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‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ Review: Hilarious Sequel To ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Is Another Disney Winner

Wreck-It Ralph was an unexpected delight when it came out six years ago, and it immediately became another in a long line of animated box office hits for Disney. Inevitably that would indicate we were headed for a sequel, and now finally we have one. In the first film, video game villain Ralph (John C. Reilly) wreaked havoc on the arcade in which he lived, even though what he really longed for was to be a hero. In Ralph Breaks the Internet, the lovable lug’s sledgehammer… Read


The Show To Watch This Week: Review Of ‘Narcos: Mexico,’ ‘Escape At Dannemora,’ ‘Little Drummer Girl’ & ‘Origin’

At this point deep into the fall TV season and with the inevitably busy pre-Thanksgiving weekend looming, you'd think that the era of Peak TV would give viewers some time to catch their breath and nail down their turkey plans – well think again. Which is why we're decided to do our reviews a little differently this week and go through the menu in one go, as you can see in the video review above. Starting today and going until the beginning of next week, there's a feast of… Read


‘The Prom’ Review: Broadway Comedy Razzle-Dazzles Small Town Bigotry

Your prom probably didn't have a glorious gaggle of Broadway troupers and their trunk loads of self-regard and narcissism gumming things up for your rite of passage – more's the pity – but in some ways I'd guess Broadway's musical The Prom isn't so unlike the one you lived through way back when. The build-up was more fun than the event, right? Inspired by an actual event – and the inspired is apt – The Prom is the latest razzle-dazzle show-biz love fest from director and… Read


‘At Eternity’s Gate’ Review: Willem Dafoe & Julian Schnabel Paint Stunning Portrait Of Vincent Van Gogh

There have been many cinematic takes on the great artist Vincent Van Gogh, notably Kirk Douglas’ Oscar-nominated turn in 1956’s Lust For Life and Robert Altman’s penetrating Vincent and Theo, but director, and artist himself, Julian Schnabel has managed to do something completely personal and original in At Eternity’s Gate. This is probably a movie that could only come from one artist examining the life of another, and Schnabel in his filmmaking efforts has always seemed… Read


‘Green Book’ Review: Viggo Mortensen & Mahershala Ali On Memorable Road Trip That Should End At The Oscars

Every now and then a movie comes along at the right time. That time is now, and that movie is Green Book. This film about a road trip through the Deep South in 1962 between world-renowned black concert pianist Don Shirley and a white bouncer-enforcer named Tony "The Lip" Vallelonga, who became his driver, and then his friend is, in a word, glorious. As I say in my video review (click the link above to watch), it might be the best film you will see all year. And the fact… Read


‘Widows’ Review: Viola Davis Leads Strong Ensemble In Heist Film With A Social Twist

In 1983 director Steve McQueen, eventual Best Picture Oscar winner for 12 Years a Slave, became obsessed with a British miniseries called Widows about a group of women who decide to finish a robbery that their criminal husbands died trying to pull off. In a collaboration with Gone Girl screenwriter Gillian Flynn, McQueen finally has found a way to bring it to the big screen while switching gears from his gritty indie movies to the action genre; moving the locale from… Read


Mike Birbiglia’s ‘The New One’ Delivers: Broadway Review

Maybe you could quibble with the title of Mike Birbiglia’s latest one-man show. The New One, opening tonight on Broadway at the Cort Theatre, is the same one he debuted last summer Off Broadway (now that would be a silly quibble), and all the bassinets in the world couldn’t contain the TV and movie scripts that got to the subject of panicked, bumbling fatherhood long before Birbiglia. But it would take someone as dim as one of those sleep-enhancing nursery room lights not… Read


‘The Kominsky Method’ Review: Chuck Lorre’s Netflix Comedy All AARP’d Up With Nowhere To Go

The Kominsky Method

The Kominsky Method is Chuck Lorre's latest attempt at harnessing the beast known as streaming. And while it is a definite improvement over the stoner faceplant of his now-canceled DisjointedThe Big Bang Theory co-creator still has a long way to go in losing his broadcast inhibitions as the Michael Douglas-Alan Arkin starrer the launches November 16 on Netflix makes clear. With Douglas back in a TV series lead role for the first time since the great The Streets of San Fr… Read

Box Office

Broadway’s $35 Million ‘King Kong’ Roars When It Roars, Slips When It Sings: Review

King Kong

UPDATE, with video Eighth wonder of the world? King Kong probably isn’t even the eighth wonder of Broadway – those kids in The Ferryman aren’t giving up their spots anytime soon – but the big ape does provide some roaring good thrills. Picking over Hollywood’s Depression Era beauty-and-the-beast tale for what still works and ditching what doesn’t – the casting of the African American Christiani Pitts as Ann Darrow swiftly does away with the freighted Fay Wray blonde… Read


‘The Girl In The Spider’s Web’ Review: Claire Foy Takes On Lisbeth Salander, But It Is A Tangled Tale She Weaves This Time

The Girl In The Spider's Web

With its “complete” title The Girl in the Spider’s Web: A New Dragon Tattoo Story, we get the idea that the filmmakers are trying hard to emphasize that this edition of the adventures of Lisbeth Salander is indeed new. It also feels quite different from its predecessors spawned from the well-regarded Stieg Larsson trilogy of books: a trilogy of Swedish-language films starring Noomi Rapace, as well as an English-language remake of the first book The Girl With the Dragon Tat… Read


‘The Front Runner’ Review: Hugh Jackman Is Winning As A Losing Presidential Hopeful Caught Up In Tabloid Sex Scandal

Even though it deals with a presidential race that took place 30 years ago, and a candidate whose campaign lasted only three weeks, new film The Front Runner could not be more pertinent or important in terms of today’s politics. Perhaps that is why Sony Pictures is taking the unprecedented step of beginning its theatrical runs on Election Day. Even the television commercials for it are including information on how you can vote. So what makes this film featuring Hugh… Read


‘Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln Au Revoir Brings High-Flying & Pint-Sized Surprises

SPOILER ALERT:  This post contains details of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead & the fate of the Andrew Lincoln-Portrayed Rick Grimes The form that Andrew Lincoln's long promoted exit from The Walking Dead took tonight was far from the only surprise of an episode that had all the hallmarks of a season finale but landed less than halfway through Season 9. However, like many a season finale, the execution did not match the hype in the end – save the very end. In fact… Read