Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Angered When Confronted On His Use Of Private Jets

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Televangelist Kenneth Copeland once said he owns three private jets because he doesn’t want to fly commercial with “demons.” The 82-year-old angrily denied the remarks to Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero, who confronted him in an interview where emotions veered wildly.

Guerrero spoke to Copeland on his $3 million Gulfstream V private jet, transportation he purchased from producer and actor Tyler Perry. She asked about his comments on his Believer’s Voice of Victory TV show in 2016, where Copeland called flying commercial to be similar to getting in ‘a long tube with a bunch of demons.”

Copeland angrily denied the remark. “No, I did not, and don’t you ever say I did.”

The Kenneth Copeland Ministries owner said he has other small planes, but mainly uses the Gulfstream and two Citations. Copeland claims he jets back and forth to help the needy.

The minister has also allegedly used the planes to go on vacations.