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Latest Cinematography News


ASC Awards Nominations: ‘Roma’, ‘A Star Is Born’ & Others Make Cinematographers’ Cut

The American Society of Cinematographers has revealed the film and TV nominees for its 33rd annual ASC Awards, set for February 9 at the Ray Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland. The marquee Theatrical Release prize certainly is an international contest, with the five nominees all hailing from different countries: Mexico’s Alfonso Cuarón for Roma, American Matthew Libatique for A Star is Born, Irishman Robbie Ryan for The Favourite, Linus Sandgren of Sweden for First Man… Read


‘Black Panther’ DP Rachel Morrison Rethinks Way In Which Blockbusters Are Shot

With Ryan Coogler's Marvel phenomenon Black Panther, cinematographer Rachel Morrison embarked on her first blockbuster, running toward the challenge of balancing intimacy with scope. "The legacy of these [superhero] films is usually scope and spectacle, but rarely do you get a sense of humanity and intimacy in these smaller moments," she explains. "I think our hope was to find a way to do both in one film." Based on a character first appearing in comics in 1966, Black Pant… Read


‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ DP Talks Process Of Bringing Novel To Life On Screen — Production Value Video Series

Between Barry Jenkins' two latest featuresthe Oscar-winning Moonlight, and 2019 contender If Beale Street Could Talk—cinematographer James Laxton has taken two big swings, adapting pre-existing written material for the screen. In the case of the former film, the material at hand was a play, Tarell Alvin McCraney's In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue. While that story was semi-autobiographical and deeply personal to its originator, the stakes were raised even higher with Bea… Read


Finding Beauty In Imperfection, Cinematographer Benoît Delhomme Takes Painter’s Approach To ‘At Eternity’s Gate’

On Julian Schnabel's At Eternity's Gate, cinematographer Benoît Delhomme came to a powerful realization, that will forever impact the way he approaches his craft: "Sometimes, something you don't control can be better." Accustomed to a certain way of working—to the notion that cinema is ruled by laws, which shouldn't be broken—Delhomme was asked to throw the rulebook out in his first collaboration with the director. Questioning everything about his own process, the DP put… Read


‘Cold War’ Cinematographer Lukasz Zal Brings High-Contrast Black And White To Emotionally Volatile Love Story

On Cold War, which marked his second collaboration with Pawel Pawlikowski, cinematographer Lukasz Zal built on his rapport with the Polish director to find an exciting new way of working. In his first-go round with the director, on 2013's Ida, Zal earned his first Oscar nomination, which resulted from a strange twist of fate. Hired as a camera operator on that lush period piece, Zal came to a major career moment when Pawlikowski's regular collaborator, Ryszard Lenczewski… Read


ASC Awards: Cinematographers Society Sets Robert Richardson & Jeff Jur For Career Honors

The American Society of Cinematographers said today that Robert Richardson will receive its ASC Lifetime Achievement Award and Jeff Jur is set for the Career Achievement in Television Award. They will pick up their prizes February 9 during the 33rd ASC Awards at the Ray Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland. ASC also noted that it also will marks the society’s 100 anniversary during the 2019 trophy show. In a career spanning nearly four decades and counting. Richardson… Read


In Concert With Luminys’ David Pringle, ‘First Man’ DP Linus Sandgren Develops The Strongest Film Light In The World

With Damien Chazelle’s First Man—a radical departure from his work with the director on La La Land, which earned both their first Oscars—cinematographer Linus Sandgren boldly went where no no man has gone before, developing the strongest filmic light source the world has ever known to bring realism to Neil Armstrong’s experience on the moon. Devised in concert with David Pringle of Luminys Systems Corp.—a manufacturer of high-intensity lighting systems—this 200,000 watt… Read

Film Director Nicolas Roeg Passing Spurs Outpouring Of Online Tributes

The death of film director and cinematographer Nicolas Roeg came on a quiet weekend for Hollywood. But the online world took note, as his fellow filmmakers, festivals and institutions saluted one of cinema’s giants as he goes gently into that good night. BAFTA reissued a video tribute to the director from 2009, wherein his fellow filmmakers lauded his lifetime achievements. A few of the comments so far: Nicolas Roeg was one of the greatest directors that ever lived… Read


Nicolas Roeg Dies: Film Director For ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ Was 90

Idiosyncratic film director Nicolas Roeg, whose odd but compelling films included Performance and The Man Who Fell To Earth, has died. He passed away on Friday night of undisclosed causes at age 90, according to his son. Roeg’s work, which was often opaque and non-traditional, influenced a generation of filmmakers, but wasn’t widely accepted at first. Performance was almost not released, and later re-cut by Warner Bros., whose executives found it almost incomprehensible… Read


‘The Old Man & The Gun’ DP Joe Anderson Gives Camera A “Twinkle In The Eye” For Memorable Robert Redford Tribute

In his first film as David Lowery's cinematographer, The Old Man & the Gun's Joe Anderson got the opportunity to work with a legend—to celebrate a career's worth of magnetic turns from the iconic Robert Redford, with images to mirror his signature charm. Based on a New Yorker article by David Grann, and following up on the Sundance alum's collaboration with Redford on Pete's Dragon, the light and comedic crime drama casts Redford as Forrest Tucker, an infamously charming… Read


Fox DP Lab Announces Inaugural Class Of Eight Female Cinematographers

The “inaugural class” of eight female cinematographers participating in the first-ever Fox DP Lab program were announced today (see entire list below). The lab, sponsored by 21st Century Fox and the American Film Institute, is designed to expand opportunities for female cinematographers by connecting participants with working professionals. The lab takes place today and tomorrow on the Fox lot in Los Angeles. Participants will visit the sets of Fox-produced comedies Speech… Read


‘The Favourite’ DP Robbie Ryan Brings Fisheye Lenses & Fluid, Roving Camera To Yorgos Lanthimos’ Madcap Period Piece

Even as an admirer of bold filmmaking, cinematographer Robbie Ryan had his mettle tested on The Favourite, choreographing the moves of an unorthodox, restless camera for a demanding Greek auteur. The outgrowth of past cinematic experiments, Yorgos Lanthimos' latest defies all expectations of the British costume drama. Set in 18thcentury England, the black comedy examines a love triangle between a Queen, a duchess and a servant. Going into The Favourite, Ryan knew the… Read