There is a flicker of hope that the National Basketball Assn. may yet resume the season.

ESPN is reporting that the league is reopening team practice facilities beginning Friday for locations where the pandemic stay-at-home restrictions are easing and businesses are reopening.

While the workouts are described as “voluntary” rather than organized, it will help injured players to rehab and the athletes to renew their fitness levels. Official workouts are still prohibited by the league, and some team officials were skeptical that facilities should open, ESPN said.

The NBA has been exploring how to jump-start a regular season schedule and playoffs if the opportunity presents itself. The regular season was canceled in mid-March with roughly 16 games left for most teams. The league has floated the ideas of having games played without spectators in Las Vegas, according to reports, but how far down the road that concept has gone is unclear.

In cities where the lockdown remains firm, the NBA is working to find suitable alternatives for the players, ESPN reports.

Many players have left the markets they play in to shelter at their own homes. But the league is expected to work out deals where opposing players can use more local facilities.