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The Bart & Fleming Podcast: Oscar Season Is Upon Us

The Bart & Fleming Podcast

As the awards season picks up steam, stars and star filmmakers face a great opportunity to reach voters in the Q&A sessions, but also must tread a careful path because of heightened sensitivities. Some filmmakers already have run into problems with #MeToo and N-word issues. This all comes as many industry jobs are in jeopardy as Disney implements its acquisition of Fox. It's the dawn of a new corporate giant, but also the demise of many Hollywood positions. Listen to our… Read


How Editor John Ottman Helped Rescue ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ – Podcast

What a difference a year makes. After news broke last December that Fox was firing Bryan Singer as director on Bohemian Rhapsodyfrom the outside looking in, it didn’t appear as though things were going well for the Freddie Mercury biopic. However, when it comes to executing his vision on-screen, Singer has continually surrounded himself with sublime below-the-line talent, and Ottman is a longtime collaborator who he’s worked with going make to their indie filmmaking… Read


New Hollywood Podcast: ‘BlacKkKlansman’s John David Washington Reflects On His Year Of Socially Aware Films

This year alone, John David Washington had a full slate of films including Reinaldo Marcus Green’s Monsters and Men, where he played a conflicted police officer as well as the Anthony Mandler-directed drama Monster based on the novel by Walter Dean Myers. He also appears in Robert Redford’s (supposed) last acting hurrah The Old Man & the Gun and also has a role in HBO’s Ballers. And last — but certainly not least — he steps into the lead as the real-life Ron Stallworth in… Read


The Bart & Fleming Podcast: The Facts Behind Fact-Based Movies

The Bart & Fleming Podcast

Awards season is in swing, and we are back in podcast mode. Today, we weigh in on a plethora of fact-based films, and the question of how authentic they really are. The main topics: Green Book, a road trip through the Jim Crow-era deep South that unites two unlikely partners in a brilliant black classical pianist named Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali) and his burly Italian Copacabana bodyguard Tony Vallelonga (Viggo Mortensen); and The Front Runner, with Hugh Jackman as Sen… Read


New Hollywood Podcast: Amandla Stenberg Talks ‘The Hate U Give’, Code Switching And Using Your Voice

The term “woke” is being thrown around casually these days. There are times when the use of the word is warranted and other times when it is just used as fashionable rhetoric as a veneer to make you look socially aware. But if there is one actress who embodies the term, it’s Amandla Stenberg — but her advocacy and activism aren’t forced, precious or trendy. It’s quiet, effortlessly authentic, thoughtful and reflected in her work and her voice…which is very similar to her… Read


New Hollywood Podcast: Charmaine Bingwa Represents A New Wave Of LGBTQ People Of Color In Hollywood

Australian/Zimbabwean actress Charmaine Bingwa’s star is on the ascent. After appearing alongside Monica Bellucci in Nekrotronic and creating, writing, co-directing and starring in her own web series Little Sista, Bingwa recently became the first woman of color to be honored as the 10th winner of the coveted Heath Ledger Scholarship, which offers assistance for young and emerging Australian actors to kick-start their careers, break into Hollywood or train internationally… Read


‘Dumb People Town’ Animated Comedy Based On Podcast From Sklar Bros & Will Arnett Gets YouTube Presentation Order

YouTube has ordered a presentation for animated half-hour comedy Dumb People Town based on the Sklar Brothers hit podcast, from Randy and Jason Sklar, Daniel Van Kirk, Will Arnett’s Electric Avenue, Artists First and Sony Pictures TV, where Electric Avenue is under a deal. It is part of YouTube’s (and all major streaming platforms’) push into adult animation. YouTube’s first full-length adult animated comedy series, Dallas & Robo, premiered on its Premium service earlier… Read


New Hollywood Podcast: Steven Yeun Talks His First Korean-Speaking Role In ‘Burning’, Life After ‘The Walking Dead’

Steven Yeun may be best known for his role as Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead, but since the tragic death of his character (if you read the comics, you knew it was coming), he has been leaning into very genre-driven projects that have shown his range. From voice acting to the environmental drama Okja to Boots Riley’s mind-bending comedy Sorry to Bother You (by the way, he has experience in improv) to his most recent role in the high-profile Lee Chang-dong South Korean… Read


New Hollywood Podcast: ‘Atypical’s Robia Rashid Talks Portrayal Of Autism On TV, Possibilities For Season 3

Hollywood’s representation of mental health and disabilities hasn’t always been the best. Actually, it has been problematic. Even so, times are a-changing — and Atypical‘s showrunner Robia Rashid is part of that contingent that making progress. The critically acclaimed Atypical, which recently finished its second season (it has yet to be renewed for a third season but we have hope!), is changing the way we look at autism. With Keir Gilchrist’s Sam at the center of the Netf… Read


New Hollywood Podcast: Geoffrey Owens Talks Life After Trader Joe’s & ‘The Cosby Show’; His New Movie ‘Fatale’

After a picture of Geoffrey Owens working at Trader Joe’s circulated around social media, the theater actor and Cosby Show alum’s life changed. While some people saw his job as a fall from grace, Owens was just trying to earn an honest living. As his name began to appear in headlines and social media began to shame him (as expected), Owens pretty much shrugged it off and continued to live his best life — and his positive outlook began to pay off. Actors came to his… Read


Maggie Gyllenhaal: ‘The Deuce’ Should Not Be Shut Down Over James Franco Misconduct Allegations

The Deuce

Maggie Gyllenhaal, a producer and star of The Deuce, HBO’s gritty dramatic examination of misogyny, sexual violence and exploitation in the grimy Times Square of the 1970s, says shutting down the show in response to misconduct allegations against co-star James Franco would be “the opposite of the right thing to do.” The Deuce, Gyllenhaal told SiriusXM radio host Sway Calloway yesterday (hear it above), is “about transactional sex. It’s about inequality in the… Read


Billy Crystal, Kevin Kline, Annette Bening Stage A Mildly ‘Nice Day’: Off Broadway Review

Nearly 10 years ago, Billy Crystal and writer Quinton Peeples started work on a screenplay they’d eventually call Have A Nice Day. Not terribly long in Hollywood development years, but eons removed from our current political climate. Performed and recorded (by Amazon’s Audible) as a staged Off Broadway reading last night and tonight by a starry ensemble – Crystal, Kevin Kline, Annette Bening and Dick Cavett, among others – Have a Nice Day, with its progressive, honest and… Read