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Mark Duplass Rescinds Ben Shapiro Recommendation; James Gunn, Glenn Beck & Twitterverse Answer The Call

Today’s Twitter brouhaha over Mark Duplass’ apology for suggesting liberals interested in “crossing the aisle” might consider following the right-wing pundit Ben Shapiro is still going strong. Glenn Beck has just weighed in, if you were waiting (he thinks it’s “sad” that Duplass was “swayed by the mob”). Last night, Duplass, actor and co-creator (with brother Jay Duplass) of, among other credits, HBO’s Togetherness, in a since-deleted tweet, wrote, "Fellow liberal: If you… Read


Hollywood & Beltway On Summit: Schwarzenegger Calls Donald Trump “Little Wet Noodle, Little Fan Boy” – Update

Refresh for updates Even for Twitter. Even for Hollywood. Even for Beltway pundits and Democratic politicians – the social media response to President Donald Trump’s apparent siding with Russia’s Vladimir Putin over United States intelligence agencies has been nearly as astounding as Trump’s history-making words. Standing next to Putin in Helsinki today, Trump was asked by reporters about Russia’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, as outlined Friday in… Read


World Cup: Celebrating France Victory Cuts Across Politics And Other Differences

For one day, at least, the world managed to put aside its differences and celebrate a game beloved across the planet, honoring the two teams that made it to the final championship with thanks and gratitude. The 2018 World Cup final brought moments of drama, political protests, celebration, controversy on at least one call, and ultimately, a celebration of human spirit and national unity that is rarely achieved outside of sports. Crowds packed the lawns beneath the Eiffel… Read


GLAAD, Hollywood Transgender Community React To Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Rub & Tug’ Exit

Scarlett Johansson’s withdrawal from Rub & Tug, in which she’d been cast as a transgender man, is a game changer in Hollywood’s portrayal of the transgender community, GLAAD said today. The LGTBQ media-advocacy organization also cited “the transgender voices” who spoke out about the film. “Hollywood changed how Americans understand gay and lesbian lives,” GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said in a statement, “and TV is starting to do the same for transgender… Read


Hollywood Remembers Tab Hunter: “A Pioneer Of Self-Acceptance”, Says Zachary Quinto

Refresh for updates Tab Hunter is being remembered today as both an iconic Hollywood actor and as one of the very few stars of his 1950s peak era to eventually come out as gay, a decades-long process chronicled in Hunter’s 2005 autobiography Tab Hunter Confidential, and the 2015 Netflix documentary it inspired. Zachary Quinto, who, along with J.J. Abrams, Hunter’s husband and producing partner Allan Glaser and Neil Koenigsberg are developing a Paramount project based on… Read


Tom Holland Honors ‘Spider-Man’ Co-Creator Steve Ditko: “He Made So Many People So Happy”

Tom Holland, who dons the mask as the current iteration of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, took to Twitter to honor Steve Ditko, the co-creator of Marvel’s wisecracking web-slinging superhero. “We all want to leave our mark on the world – this guy crushed it,” tweeted Holland Saturday. “He made so many people so happy and changed lives – most of all, mine!” He adds, “Thank you Steve – your life lives on man, thank you.” Ditko’s body was found in his apartment on… Read


Hollywood Welcomes LeBron James To L.A. Lakers

Hollywood did not waste any time to roll out the welcome wagon for LeBron James after he turned in his Cleveland Cavaliers jersey and signed a 4-year $154 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers Sunday. Kobe Bryant, Chris Rock, Ava DuVernay, Chrissy Teigen, Snoop Dogg, and Ice Cube were just some of the big names to congratulate James on his new gig. While some applauded and tweeted celebratory words, some, like Rock, cracked jokes, saying, “Congratulations to the… Read


‘Famous In Love’ Exec Producer I. Marlene King Reacts To Cancellation: “I Could Not Be More Saddened”

Famous In Love executive producer I. Marlene King reached out via Twitter to share her reaction to today’s cancellation of the Freeform drama series starring Bella Thorne. “I am deeply grateful for the #FamousInLove cast, crew and our passionate fans. I could not be more saddened by today’s news,” King wrote. “I love these characters and the wild ride they were taking us on. Thank you @warnerbrosTV for fighting the good fight with me. We gave it our all. Keep #Raige in… Read


‘Six’ Cast Reacts To Ax: “What A Ride!”, Says Barry Sloane

Refresh for updates Barry Sloane, Dominic Adams, Kyle Schmid, Edwin Hodge and Jaylen Moore reacted as quickly as a SEAL team to Deadline’s exclusive report that their show Six will not be back for a third season on History. “What a ride!,” tweeted Sloane. “Sorry to say that @SixonHistory will not be back for a season 3. To all our amazing fans THANKS YOU.” Tweeted Adams, “Playing Michael Nasry has been a deeply challenging and important role for me. I thank all of the… Read


Harlan Ellison Remembered: “No One Quite Like Him”, Stephen King Says

Refresh for updates Fittingly, the reactions so far to the death of writer Harlan Ellison came mainly from the community that he was immersed in for most of his career – the science-fiction writers, filmmakers, critics, punks, artists and comic creators that worshipped him as a literary idol. The comments were honest, sometimes brutally so, but mostly funny, capturing the irascible Ellison as someone who loved provoking the world as he moved through it. Here are some… Read


Hollywood & Media React To Justice Anthony Kennedy Retiring: “Absorb The Shock, But Respond With Determination”

Donald Trump’s most winning week of his presidency continued today with Justice Anthony Kennedy announcing his pending retirement from the Supreme Court, and Hollywood types are making their feelings known about it. The mostly unsurprising news came hours after SCOTUS struck down a pro-union Illinois law and a day after it upheld Trump’s Muslim travel ban. Kennedy has been the swing vote on a divided court since he was nominated by President Reagan in 1988 and confirmed… Read


Hollywood Unions Slam Supreme Court’s “Shameful” Janus Ruling

Supreme Court Janus Decision

Refresh for latest… As organized labor was left reeling from today’s Supreme Court’s decision in Janus v. AFSCME that public service employees don’t have to pay union fees, Hollywood guilds planted a flag of defiance. In the high court’s second 5-4 decision along party lines in two days, following Monday’s upholding of President Donald Trump’s Muslin travel ban, the justices struck down an Illinois law that mandates nonunion workers pay fees toward collective bargaining… Read