro – said it would “phase out” the service over the next year. Withoutabox was the official platform for Sundance and had been used by the LA Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival, and hundreds of smaller events, with the platform claiming it processed more than 100,000… Read


Music-Minded Cutting Edge Helps Stake Indies & Makes Deal On Michelle Williams-Julianne Moore Pic ‘After The Wedding’

Cutting Edge Group, the largest independent film music publisher, is expanding its role in the financing of indie films, advancing funds for music rights in the pictures. The latest is a just closed deal for the Bart Freundlich-directed drama After The Wedding, starring Michelle Williams and Julianne Moore. Cutting Edge has its name on no fewer than eight films that played at the Toronto Film Festival last week. The company pre-bought music rights to Donnybrook, A Private… Read


‘Sorry For Your Loss’: Elizabeth Olsen Struggles With Grief in Facebook Watch’s New Serial – Toronto Studio

As festivals around the world continue to come to terms with the rise of serial television and new viewing platforms, TIFF hosted a special premiere this year of the first two episodes of Sorry For Your Loss, a 10-episode, half-hour drama from Facebook Watch. Directed by James Ponsoldt, it stars Elizabeth Olsen as Leigh Shaw, a young widow struggling to get her life back on track in the wake of her husband’s unexpected death. Accompanied by series creator Kit Steinkellner… Read


Fast Cars, Cocaine And Bad Fashion: Nick Hamm’s ‘Driven’ Revisits The DeLorean Scandal – Toronto Studio

The rise and fall of John DeLorean, the automotive kingpin brought down by a cocaine scandal in 1982, is—surprisingly—the basis of one of the more purely entertaining films to screen at TIFF this year. Played for laughs, but with a core seriousness that notes the FBI's nefarious involvement in DeLorean's undoing, Nick Hamm's Driven came straight to Toronto from Venice, where it closed the festival. Stopping by the Deadline studio with cast members Lee Pace (who plays John… Read


Annabel Jankel, Holliday Grainger And Anna Paquin Talk ‘Tell It To The Bees’ – Toronto Studio

Like many directors at TIFF this year, Annabel Jankel was inspired by a book, in this case Fiona Shaw's 2009 novel Tell It To The Bees, about an illicit love affair between two women in 1950s Britain. "I think [the attraction] was the sense of the outsider," mused Jankel when she arrived at the Deadline studio with her two leading ladies, Holliday Grainger and Anna Paquin. "[These] two women that had found themselves up against the wall, with no real place to go, not… Read


André Singer And Werner Herzog Describe ‘Meeting Gorbachev’: “It Was Very Tricky” – Toronto Studio

Werner Herzog has breezed through films about all sorts of shady topics, and put himself in harm's way just as often, but with Meeting Gorbachev—a string of conversations with former Soviet head of state Mikhail Gorbachev, now 87—the unflappable Bavarian director finally found a subject that put him on the backfoot. "I had to learn on the run how to deal with him," Herzog admitted when he stopped at the Deadline studio with his co-director André Singer. Singer was the… Read


Director Olivier Assayas On The Long Road To ‘Non-Fiction’ – Toronto Studio

Many directors start a project and never get round to finishing it, but Olivier Assayas found, once he'd started writing his new film Non-Fiction, which received its Canadian premiere at TIFF, he could never get round to giving it up—even when he wanted to. Starring Guillaume Canet and Juliette Binoche, Non-Fiction concerns a book publisher whose star novelist seems to have lost the plot after handing in an unpublishable manuscript. Though light on plot, the film deals… Read


Paul Dano On His Directing Debut ‘Wildlife’ And The Advantages Of Working From Home – Toronto Studio

Since it premiered at Sundance, Paul Dano's directorial debut Wildlife has been one of the more resilient titles on the festival circuit, stopping off at Cannes' Critics Week in May before pausing in Toronto on its way to the London Film Festival next month. Set in 1960s Montana, the film stars Ed Oxenbould as Joe Brinson, a teenage boy who witnesses the breakdown of his parents' marriage. Stopping by the Deadline studio with Carey Mulligan, who plays Joe's mother, Dano… Read


Keira Knightley And Wash Westmoreland On ‘Colette’: “She’s A Singular Being” – Toronto Studio

Stopping off at TIFF before its October visit to the London Film Festival, Wash Westmoreland's Sundance hit Colette gave audiences a history lesson with the story of novelist Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, also known as "the Venus of the Belle Époque". As played by Keira Knightley, Colette was a woman ahead of her time, flaunting the dress codes and sexual mores of the time, leading a scandalous life with her husband Willy (Dominic West), a major literary celebrity in… Read


Amma Asante On Exploring Race And Identity In WW2 Drama ‘Where Hands Touch’ – Toronto Studio

Amma Asante made it four for four with her latest release, having four consecutive releases in the official TIFF lineup. Continuing the director's interest in historical matters, Where Hands Touch tells the story of Leyna, a mixed-race girl coming of age during the Second World War. After the relatively gentle period stylings of Belle and A United Kingdom, Asante's film came as something of a shock, since it pulls no punches in its depiction of Hitler's Germany—a topic… Read


Tim Sutton On His Brutal Recession Noir ‘Donnybrook’: “I Didn’t Want To Make A Fight Film” – Toronto Studio

Tim Sutton's Donnybrook got the Platform strand off to a bracing start, with its stark portrayal of the effects of meth addiction on rural America. Based on the 2012 novel by Frank Bill, it stars Jamie Bell as Jarhead Earl, an ex-soldier who needs to find some extra cash, fast, while his wife's homicidal dealer (Frank Grillo) pursues. Said Sutton, "The movie deals with a group of people who are on their way to a bare-knuckle cage fight in the middle of the woods where the… Read


Director Stella Meghie On How ‘The Weekend’ Is A Fresh Spin To Rom-Coms – Toronto Studio

Director Stella Meghie isn’t giving up on the romantic comedy genre, giving it a “fresh spin” with her latest film, The Weekend, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. “For a while, people were saying it was out of fashion but I’m like ‘how?'”  said Meghie about the debate over the status of the rom-com. “I think it’s just like anything else, it has to take a new form,” the Toronto-born director added. Meghie was joined at Deadline’s TIFF studio by the film’s cast S… Read