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‘Fight Club’ Returns: First Look At Chuck Palahniuk Graphic Novel – Trailer & Artwork

EXCLUSIVE: This year marks the 20th anniversary of David Fincher’s Fight Club, the malevolent masterpiece that adapted Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 novel and made a generational cult hero out of two-fisted Tyler Durden, the subversive soap salesman portrayed by Brad Pitt. Now Palahniuk is reviving Durden with the scabby and surreal Fight Club 3, a sequel written as a graphic novel for Dark Horse Entertainment, the Oregon-based publisher of Hellboy300, Sin City and The Mask… Read


‘Green Lantern’: Grant Morrison’s “Right Stuff” Revamp Of DC Hero Rings True – Q&A

EXCLUSIVE: It’s been seven years and seven months since the release of Green Lantern, but the film’s historic failure still glows brightly in the memory of Warner Bros executives and fans alike. That’s one reason the studio has struggled to decide how best to revamp a property that remains far too prominent in DC Comics lore to otherwise leave sitting on a shelf. The latest word is that producer-writer Geoff Johns is working on a script that will reinvent Green Lantern… Read