Paul McCartney once mused in song whether anyone would need him or feed him when he’s 64. Italian singer-songwriter Enrico Ruggeri is asking the same questions, but it’s soccer passes, not food, that he seeks.

The 64-year-old debuted for Italian fourth-division club ASD Sona on Sunday, ESPN reported. He started the game in  his team’s 1-0 league home loss to Tritium Calcio 1908. He played nine minutes before leaving the pitch.

Ruggeri joined the club in April at the invitation of its president. Sona is a small town in northeast Italy.

“I’m a playmaker,” he said. “I play behind the forwards. The president invited me to play and I accepted with enthusiasm this new adventure, comforted by the fact that Maicon is here.”

The reference is to former Brazil international Maicon, who signed a deal with Sona earlier this year and started alongside Ruggeri on Sunday.

Ruggeri began his music career with the punk band Decibel, and has twice won the Sanremo Music Festival as a solo artist.