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Donald Trump “Amoral … Impetuous, Adversarial, Petty, Ineffective,” Senior Official Says In NYT Op-Ed

The New York Times managed to take the media’s eye off Bob Woodward’s bombshell book about Donald Trump’s White House this afternoon – which is saying a lot – when it published an op-ed penned by an anonymous Trump staffer. “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration,” the op-ed is headlined. The senior staffer writes that some in the White House and the administration are working to thwart POTUS’s “worst impulses.” This mirrors the leitmotif of… Read


How My Struggle As A Survivor Of Sexual Abuse Became ‘The Tale’, A Movie I Hope Will Change The World – Guest Column

Jennifer Fox

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jennifer Fox’s The Tale airs tonight at 10 PM on HBO, after a Sundance Film Festival premiere in January, which is where I first saw it. The film is a powerful piece of memoir in which Fox, best known for her work in documentary film, struggles with a revelation that a relationship she had when she was 13 with a much older man had not been the romantic first love as she had framed it in her memory for many years. She is played as herself in the film, by… Read


Really? Sony’s Male Leadership Sends Out Email To Women On How To Become Leaders: Opinion

A string of women have left Sony over the past year — Christine Birch, Paula Askanas, Amy Carney, Andrea Wong and Jean Guerin come to mind — and now this: an email from two male executives inviting women to participate in a Women’s Creative Leadership Initiative “to better equip our women leaders with the tools necessary to amplify their voices.” It was signed by the two male execs: Tom Rothman and Mike Hopkins, the top managers at Sony representing both film and TV. Read… Read


How Brett Ratner Learned To Love The Hotel Du Crap — Cannes

Editors Note: RatPac’s Brett Ratner wrote this story for Deadline’s Disruptors print issue at Cannes to update how things changed after he was banned for life by the festival’s glitziest location, the Hôtel du Cap. In 2004, I became persona non grata and was banned for life from the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, after I wrote an article about the traumatic experience of having been given the worst room in the entire hotel, and having been played by the manager who assigned me… Read


‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Makes Surprise Appearance At Steve Mnuchin Confirmation Hearing

Donald Trump’s former starring vehicle The Celebrity Apprentice made a dramatic cameo appearance at today’s confirmation hearing for Steve Mnuchin. The former finance director for Trump's presidential campaign — who also is a former partner in Goldman Sachs, former co-owner of One West Bank and a producer of Hollywood movies — is Trump’s appointment for Treasury Secretary. When it was Sen. Claire McCaskill’s turn to take a crack at Mnuchin, she asked: “Would you agree… Read


An Alternative Perspective On Casting Workshops: Open Letter

Ajarae Coleman is an actress and founder of, a listing and review service for casting director and talent agent/manager workshops.  Fueled by recent media attention, opposition to casting director (CD) workshops is stronger than ever. It is an awkward time for actors like me who value workshops. We are being portrayed, contradictorily, as either: 1) poor, struggling, unwitting fools who are naively allowing themselves to be taken advantage of by these… Read


The Orlando Shootings: What You Can Do – A Commentary

COMMENTARY: Welcome to the United States, our PTSD Nation. As we witness the lives of more American families destroyed in Orlando in a single weekend — from that of The Voice singer Christina Grimmie to the 50 killed and 53 injured inside the Pulse nightclub claimed by terrorism — conversation inevitably turns to America’s gun culture. This is a multi-pronged problem which I have covered before in an editorial about violence, but we must address this nation’s easy access… Read


America Ferrera On Diversity In Film & TV: Guest Column

It only occurred to me in retrospect, but when I signed on to play Amy in Justin Spitzer's Superstore, it was the first part I'd ever been offered that hadn't been written as Latina. I never think of myself as a Latino person; I'm simply a person. And as an actor, I feel capable of inhabiting all kinds of roles and telling all kinds of stories. When I read scripts, I can imagine playing many different kinds of roles. And when this script came to me, they'd already begun… Read


Camera Operator After ‘Midnight Rider’: “Speak Loudly And Lead By Example”

Dave Chameides, an Emmy-winning A Camera/Steadicam operator, has been working in the film industry for the past 25 years and a member of Local 600 for the past 20. In the wake of the Sarah Jones tragedy we've heard about the Director, the Producer, the UPM (unit production manager) and the 1st AD (assistant director). We've learned of their duplicity and the fact that the above the line "adults" had complete knowledge of the danger they placed their crew in. But in every… Read


Hollywood Has Caved Before: Guest Column

Sony’s decision to pull The Interview off its release schedule in order to meet North Korean cyber terrorists’ demands isn’t an isolated case of Hollywood caving into foreign censorship. In fact, the film industry has been plagued by foreign censors as early as 1914 when the U.S. seized prints of the epic movie 1776 over its offense to the British, going so far to imprison the film’s director. Even as recently as 2006  former President Bill Clinton and members of his admin… Read