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Avi Arad: From ‘Blade’ To ‘Morbius,’ Three Decades Of Mining Marvel

In Hollywood circles, Avi Arad was Marvel when Marvel wasn’t cool. Today, Marvel represents Hollywood’s gold standard for source material but that was hardly the case back in 1992 when Arad’s long odyssey with the brand got underway with Saturday morning cartoons like X-Men and Iron Man, the latter starring Robert Hays (aka Ted Striker of Airplane! fame) as the voice of Tony Stark. “Yes, it’s come a long, long, long way,” Arad said of Marvel’s stature and brand mystique… Read


‘Superman: Year One’: Frank Miller And John Romita Jr. Take On Man of Steel

Frank Miller delivered a milestone masterpiece in the 1980s when he took Gotham City’s caped crusader back to his beginnings with Batman: Year One. Now, the restless creative mind behind The Dark Knight Returns, 300, Sin City, Ronin, Elektra: Assassin, and Give Me Liberty is taking the Man of Steel back to his ground-floor days with Superman: Year One, which will be published by DC Comics under its Black Label imprint. The first issue arrives in June in a large-format… Read


‘Bloodshot’: Valiant Comics Reloads As Sony Ramps Up Vin Diesel Sci-Fi Film

Bloodshot is getting reloaded in a big way. The unstoppable machine-man assassin is on his way to the big screen for the first time next February with star Vin Diesel and Sony’s bid to start a new superhero universe with the characters of Valiant Comics. And then there’s the news today out of Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle that Valiant will roll out a new upgraded Bloodshot series launching in September. Valiant has brought in writer Tim Seely (Revival, Hack/Slash) and… Read


‘Second Coming’: Controversial Jesus Christ Comic Book Finds New Publisher

Ahoy Comics will step in to publish Second Coming, the satirical series that depicts Jesus Christ returning in modern times as a superhero-in-training. The spoof series from writer Mark Russell and artist Richard Pace was dropped from the March release schedule of Warner-owned DC Comics after its announced premise sparked online protest, pundit fury, and a major CitizenGo petition effort. The series had been set-up at DC’s Vertigo imprint as a creator-owned project so the… Read


‘Trust Fall’: First Look At New Heist Tale With A Super-Powered Twist

The majority of American comic books published each month follow a fairly conventional approach to artwork — they follow the superhero traditions on display at every convention. Some comics do veer off into other directions, however, and the new AfterShock Comics series Trust Fall is in that maverick category. The 32-page first issue of Trust Fall goes on sale June 12 with a super-powered grifter saga from writer Christopher Sebela and artist Chris Visions, the tandem… Read