CBS Sports announcer Gary Danielson was blasted on social media for laughing after a female photographer was run over on the sidelines of the Georgia-Auburn game on Saturday.

Danielson made his remarks in the second quarter of the game when Georgia running back Brian Herrien, listed at 6’0 and 210 pounds, ran out of bounds on a play. He accidentally barreled into kneeling photographer Chamberlain Smith. She was knocked out and medical assistance was called.

During the lull in play, Danielson engaged in banter with his broadcast partner, Brad Nessler.

“Britt gets up, he’s fine. Herrien’s fine,” Danielson said. .

“The person Herrien ran into is not,” said Nessler.

Danielson laughed at his missed point. “(laughs)….is not,” Danielson said.

The photographer was eventually carted off on a stretcher. She was treated at the hospital and later released with a bruised eye.

Danielson, age 68, is a former Purdue quarterback who played in the NFL for two teams. He later speculated that she was too focused on snapping photos and was not paying attention to Herrien’s approach, a remark some took as blaming the victim.

The online outrage that followed Danielson’s remarks eventually bubbled into a call for his firing. So far, CBS has not commented and Danielson is apparently still employed.