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‘Love Is___’ Creator Mara Brock Akil Talks How Series Was Inspired By Black Females

OWN’s latest relationship drama, Love Is___, is a look back at the humble beginnings of TV power couple Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil. “It really came from a conversation I've been having specifically with Black women,” said creator and executive producer Brock Akil on the genesis on the project. Speaking on a panel discussion at the annual American Black Film Festival, the creator behind shows like Girlfriends and Being Mary Jane said she’d often get inquiries from… Read


‘Younger’ Cast & Creatives On Incorporating #MeToo Story & What’s To Come In Season 5 – ATX

Season 5 of TV Land's flagship original series, Younger, wasted no time in tackling the current hot-button topic of sexual harassment in its first episode, with a character whose behavior fits the bill. “We had the character of Edward L.L. Moore built in. He had previously been there and was really inappropriate with Liza's character, and we were all in the writer’s room just talking about Harvey Weinstein and everything thing that was happening with hashtag me too,” said… Read


‘The Good Fight’ Creators Robert And Michelle King On “Meta” Season 3 And TV In A “Post-Factual World” – ATX

Robert and Michelle King see the third season of The Good Fight, their CBS All Access spinoff of The Good Wife, focusing even more closely on current events, especially given the ongoing impact of President Donald Trump. “It felt like part of the problem is TV entertainment,” Robert King said. “One of the problems in this post-factual world is that narrative seems to have the honesty that people find that they are not getting from facts. And that is bulls–t. That is a… Read


Scott Foley On A ‘Felicity’ Reunion: “Don’t Reboot It” – ATX

Scott Foley is not interested in joining the recent trend of revivals when it comes to Felicity. "Don't reboot it,” as he plainly put. Despite being a fan of reboots like Gilmore Girls and Roseanne “before it imploded” he doesn’t see a Felicity reunion playing out so easily. “It was so specific to a generation. They can't do it with us now. It wouldn't work. We're all too old. Felicity was about that magical time of your life when you’re transitioning into adulthood and… Read


‘Claws’ Star Niecy Nash Hints Season 2 Will Involve More Backstories – ATX

“You're going to get to a little more of our backstories,” teased Claws star Niecy Nash, speaking on what to expect in the new season of the TNT drama, which airs tomorrow. “You’re going to get to see behind the veil of why we are the way we are…if you have a character favorite, you're going to be able to get to know her [or him] a lot better,” she added During her turn at Austin’s ATX Television Festival, Nash was joined by series creator Eliot Laurence, showrunner… Read


‘The Affair’ Creator On Season 4: Characters Explore “Relationships With Themselves” – ATX

Sarah Treem of The Affair

Season 4 of Showtime’s The Affair will explore the “concept of moving on, and how much of that is possible, and how much of it is impossible,” said series co-creator Sarah Treem at the Austin ATX Television Festival. Following a screening of episode 401, Treem took the stage with star Maura Tierney and exec producer Jessica Rhoades. Season four finds Noah (Dominic West), Helen (Tierney), Alison (Ruth Wilson) and Cole (Joshua Jackson) in their own orbits, alienated from… Read


Kevin Feige Talks Marvel’s Success, Female Directors, ‘Infinity War II’ & How He’s “Bad With Numbers” – Produced By

Kevin Feige

Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige was one of the definite highlights at this morning’s 10th annual PGA Produced By Conference, and while he didn’t divulge details on whether Thanos truly wins in Avengers: Infinity War II, he said, “We’re working on the next five years (at Marvel), post-Avengers and what that looks like.” Also, he said that Ant-Man and the Wasp is finished and that post on Infinity War II is already underway. In a conversation with Deadline… Read


Hollywood’s “Disgrace Insurance” On The Rise To Cover Productions’ Sins And Losses – Produced By

Hollywood Sign

For TV producers who lose their shows because their stars are racist trolls zonked out on Ambien, they have insurance for that now. It's called "disgrace insurance," and it covers production losses due to a wide range of disgraceful and illegal behavior by members of the cast and crew. The ins and outs of disgrace insurance was the subject of a panel discussion today at the PGA's 10th annual Produced By Conference, which is being held on the Paramount lot. Bob Jellen… Read


Jim Gianopulos On Why He Chose Paramount, What Makes A Hit And Sparking To ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ – Produced By

Jim Gianopulos

When Jim Gianopulos left as 20th Century Fox chairman, one of the opportunities presented to him was creating a seventh studio with a deep-pocketed investment group. As attractive as that option was, he said there was nothing better than taking the reins last year at Paramount as chairman and CEO. Building a new studio has its own set of challenges, but “what a studio represents is history, its accumulation of storytellers, its global reach in all media, its executives… Read


‘The Bold Type’ Cast & EP Tease Female Empowerment, Queer Representation & More In Season 2 – ATX

bold type kate edison

Freeform’s breakout series The Bold Type will kick off its second season next week. Before that, stars Nikohl Boosheri, Aisha Dee and Meghann Fahy and showrunner Amanda Lasher made a stop in Austin on Day 3 of the ATX Television Festival to discuss the show’s ongoing themes of positive female and LGBTQ representation. “For me, it was really just continuing the things that everybody loved and responded to on the show which was this female friendship and seeing women… Read


‘Wynonna Earp’ Cast & Creator Talk Season 3: “The Stakes And The Consequences Are Bigger This Year” – ATX

Wynonna Earp creator Emily Andras and stars Melanie Scrofano, Tim Rozon, and Katherine Barrell were enthusiastically greeted by the “Earpers” fan base during their ATX Television Festival appearance. Before getting the dish on what’s to come this year,  the audience was a treated to a sneak preview of season 3. “There is a confidence and a kick-assness to characterizations,” Andras said on the topic of Season 3. “The team has come together more than ever and this… Read


‘Castle Rock’: Allison Tolman Set To Recur In Hulu Series – ATX

Ahead on the series premiere, Hulu’s Castle Rock creators Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason made a stop to Austin’s ATX Television Festival. During the conversation following an exclusive first look clip, it was revealed that Fargo standout Allison Tolman will recur on the series as Melanie Lynskey’s character’s sister. Thomason shared a cheeky anecdote of Tolman’s serendipitous casting. "When Melanie was cast, there was a casting announcement and Allison saw the announcement… Read