In every NBA city where the league’s franchise owns and controls its arena property, team owners will work with local officials to turn those arenas into voting locations for the 2020 general election.

Locally, the Los Angeles Clippers said The Forum will be a voting center from Oct. 24 through Nov. 3. Dodger Stadium will also be the site of a voting center backed by the LeBron James “More Than A Vote” organization.

The NBA has also agreed to create advertising that will appear during each NBA playoff game to promote greater civic engagement in national and local elections, and to raise awareness about voting access.

President Donald Trump is one naysayer on the new diretion. He said he believes what has unfolded is “very bad” for the league.

“It’s terrible,” Trump told reporters. “I think what they’re doing to the NBA in particular is going to destroy basketball. I can’t — I don’t even watch it. … You know when you watch sports, you want to sort of relax, but this is a different world. … You don’t want to stay in politics. You want to relax.”