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#WhyIDidntReport Confessions On Sex Assaults Mushroom In Wake Of Trump Tweet

Celebrities and civilians are continuing to come forward with their own stories on why they did not report sexual assault, a response to President Donald Trump’s questioning on why Christine Blasey Ford did not file a police report regarding her alleged groping by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Twitter has erupted with #WhyIDidntReport confessions since Trump’s tweet, as Alyssa Milano, Ashley Judd, Padma Lakshmi and others detailed their reasons for silence… Read


PayPal Cancels Alex Jones Account In Latest Hi-Tech Termination

Alex Jones

PayPal has canceled the accounts of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' Infowars website, citing alleged incidents of hate speech and discriminatory content. The termination continues Jones’s recent string of hi-tech clashes. He has been canceled by numerous social media accounts for his controversial stances on such incidents as the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre. "We've made a decision to end our relationship with Infowars Web sites, including PrisonPlanet," a PayPal spokesman… Read


Alec Baldwin Will Return To Play Trump On ‘SNL’

Alec Baldwin will be back as President Donald Trump in the upcoming 44th season of Saturday Night Live. The news was revealed during James Andrew Miller’s Origins podcast focused on the new season, which kicks off Saturday, September 29. In Origins Chapter 4: Saturday Night Live: Behind the Scenes of Season 44, Miller has conversations with Baldwin, producer Lorne Michaels, Weekend Update co-anchors (and Emmy hosts) Michael Che and Colin Jost, plus Kenan Thompson and… Read


President Trump On Brett Kavanaugh: “I Think Everything Is Going To Be Just Fine”

President Donald Trump held a rally Thursday night at the Las Vegas Convention Center, his first since canceling a series of rallies last week because of Hurricane Florence. The rally happened as his pick for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, faces unexpected turbulence from a revelation of possible sexual misconduct in high school. A somewhat hoarse Trump briefly touched on the issue, noting, “I’m not saying anything about anybody else – but Brett Kavanaugh is one of… Read


Julie Chen Moonves – She Said It Again On Thursday ‘Big Brother’

Julie Chen Moonves

Two questions loomed over tonight’s live Big Brother episode: Will she? Or won’t she? The answer: Yes, Julie Chen once again added her married name, Moonves, to address the audience at the beginning and end of the show. That marks the third time that’s happened in what’s fast becoming a regular routine for the host. It’s her way of showing support for her husband, Les Moonves, who is faced with numerous sexual misconduct accusations and was forced out as chairman/CEO at CB… Read


Peter Bart: Novels New And Old Booking Hollywood Gigs Thanks To Streamers And ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Crazy Rich Asians Kevin Kwan

With Crazy Rich Asians closing on $200 million at the worldwide box office, its success continues to puncture several myths: that spandex heroes own the summer, that rom-coms can't be cross-cultural, and that comics must provide the sole source material for franchises. The surprise hit also points up Hollywood's growing dependency on what some considered an arcane genre — the novel. Warner Bros was quick to announce that Kevin Kwan's Rich novels will provide the basis for… Read


TV’s Past And Future Collide As Betty White, The Fonz, ‘SNL’, Marriage And Streaming Highlight A Weird Emmy Night

Emmys Proposal

Netflix’s stock is up 2% this morning. Emmy’s ratings numbers are down 11%. The long, winding TV awards season campaign that started as far back as January finally has come to an end just as the long-winding Oscar season gets going in stride. But what can you say about a 70th Emmy year in which more money was spent, more billboards bought, more Q&As and parties held, yet the big memorable takeaway after all was said and done, and all the envelopes opened, was an “Oscars” E… Read


Emmys 2018: The Good, The Bad & The Proposal

Emmys Proposal

This year’s 70th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony, presided over by Saturday Night Live‘s ‘Weekend Update” anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che, set out to celebrate the most diverse list of nominees in Emmy history, opening with the production number “We Solved It”: We solved it We got with the times There's room for all our voices but mostly Shonda Rhimes’. Some of the ceremony’s participants did not get that memo, and went memorably off-point: Best Marriage Proposal Glenn… Read


NFL National Anthem Protests – Only A Handful Of Players Continue To Demonstrate

Sam Bradford SNF

The National Football League may have found the perfect solution to its ongoing national anthem protest problem – pay it no mind. Thanks to an unofficial decision not to enforce any national anthem conduct code for this season – and with the cooperation of networks that no longer cover the song’s performance – the spotlight on athletes who choose to protest during the anthem has withered. As it stands, only a handful of die-hard NFL players are continuing to demonstrate… Read


Emmy Predictions: Patten’s Last Minute Picks For Top Categories Winners

There’s a few more hours, a couple more parties and a Sunday Night Football clash between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys still to go before they start handing out trophies at the 70th Primetime Emmys tomorrow on NBC but the winners’ names are already in the envelopes. With the countdown clock about to start to the Michael Che and Colin Jost hosted ceremony, here are some last minute predictions on who could be holding the gold on Monday at the Microsoft… Read


President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Sunday Edition

Donald Trump

It’s Sunday morning, time for coffee, a bagel, and the morning news. President Donald Trump may not be partaking of the first two, but he’s definitely watching the news. The Commander-in-Tweet gave a shout-out to Maria Bartiromo of Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures show on Fox for backing up his earlier tweet on the Robert Mueller witch hunt. “This show is MANDATORY watching if you want to understand the massive governmental corruption and the Russian hoax,” tweeted the… Read


President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Saturday Edition

Donald Trump

Maybe the President was too busy worrying about Hurricane Florence. Or maybe it was Hurricane Maria. Or maybe he said everything that needed to be said in his unusually lengthy Friday night tweetstorm. In any event, despite being later than usual, the Commander-in-Tweet finally got around to talking to the nation on his favorite platform late on Saturday afternoon. Beyond an update on the Florence rain situation in the Carolinas, the president gave a shout-out to some… Read