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Samantha Bee Reviews Birth Of A Fox Nation

Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee devoted a segment of Full Frontal to a review of Fox News’ launched-in-November streaming service Fox Nation. Fox Nation allows Fox News Channel viewers to “gorge on toxic slop all day, without ingesting traces of nutrients that might contradict the right wing narrative” that is found in some of the TV network’s daytime programming, hosted by the likes of Shep Smith and Bret Baier. “Pure substance free propaganda squirted right down your slobber hole,” Bee… Read


Stephen Colbert Celebrates Michael Cohen’s “Slow Descent Into Finding Out What The Law Is”

“Another big decision in the landmark case of Donald Trump v Getting Caught,” Stephen Colbert announced at the top of Late Show hours after Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen got sentenced to three years in prison for various crimes, including paying $130K in hush money to Stormy Daniels during Trump’s campaign. “Little tip: first day in prison you walk right up to the biggest guy in the yard, you pay him $130K,” CBS’s late-night host advised. Before climbing into the… Read


Seth Meyers Postmortems Michael Cohen Sentence, Donald Trump’s Wall Tantrum

Seth Meyers

Washington politicians are fond of slinging around the expression “we are a nation of laws” but President Donald Trump and team have been using it a lot to justify policies that target political opponents and the undocumented immigrants that so frighten/anger Trump’s base. Meyers called it “especially infuriating” to watch Trump pretend to care about the laws when his own Justice Department just accused him of a crime for paying hush money to cover up alleged affairs with… Read


‘SNL’: Matt Damon Has Blue Christmas In Holiday Video; Miley Cyrus Scores Big

Matt Damon returns to host NBC’s Saturday Night Live this weekend, and is off to a good start with the show’s weekly promo video. Crushed by a lousy Secret Santa gift, Damon expresses the disappointment some of us will feel if his Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t make a return appearance. In the video, Damon, musical guests Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson, and cast members Beck Bennett and Cecily Strong gather on the bough-decked Studio 8H stage to enjoy a Secret Santa gift exchange… Read


Trevor Noah Mocks Donald Trump For Oval Office Temper Tantrum On Border Wall

Trevor Noah’s take on President Donald Trump’s Oval Office border-wall brawl began with The Daily Show host imagining Santa’s reaction to POTUS’s $5B gift demand, with which to buy his “big shiny border wall.” Santa does not intend to put $5B under Trump’s tree, because he’s on the Naughty List, for putting children into cages, Noah noted. “Trump’s like, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve been so naughty; I’ve been a bad boy!'” the late-night host continued, then imagined the rest of that… Read


Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Donald Trump’s Oval Office Border Wall Temper Tantrum

President Donald Trump got “worked by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi today,” Jimmy Kimmel told Jimmy Kimmel Live viewers, as he and other late-night TV hosts feasted off the latest banquet POTUS laid out for them. This meal was a private meeting between Trump and Dem leaders Rep Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer that Trump decided to invite TV cameras to witness. It made for epic TV, Kimmel noted. Trump told the two Dems, and TV cameras, he would be “proud” to shut down… Read


Stephen Colbert Joins Nancy Pelosi’s Border-Wall-As-Donald-Trump-Manhood Metaphor Fun

UDPATE with video Stephen Colbert did a monologue deep-dive into Tuesday’s Oval Office brawl between President Donald Trump and Dem leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer. The CBS late-night host noted Trump seemed to wake up and go on the attack when Pelosi made mention of the looming “Trump Shutdown.” “He's like Alexa – he only wakes up when he hears his name,” Colbert observed. Pelosi and Schumer need not have bothered trying to pin the expected shutdown on… Read


James Corden Finds Grande Way To Thank Guest Jeff Goldblum

Thank You, Jeff

James Corden found a grand way to thank Late Late Show guest Jeff Goldblum last night, and tap into the latest viral hit all at once. Parodying Ariana Grande’s hit single “Thank U, Next,” Corden concocted a dead-on take-off with “Thank U, Jeff.” Watch it above, and compare to Grande’s original below. Grande’s tune set a YouTube record this month when it became the most-watched video in a 24-hour period following its debut, snaring more than 46 million views in just 22… Read


Stephen Colbert Torches Donald “Tariff Man” Trump For “Blatant Lie” That Sent Dow Plunging

After President Donald Trump, aka “Tariff Man,” sent the Dow plunging by a record 799.36 points on Tuesday, Stephen Colbert opened Late Show explaining how POTUS pulled it off. Over the weekend, Dow soared when Trump tweeted he'd reached a deal with China agreeing to end the 40%  tariff on American cars coming into that country. “Here is the thing; it might have been Trump's fault, because it was,” Colbert said. On Sunday, when Trump tweeted he’d struck a great new trade… Read


Trevor Noah Loses Voice, ‘Daily Show’ Correspondents Fill In To Read His Script

Trevor Noah must have had a really great time cheering on Beyonce and Jay Z’s amazing performance during the Global Citizen Festival — so much that he has lost his voice. Noah is now without a voice after hosting the festival in South Africa honoring Nelson Mandela so his colleagues at The Daily Show had to act as his voice Tuesday night while Noah sat next to  expressing his thoughts through his own version of sign language. Noah took to Twitter to give us an update on… Read


Stephen Colbert Asks Michelle Obama About Donald Trump’s Lack Of Moral Leadership

During his Late Show interview with former First Lady Michelle Obama, Stephen Colbert noted FDR had said the presidency was “essentially a moral position” and wondered how that felt to be The Example Family for America. “When you're the first of anything the bar feels higher,” Obama responded, of being the country’s first black First Family. “You don't have room to make mistakes,” she added, in her latest interview touting her book, “Becoming Michelle Obama.” When she and… Read


Trevor Noah: Donald Trump First POTUS Candidate To Run “While Working Side Hustle”

In a segment called “Mo Mueller, Mo Problems,” The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah looked at Michael Cohen’s bombshell guilty plea to lying to Congress about Team Trump’s efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow even as Donald Trump was running for the presidency. It’s “a lot like The Wire,” Noah described, “long winding plot, huge list of shady characters, wiretaps, secret phone calls  – everything The Wire has except black people.” Like the acclaimed HBO TV series, every few… Read