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Peter Bart: 50 Years Later, ‘The Graduate’ Reminds How Drastically Oscar Campaigning Has Changed

The Graduate

The reviews were strong. Filmgoers in key markets lined up around the block. Enthusiastic media coverage of the $3.2 million dark horse stunned industry veterans. Given this reception, the confrontation between producer and distributor was inevitable: With the Oscars looming, there surely had to be a campaign to support the film's chances for an award. The response from mogul Joe Levine, whose Embassy Pictures funded the film: "I'm not spending a dime.” Lawrence Turman… Read


Oscars: Can Anyone Break Disney & Pixar’s Animated Feature Streak In 2019?

In the competitive world of feature animation, it takes more than an entertaining yarn and a bit of slapstick comedy to cut through the noise. To make an impact at the box office in 2018—and at the Oscars, heading now into its 91st go-round—filmmakers are called upon to pursue a new standard of excellence, going back to the drawing board with each new effort, and finding exciting ways to break the mold. Leading the charge as regular contenders for Best Animated Feature… Read


Sci-Tech Oscars Reveals Honorees; Curtis Clark Set For Career Award

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences just announced nine scientific and technical achievements represented by 27 individual award recipients to be honored at its annual Scientific and Technical Awards Presentation on February 9 at the Beverly Wilshire. AMPAS also said that cinematographer Curtis Clark will receive the John A. Bonner Award for his extraordinary service to the motion picture industry. "Each year, the Academy forms a diverse committee made up of… Read


A Fervent Plea To Hollywood’s Film Academy: Consider The No-Host Oscar Option


As the wise heads of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences deliberate their latest headache — the rapid demise of Kevin Hart as prospective Oscar host — here's a heartfelt plea. Please, please give serious thought to the no-host option. As noted two weeks ago, the host-free shows of 1969, 1970, and 1971 were actually pretty good. Granted, no-host 1989 — producer Allan Carr's Snow White year — was a bust. But the earlier host-less ceremonies were short… Read


Oscars: Foreign Language Shortlist Voting Nears The Wire; A Preview Of Possibilities

Phase I voting for the Oscars’ Best Foreign Language Film race closes on Tuesday, which means it's time for our annual preview of the movies that have shaped up as the strongest contenders, and most interesting prospects, for the shortlist. That group of nine titles will be revealed on December 17, whittled down from a field of 87 total submissions this year. While that's not a record number of entries, this is one of the richest rosters to be put forth in recent memory… Read


‘SNL’: Weekend Update Reveals Its Choice To Replace Kevin Hart On The Oscars

Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update segment had a good time with one of the top entertainment stories of the week: Kevin Hart’s decision to step down from his nomination to host the Academy Awards after a furor surrounding past homophobic comments. News anchor Michael Che noted that the Academy was demonstrating some hypocrisy in its choices. After all, it was just last year that it nominated Mel Gibson for an award, despite his notorious past of anti-Semitic remarks. If… Read


Notes On The Season: Who’s Hosting Oscar Now?; Campaigning At The Museum; Everyone Goes For The Gold

A column chronicling events and conversations on the awards circuit. Another big week on the circuit, but as we approached the end of it, the expected talk of the just-released Golden Globe nominations, as well as anticipation for Critics’ Choice and SAG lists next week, was hijacked by Oscar, who just had to swoop in and suck the air out of the room – and headlines – with the Kevin Hart debacle. Was that the quickest reign ever for any Oscar host? Methinks, yes. Deadline… Read


Why Kevin Hart’s Oscar Host Implosion Was Self-Inflicted And Avoidable; What Does Academy Do Now?

Kevin Hart

Yesterday’s debacle that led Kevin Hart to pull out of hosting the 91st Academy Awards was an entirely avoidable perfect storm of elements. It seems very likely that Hart will someday look back on his actions and regret digging in his heels because he was so focused on the Internet trolls that regurgitated decade-old homophobic social media postings, and did not consider the LGBTQ community who are in the Academy or who watch the Oscars and who have endured these taunts… Read


The Bart & Fleming Podcast: Critics Vs. Fun Movies, Female Superhero Surge And Dick Cheney’s Heart

The Bart & Fleming Podcast

Does the giant box office business but poor reviews of films like Bohemian Rhapsody suggest film critics are underrating fare that offer pure entertainment values? We discuss that question and other issues in our latest edition Deadline’s The Bart & Fleming Podcast. Also on the docket: Is the public ready to embrace political movies like The Front Runner and ViceAnd how the surge in developing female superhero characters ranging from Spider-Woman to Supergirl, combined… Read


GLAAD Wanted “Teachable Moment” Not Kevin Hart Exit As Oscar Host, CEO Says

UPDATED with GLAAD statement: GLAAD isn’t happy Kevin Hart is out as host of the Oscars, and its CEO took to CNN to say so this morning. The LGBTQ advocacy organization’s CEO/president Sarah Kate Ellis said she was surprised at the outcome that saw Hart step down as host of the upcoming Oscarcast Thursday night, two days after confirming he’d been offered and accepted his dream job. The stepping down came after homophobic social media postings Hart made nearly a decade… Read


Kevin Hart Needs To Rethink His Response To Oscar Controversy; Why Wasn’t Vetting Done Earlier?

Kevin Hart

UPDATED: Two days after Deadline revealed that Kevin Hart was the choice to host the Academy Awards, he has put himself in danger of losing his dream job because of the viral momentum of old social media missives that betray insensitivity towards the gay community at the least and an attitude of homophobia at the worst. This has been building all day. Hart, who is overseas, finally responded with an Instagram post in which he is shirtless save for gold chains or diamonds… Read


Kevin Hart Confirms He’s Hosting The Oscars

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart, whom Deadline earlier today revealed as a contender to host the 91st Academy Awards, just confirmed that he’s got the gig. He will become the fourth African American to emcee the show, following Richard Pryor (1977, 1983), Whoopi Goldberg (1993, 1995, 1998, 2001) and Chris Rock (2005, 2016). “For years I have been asked if I would ever host the Oscars and my answer was always the same…I said that it would be the opportunity of a lifetime for me as a comedian… Read