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SAG-AFTRA & Telemundo Reach “Historic” Contract For Spanish-Language TV Performers

SAG-AFTRA has reached what it calls a "historic" agreement with Telemundo Television Studios covering Spanish-language TV performers. The deal comes after 15 months of negotiations following a March 8, 2017, vote by Telemundo performers to unionize. Telemundo is the largest employer of Spanish-language talent in the United States. "This is a historic moment for Spanish-language performers in our industry," said SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris. "I am incredibly… Read


Stalled IATSE Contract Talks Delay Start Of Negotiations For New Teamsters Local 399 Pact

IATSE Hollywood

EXCLUSIVE: Stalled negotiations for a new IATSE film and TV contract have created a bargaining table logjam, delaying the start of contract talks between management's AMPTP and Teamsters Local 399 and the Basic Crafts unions. The IATSE and Teamsters contracts, which are negotiated separately, are set to expire on July 31. The AMPTP had expected to wrap up the IATSE talks in time to hammer out a deal with the Teamsters and the Basic Crafts, but the on-again/off-again IATSE… Read


WGA West Exec Director David Young Got “Significant Bonus” To Earn $1.1 Million Last Year

WGA West

EXCLUSIVE: David Young, the longtime executive director of the WGA West, received a hefty one-time bonus last year that raised his total annual compensation to $1.1 million, according to financial statements filed with the U.S. Department of Labor. Young has been the guild's top executive since 2006, and as Deadline first reported his contract was recently extended for another four years, with an option of two more years after that. "The amount of David Young’s… Read


WGA West Earnings Hit Record $1.4 Billion In 2017 Despite “Downward Pressure” On Over-Scale Pay

WGA West

Earnings by members of the WGA West topped $1.4 billion last year – an all-time record and up nearly 3% from 2016. Earnings from feature films broke though the $400 million barrier for the first time since 2010 – up more than 6% and topping out at nearly $421 million. TV earnings are fast approaching $1 billion a year, coming in at $976 million, though only up 1.4% from the prior year. "This year's report continues the positive trends recorded over the last half decade,"… Read


Strike Talk Swirls Around Stalled IATSE Film & TV Contract Negotiations

EXCLUSIVE: The first talk of a strike against the Hollywood film and TV industry surfaced today in the wake of stalled negotiations for a new IATSE contract covering some 43,000 West Coast below-the-line workers. Bargaining broke off Friday and isn't scheduled to resume until a week before the July 31 expiration of the current contract. If IATSE strikes, it would be the first industry-wide walkout in the union's 125-year history. "I wish I could say I am hopeful we will… Read


IATSE Film & TV Contract Talks Stall Again


Negotiations for a new IATSE film and TV contract have broken off, and bargaining isn't expected to resume until the end of the month. That wouldn’t leave much time to reach a new agreement: The current contract, which covers some 43,000 West Coast behind-the-scenes workers, expires July 31. Union reps walked out of the negotiations on Friday, frustrated over the lack of progress being made on their "key priorities." It's the second time they've walked out of the talks… Read


IATSE Contract Talks Reach “Critical” Stage To Rescue Ailing Pension Plan


As the health of the Motion Picture Industry Pension Plan nears "critical" status, negotiations for a new IATSE film and TV contract are also approaching a critical stage. The union's current contract, covering some 43,000 West Coast behind-the-scenes workers, doesn't expire until July 31, but after negotiations stalled last month, the union said it would return to the bargaining table this week for three more days of talks. As of today, they're still talking, with both… Read


Hollywood Unions, MPAA Laud 5-Year Extension Of California Film Incentives Program

Hollywood Sign

UPDATED with MPAA statement: Gov. Jerry Brown signed a a five-year extension of California's film incentives program Wednesday, extending the state’s production tax credit system to 2025. The move will provide an additional $1.65 billion to qualified film and TV shows shot in the state. The program was part of a $139 billion state budget that marks Brown’s last as governor. The extension was greeted with euphoria by a coalition of industry unions including the Directors… Read


Hollywood’s Unions Have Thousands Of Financial Core Non-Members

Hollywood's guilds and unions aren't directly affected by today's Supreme Court ruling that held that public-sector unions no longer can force non-members to pay agency fees to cover the cost of collective bargaining, but they've got thousands of "agency fee payers" of their own. In Hollywood labor circles, agency fee payers also are known as financial core non-members, and they pay only that portion of union dues that goes directly toward covering the costs of collective… Read


Former WGA East President Returns To Guild Politics In Council Race

Former WGA East president Michael Winship, who led the guild during the tumultuous 2007-08 writers strike, is making a return to guild politics. The veteran news and documentary writer is tossing his hat into the ring as one of 11 candidates vying for seven freelance seats on the guild's council. Winship served as president for five consecutive two-year terms – starting just before the strike and ending in September. Council elections are divided into two categories… Read


Hollywood Unions Slam Supreme Court’s “Shameful” Janus Ruling

Supreme Court Janus Decision

Refresh for latest… As organized labor was left reeling from today’s Supreme Court’s decision in Janus v. AFSCME that public service employees don’t have to pay union fees, Hollywood guilds planted a flag of defiance. In the high court’s second 5-4 decision along party lines in two days, following Monday’s upholding of President Donald Trump’s Muslin travel ban, the justices struck down an Illinois law that mandates nonunion workers pay fees toward collective bargaining… Read


Songwriter Kevin Risto Sues SAG-AFTRA And Musicians Union Over Music Royalties

Grammy-nominated songwriter and record producer Kevin Risto has filed a class action lawsuit against SAG-AFTRA, the American Federation of Musicians and the trustees of the Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund, claiming the unions violated their fiduciary duty to session musicians and backup singers by taking a 3% service fee on all royalties they're owed. Risto, who has written and produced songs for Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, 50 Cent and Frank Ocean… Read