Don Wilson Dies: Cofounder Of The Ventures Rock ‘N Roll Hall Of Fame Surf Group Was 88

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Don Wilson, whose twangy guitar sounds helped create a distinct genre of music with his band, The Ventures, has died at age 88. He died of natural causes on Saturday in Tacoma, Washington, according to his son.

Wilson was the last surviving founder and guitarist of The Ventures.

“Don was an inspiration and mentor. He was a unique talent that inspired countless musicians like us,” read a statement posted to the band’s social media pages. “We lost a good friend, fellow musician, world class performer, and beloved bandmate. Don Wilson has left the stage. We will miss him always.”

Tim Wilson, Don’t son, told Washington station KING-TV that “Our dad was an amazing rhythm guitar player who touched people all over world with his band, The Ventures,” Tim Wilson said in a statement to the outlets. “He will have his place in history forever and was much loved and appreciated. He will be missed.”