“Nancy Pelosi is a disaster, ok? She’s a disaster. Let her do what she wants, you know what? I think they’re in big trouble.”

Trump also talked about the ongoing negotiations with Mexico over immigration controls tied to tariffs. Trump has imposed a five percent tariff starting Monday that will rise over time unless Mexico takes steps to control what Trump says is the mass influx of immigrants crossing its territory to reach the US border.

“When you’re the piggy bank that everybody steals from and robs from, they deceive you like they’ve been doing from 25 years, tariffs are a beautiful thing, it’s a beautiful word if you know how to use them properly,” Trump said, adding, “Republicans should love what I’m doing,” even as many expressed doubt on the plan .

As for the Normandy remembrance, Trump said it was an honor to be present.

“There was never a more important event than the event 75 years ago today, think of that? These were incredible, brave people who were just being blown up and you have the graves … These were people who knew they were going to die. It was, it was, horrendous,” he said. “… This was a very, very horrific day, but it was also a very special day and it’s an honor to be here.”