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‘The Handmaid’s Tale’s Alexis Bledel On The “Deep Sense Of Injustice” In Season 2

Beloved by legions of fans for her turns in lighter fare—most notably, Gilmore Girls and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series—Alexis Bledel has broken new ground with Hulu's dystopian series The Handmaid's Tale, evoking the ferocity of an unwoman scorned. In Season 1, Bledel's handmaid Emily displayed a strong, rebellious spirit—working with secret resistance group Mayday to bring Gilead down. In Season 2, Emily is forced to atone for her sins, banished to the… Read


VFX Supervisor Everett Burrell Brings AIs, Soaring Megalopolis & Real-World Science To ‘Altered Carbon’

Winning an Emmy as a makeup effects creator before transitioning to an accomplished career as a visual effects supervisor, Everett Burrell needed to bring all of his talents to the table with Netflix cyberpunk series Altered Carbon, in order to bring an intricate, expansive sci-fi world to life. Set in the megalopolis of Bay City—what became of San Francisco—in 2384, Laeta Kalogridis' series imagines a world where consciousness has been extracted onto miniature disks… Read


Kevin Costner Talks ‘Yellowstone’, Varied Roles & A Venice ‘Fandango’ Lesson – Cannes Lions

Kevin Costner

Paramount Network's cinematic first original drama series, Yellowstone, debuted last night in the U.S., and star Kevin Costner was in Cannes today to talk up the show. Costner plays John Dutton, patriarch of the family that owns America's largest contiguous ranch who bumps up against land developers, a Native American reservation and America's first National Park. It’s an intense study of a violent world that hails from writer-director Taylor Sheridan. Discussing his… Read


Re-Creating New York’s Gilded Age, ‘The Alienist’ Production Designer Bought Out All The Cobblestone In Eastern Europe

An Emmy nominee for the first season of True Detective, production designer Mara LePere-Schloop reteamed with executive producer Cary Fukunaga on TNT drama The Alienist, where she set out after the extremes of worldbuilding, recreating 19th century New York on an expansive Budapest backlot. Crafting eight city blocks in total, the production designer raised six-story tenement buildings in the middle of Hungary's brutal winter, striving to do justice to the "rich… Read


Bill Camp: ‘The Looming Tower’ Is “The Kind Of Thing That’s Owed To The World”

Bill Camp

Hulu's limited series The Looming Tower not only digs deep into the U.S. intelligence failures that preceded 9/11, but also highlights some of the unsung heroes who battled to beat Al Qaeda behind the scenes. For Bill Camp, playing the role of FBI counterterrorism agent Robert Chesney meant becoming a composite character made up of four real-life men—a concept that Camp says, "immediately engaged" him and "presented challenges that I was eager to undertake.” To play… Read


‘Ozark’ Season 2 Gets Premiere Date; First-Look Teaser & Photos For Netflix Drama

The Byrdes are back. Netflix released a first-look teaser announcing that the second season of Ozark starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney will return for your bingeing pleasure on August 31. The 40-second teaser for the crime drama — watch it above — gives us flashes of the second season that features a voice-over of Linney’s Wendy saying, “We've done lots of things, things we said we would never do,” to which Bateman’s Marty replies, “People make choices, Wendy… Read


How ‘Game Of Thrones’ Visual Effects Artists Steve Kullback & Joe Bauer Brought Down The Wall

Steve Kullback Joe Bauer

Having been through seven increasingly audacious seasons of HBO flagship series Game of Thrones, visual effects producer Steve Kullback always looks at a new season from the same perspective: “Geez, how the hell am I going to do this?” Working with "no-holds-barred" creatives David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, along with VFX supervisor Joe Bauer, the collaborators always tend to come to the same conclusion about the road ahead: "Well, that's amazing, but obviously it's unproduc… Read


Henry Winkler Brought Expert Timing & Stella Adler Anecdote To ‘Barry’, Playing Oddball Acting Coach Gene Cousineau

With over 120 screen credits to his name, Henry Winkler returned to acting class this spring with HBO original comedy Barry, drawing on his own memorable class experiences to inform his take on sardonic Valley acting coach Gene Cousineau. With Barry—the brainchild of Alec Berg and SNL alum Bill Hader—the veteran thesp's task was simply to ground a heightened character in reality, delivering terrifically memorable one-liners without cracking a smile. As he set out to teach… Read


The CW Sets Fall Premiere Dates, Including Sunday Lineup & Three Series Debuts

The CW

The CW is out with its fall schedule, complete with its new Sunday night programming. The net’s series rollouts begin October 9 with the returns of The Flash and Black Lightning and continues through the month. Included are the series premieres of All American (9 PM Wednesday, October 10), the Charmed reboot (9 PM Sunday, October 14) and Legacies (9 PM Thursday, October 25). The CW said at its upfront in May that Supergirl will move to Sundays as a lead-in… Read


‘Altered Carbon’ Sound Editor Brett Hinton On Sonic Clues Taken From Richard K. Morgan’s Sci-Fi Novel

For supervising sound editor Brett Hinton—a bona fide world builder behind Mr. Mercedes, Westworld and Laeta Kalogridis' cyberpunk wonder Altered Carbon—God is in the details. With the latter series, Hinton brought life to the dystopian megalopolis of Bay City, as seen in the year 2384. His take on the future was carefully considered, and the most minute details were often those that were most difficult to render. Adapted from Richard K. Morgan's meticulously crafted 2002… Read


‘Electric Dreams’ Production Designer Julie Berghoff Explains Anthology Series Challenges & Her Visions Of The Future

Coming off of the critically acclaimed first season of The Handmaid's Tale—for which she won her first Emmy—production designer Julie Berghoff challenged herself with another singular dystopian sci-fi series, in the form of Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams. An avid fan of the seminal sci-fi author's short stories, Berghoff appreciated Dick's ability to capture the world as it was in his time, as well as his unusual ability to forecast future societal developments with his… Read


‘USS Callister’s Jesse Plemons Channels Captain Kirk As Malevolent ‘Black Mirror’ Programmer In Season 4 Opener

Given the opportunity to portray one of Black Mirror's most terrifying antagonists in Season 4 opener USS Callister—as reclusive programmer Robert Daly—Jesse Plemons needed to come to grips with a world he didn't quite understand. "It was on my list of shows that I needed to watch and didn’t get around to," the Emmy nominee admits of the Netflix anthology. "I had all of my friends saying I had to watch it, and I just never did." With CSS Callister, Plemons found a… Read