Sean Hannity Takes Issue With Fox News Colleague Tucker Carlson’s Jeff Bezos Story On-Air, Then Apologizes On Twitter

Fox News host Tucker Carlson seemed buoyant as he ended his show on Tuesday. But then, as he was handing the reins to Sean Hannity, Hannity started speaking.

Carlson’s face did a quick dance as he began to realize that Hannity was criticizing his previous segment. Carlson’s mouth tightened. His eyes narrowed. He turned in Hannity’s direction, brows knitted, and his lips began to pucker as if to say, “What?”

Carlson had been talking about Amazon chief Jeff Bezos, who on Monday had the single-biggest one-day increase of wealth ever due to to Amazon’s positive Wall Street forecast.

“Jeff Bezos, just yesterday, made $13 billion,” Carlson said. “Now, 20 years ago if that had happened, if a captain of industry had made $13 billion in a single day, while the country got poorer, the Democratic Party would have had something to say about it. Not anymore because the people getting rich are members of the Democratic Party.”

The typically jovial interaction as the hosts transitioned from Tucker Carlson Tonight to Hannity took a turn, at least for Carlson, when Hannity seemed to argue against Carlson’s point.

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“And now Sean Hannity takes over from New York,” Carlson said with a smile. “All right, Tucker,” Hannity responded. “People can make money. They provide goods and services people want, need and desire. That’s America. It’s called freedom, capitalism, and as long as it’s honest, right? People decide. All right, Tucker, great show.”

As Hannity deliverd the “great show” bromide, Carlson’s eyes darted to the right of the screen, as if looking for an exit.

Watch the clip below.

And here is the same video with Hannity’s tweeted apology, which reads in part, “I apologize for any misunderstanding. … I support freedom and capitalism, not people taking advantage of a pandemic.” The latter is a reference to the money Bezos’s company is making are Americans are stuck at home.