‘Days Of Our Lives’ To Revisit Possession Storyline This Fall

In 1994, on NBC’s Days Of Our Lives, fan-favorite character Marlena Evans, therapist/mother/upstanding citizen, became possessed by the devil and wreaked havoc on the residents of Salem. Now, nearly 30 years later, the show is revisiting that memorable storyline this fall.

Per NBC, the story began when the wicked Stefano DiMera began hypnotizing Marlena, his “Queen of the Night.” The hypnosis meant to make her fall in love with him left her open to demonic possession and ultimately led to Marlena becoming possessed by the devil. Later that year (on Christmas Eve) in one of the most memorable moments in American pop culture history, Marlena levitated (see image above). The story continued through 1995 and concluded that summer when John Black, her now husband who was thought to be a priest at the time, had to perform an emergency exorcism. You can watch a teaser clip below.

In the revisited storyline, NBC is promising that “fans can look forward to twists and turns you’d never suspect as well as familiar faces returning to save the day (or not)…. this time around, the devil knows no bounds and no one in Salem is safe!”

Set in the fictitious Midwestern town of Salem, the core families on Days of our Lives are the Bradys, Hortons, Carvers, DiMeras, and Kiriakises. The show mixes elements of romance, adventure, mystery, comedy and drama.

Days of Our Lives is produced by Corday Productions in association with Sony Pictures Television.