One of the cultural landmarks of Los Angeles’s east side is being converted into a restaurant. The Satellite nightclub in Silver Lake, which has hosted Lady Gaga, Foo Fighters and many more prominent alternative and pop acts, is yet another victim of the pandemic.

The venue has been closed since March, joining other clubs and concert halls across the nation. Many have suggested that the pandemic may put them out of business, as social distancing requirements make it tough meet costs.

The Satellite, which was once known as Spaceland, is in a residential neighborhood of Silver Lake. It will now be converted back to what it originally started as, a restaurant. The cuisine hasn’t been identified, but the venue served German food when it first opened in 1968.

“Music clubs are the first ones to close and the last ones to reopen,” said owner Jeff Wolfram, son of the original owner. “We’re trying to reinvent ourselves as a restaurant, so we’re not doing live music any more.”

Wolfram told Los Angeles magazine that rising talent costs and the likely reduced income from a projected 75 percent cut in clientele led to the decision.  The stage has already been removed from the venue.

Wolfram said live music is changing, and an independent music venue is a tough business even in the best of times. “Do we want to go back to the huge competition,” he said. “Or become something different and hopefully survive? We’re trying to figure out where we’re going next. At this point we’re winging it.”