The star of the popular TLC series Cake Boss is unsure if an injury to his right hand will allow him to continue baking.

Buddy Valastro spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the accident, which happened in September. Valastro was bowling with friends when he tried to free an errant pin from the automatic pinsetter. His hand was stabbed by a long metal rod, which had to be cut to free him.

Now, the 43-year-old baker says he has nerve damage and a loss of feeling in the fingers, which may prevent him from continuing his trade.

Cake Boss covers the operations of a Hoboken, N.J. family bakery which specializes in elaborate cakes. The series premiered in April 2009 and has spawned four spinoffs, including Next Great Baker, Kitchen Boss, Bake You Rich, and Baker Boss.

Valastro said he was in good spirits despite his disability. He is undergoing physical therapy in hopes of getting back some feeling. “I feel like I’m in good spirits trying to look at the glass half full versus half empty.”

He added: “I’m, you know, just trying to recover and get all my strength back and see exactly what the full extent of everything is gonna wind up being, you know, because it’s still a little unforeseen. But the positives, I still have my hand right. I could’ve lost fingers and could’ve went through my wrist and been a lot worse. So, I’m taking it day by day and cake by cake.”

Valastro claimed the strength in his hand was at “10 or 15 percent of the strength that I used to have. … It’s just really gonna be a matter of time to see exactly what comes back with the nerve too. … And a lot of, like, nerve damage, so my fingers are kinda numb in the middle, you know? They’ll always feel numb and stiff … and we’ll see what happens.”