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‘Superman: Year One’: Frank Miller And John Romita Jr. Take On Man of Steel

Frank Miller delivered a milestone masterpiece in the 1980s when he took Gotham City’s caped crusader back to his beginnings with Batman: Year One. Now, the restless creative mind behind The Dark Knight Returns, 300, Sin City, Ronin, Elektra: Assassin, and Give Me Liberty is taking the Man of Steel back to his ground-floor days with Superman: Year One, which will be published by DC Comics under its Black Label imprint. The first issue arrives in June in a large-format… Read


Batman’s Birthday: DC Unveils 80th Anniversary Plans For Dark Knight

Even if you live in a cave it’s going to be hard to avoid Batman in the weeks ahead. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment just announced a year-long initiative celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Caped Crusader which will kick off this month at SXSW in Austin, Texas, with festivities that include a moonlight fly-over by 1.5 million live bats. On March 19 the special hardcover release called Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman-The Deluxe Edition will hit store shelves… Read


‘The Handmaid’s Tale’: First Look Inside Graphic Novel Adaptation Of Margaret Atwood Classic

EXCLUSIVE: The Handmaid’s Tale was published by Random House in 1985 with its near-future tale of one woman resisting the smothering tyrannies of the grim Republic of Gilead and, fittingly, the rebel tale has defied the limitations of any medium. Margaret Atwood’s novel has been adapted as a 1990 feature film (starring Natasha Richardson and Faye Dunaway, with screenplay by Harold Pinter); a BBC radio drama in 2000; a well-regarded Danish opera, also in 2000; at least… Read


‘Seven Days’: Gail Simone Masters Her Universe For Lion Forge Comics

EXCLUSIVE: One of the most intriguing headlines out of last year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego was the announcement that Gail Simone, one of the top comic book writers in the world, would be taking the helm of the Catalyst Prime Universe, the sandbox for the superheroes featured in the pages of Lion Forge Comics. Lion Forge was founded back in 2011 with a mission in mind — hard-wiring a new superhero universe with the principles of cultural diversity and represent… Read


‘Hellboy’ Red-Band Trailer: A Younger Hero In A More Grown-Up Movie Means Fresh New Hell

A just-released red-band trailer for the Lionsgate revival of the Hellboy franchise is one for the ages. The trailer shows that, as a character, this version of the Dark Horse Comics character — now portrayed by an unrecognizable David Harbour of Stranger Things — is played as a younger, rougher and more volatile edition than Ron Perlman’s take in the original two Hellboy films, which were released in 2004 and 2008. But while the horn-headed hero is portrayed younger the… Read


‘Jesusfreak’ Preview: Graphic Novel Depicts Christ As A Stone-Cold Killer


EXCLUSIVE: Image Comics, publisher of The Walking Dead, Spawn and Saga, is ramping up one of the year’s most provocative graphic novels: Jesusfreak, a 64-page hardcover epic about an action hero of the First Century who deftly beheads his foes with a whirling sword. The provocative aspect is the brawny warrior’s name: Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Announced last year with much fanfare, Jesusfreak by writer Joe Casey and artist Benjamin Marra doesn’t hit store shelves until… Read


Hero Nation: Ex-Marvel Writer May Ultimately Reshape The DC Comics Universe

For two decades, Brian Michael Bendis was the ultimate myth-maker for Marvel Comics, where he created indelible new characters (among them the scrappy Miles Morales and flinty Jessica Jones, heroes that went on to earn sparkling reviews in a Sony hit film and a Netflix series, respectively) and revitalized old icons in the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-MenThe New Avengers, House of M, Siege, Daredevil, Invincible Iron Man, Age of Ultron and many, many… Read


‘Descendent’ First Look: AfterShock Comics Series Digs Into ‘National Treasure’ Turf


Today, a special exclusive preview of Descendent, a previously unannounced title from AfterShock Comics and the creative team of Stephanie Phillips (Devil Within, Kicking Ice), artist Evgeniy Bornyakov, and colorist Lauren Affe. Asked to describe the plot, Phillips resorted to a bit of screen-franchise mathematics to sum up the thrilling pursuits and haunted history found in Descendent, which hits shelves with its 32-page first issue on May 1. "Imagine National Treasure… Read

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‘Archival Quality’: Ghostly Graphic Novel Wins 5th Annual McDuffie Award

Archival Quality, a ghostly graphic novel from Oni Press that incorporates a compassionate and evocative portrayal of mental health issues in its tale of spectral mystery, has been named winner of the 5th Annual Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics. The award is shared by the book’s creative team, writer Ivy Noelle Weir and illustrator Christina “Steenz” Stewart. The finalists this year represented an impressively eclectic field of nominees with an array of… Read


‘Mary Shelley, Monster Hunter’: Exclusive Preview Of New AfterShock Comics Series

EXCLUSIVE: Last year marked the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein but the bookshelf classic isn’t gathering any dust. CBS has just ordered a primetime pilot for Frankenstein from Elementary creator Rob Doherty that is set in present-day San Francisco and features a back-from-the-dead cop as the reanimated protagonist. That comes three years after Fox attempted their own updating effort with Second Chance (which, oddly, also centered on a California lawman… Read


‘Planet Of The Nerds’: Ahoy Comics Series Offers Revenge Of The 1980s Movies – Exclusive Preview

Upstart publisher Ahoy Comics launched in 2018 with a comics magazine format that harkened back to the days of the early 1980s when the medium still had a presence on national newsstands and some publishers dabbled in magazine-sized publications with edgier content, painted covers and/or pages of prose content. This April, Ahoy will stir up even more memories of the Reagan Era when it publishes Planet of the Nerds, a new series that evokes vintage Hollywood hits such as Re… Read


‘Fight Club’ Returns: First Look At Chuck Palahniuk Graphic Novel – Trailer & Artwork

EXCLUSIVE: This year marks the 20th anniversary of David Fincher’s Fight Club, the malevolent masterpiece that adapted Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 novel and made a generational cult hero out of two-fisted Tyler Durden, the subversive soap salesman portrayed by Brad Pitt. Now Palahniuk is reviving Durden with the scabby and surreal Fight Club 3, a sequel written as a graphic novel for Dark Horse Entertainment, the Oregon-based publisher of Hellboy300, Sin City and The Mask… Read