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Brutally Long Workdays Will Take Center Stage As IATSE Contract Talks Resume


The film and TV industry's excessively long workdays and the unsafe conditions they create are expected to take center stage as stalled negotiations resume today for a new IATSE contract covering some 43,000 West Coast behind-the-scenes workers.  It's an issue that's dogged the union – and the industry – for decades. The contract talks with management’s Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers began on April 2, but broke off just three days later and have been on… Read


‘9-1-1’ Stunt Coordinator Mark Vanselow On Coaching Actors Through Harrowing Season 1 Stunt Work

For Season 1 of Ryan Murphy's first responder procedural series 9-1-1, Mark Vanselow took on as much as any stunt coordinator could: an oceanic plane crash, apex predator attacks, bloody motorcycle wrecks and more. Learning Murphy's process while working on American Horror Story: Cult, Vanselow went into the producer's latest series as part of a large team of disaster manufacturers, collaborating closely in bringing each of its visual terrors to the screen. Joining forces… Read


Hollywood Child Protection Act Ignored; Here’s Why It Is Important

Hollywood California Child Actor

EXCLUSIVE: One of the key California laws designed to protect child actors from sexual predators has gone largely ignored and unenforced since it was enacted five years ago. The law requires publicists, managers, acting coaches and headshot photographers who work with child actors to be fingerprinted and pass an FBI background check to screen out registered sex offenders. Only then will they be issued a Child Performer Services Permit. A Deadline investigation, however… Read


Mark Zuckerberg Explains His Nipple Theory Of Content Moderation

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg offered a vivid example of the technological limitations of training machines to recognize certain types objectionable content on the sprawling social media platform. Back in 2004, when Zuckerberg was building Facebook in his Harvard University dorm room, he outsourced content moderation to the community. He lacked the resources to hire a staff of thousands, so individual users served as content cops, flagging offensive content which he would… Read


Women In Animation Crafts Anti-Harassment Pledge To Create Safety In The Workplace

Women in Animation has joined hands with a group of independent studio owners to craft an anti-harassment pledge affirming there is no tolerance for harassment in the workplace. The pledge has already been adopted by OddBot, Inc., Six Point Harness, Titmouse, Bento Box Entertainment, CounterPunch Studios, Duncan Studio, Incessant Rain Animation Studios, Renegade Animation, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, Tonko House and Wild Canary Animation. The studio president/owner(s) have… Read


YouTube To Increase Security Globally Following Shooting At Headquarters

YouTube plans to harden security at all of its offices worldwide following Tuesday’s shooting at the company’s headquarters in San Bruno. The video giant said the violent attack prompted it to reassess the security on its offices, which, like many in Silicon Valley, project an open, college campus-like vibe. “We will be increasing security at our offices worldwide to make them more secure not only in the near-term but long term,” YouTube said in a statement published to… Read


SAG-AFTRA Establishes “Standards And Practices” For Stunt Coordinators

EXCLUSIVE: In a move to bolster safety and foster diversity and gender equality, SAG-AFTRA's national board of directors has established a new set of "standards and practices" for film and TV stunt coordinators. The move comes in the wake of two-stunt related deaths last year, and a growing outcry from stuntwomen about stuntmen donning wigs and women's clothes to double for actresses – an age-old practice known as "wigging." The union's contract with employers has long… Read


Canada’s Actors Union Filed Grievance Over On-Set Accident That Disfigured Actress Taylor Hickson

Canada’s actors union is awaiting news about a grievance it filed against the producers of Ghostland, claiming that their failure to follow the union's contract contributed to an accident in Winnipeg that left a young actress with a disfiguring facial injury. The incident also is under investigation by Safe Work Manitoba, the local public agency dedicated to workplace safety. Taylor Hickson suffered a serious injury in December 2016 while performing an emotionally charged… Read


SAG-AFTRA: “Knockoff” Stunt Harnesses Pose Safety Hazard

SAG-AFTRA is warning the stunt community about "knockoff" stunt harnesses that don't meet industry standards and pose a threat to safety on the set. Used to suspend actors and stunt performers in the air, one of the phony harnesses already has failed, the guild reported. "Thankfully, no one was hurt," it said. "This SAG-AFTRA safety bulletin is an urgent advisory to alert you to these dangers and to remind everyone to be very diligent about the harnesses and other safety… Read


Safety Panel Urges New Culture To Speak Out; Joyce Gilliard Reveals Horrifying Details Of ‘Midnight Rider’ Incident

In a time when #MeToo has taken hold in the U.S. against those who have used their power to take advantage of the weak, and when students in Parkland, FL are using their voices to affect change, many crew members in Hollywood remain too scared to speak up against the powers that be over the abusive hours that are putting their own lives and personal relationships in peril. Joyce Gilliard, the seriously injured Midnight Rider crew member, said last night on a set-safety… Read


‘Midnight Rider’ Case: Sarah Jones’ Parents In Court To Try To Prevent Randall Miller’s Ask For Leniency

Four years and one day after the death of Sarah Jones on a Doctortown train trestle, the parents of the late Midnight Rider camera assistant are back in a Jessup, GA courtroom fighting against a motion filed in December by the attorneys of Randall Miller. The film’s director is asking that California supervision, part of his plea agreement at his 2015 criminal trespassing and involuntary manslaughter trial, be lifted. The argument is that California law differs from… Read


‘Midnight Rider’ Case: Director Randall Miller Asks Court To Drop CA Supervision

EXCLUSIVE: On what is the four-year mark of the death of their 27-year-old daughter Sarah Jones on a train track in Georgia for the film Midnight Rider, Richard and Elizabeth Jones are en route to a Jessup, GA courthouse this morning, where tomorrow they will fight to keep in place the film’s director Randall Miller’s three-year supervision in California. Miller has petitioned the court to remove his supervision. While Miller will not be there, he received that probation… Read