Put on your fanciest gown and straighten that tie on your tux because tonight the Costume Designers Guild will present the 21st annual CDG Awards. Hosted by 13 Reasons Why actress and Grey’s Anatomy alum Kate Walsh, the award ceremony celebrates — you guessed it — excellence in costume design. Diane Haithman will be on the ground at the Beverly Hilton for the event while Dino-Ray Ramos will be lending an assist with the live blog. Stay tuned here for live updates from the ceremony.

The top film and TV noms are split into three categories — contemporary, period and sci-fi/fantasy (read the full list of nominees here). The CDGA will also honor Ruth Carter with the Career Achievement Award (she is also nominated for her work on Black Panther) They will also honor Glenn Close with the Spotlight Award, Betty Pecha Madden with the Distinguished Service Award and Ryan Murphy with the Distinguished Collaborator Award.

The CDGA has served as a predictor for the winner of Best Costume Design at the Academy Awards, but for the past two years…not so much. Last year, The Shape of Water‘s Luis Sequeira won the CDG trophy, but Phantom Thread’s Mark Bridges ended up nabbing the Oscar. In 2017, Colleen Atwood won the Oscar for her work on the Potterverse pic Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, but didn’t show up on the winners list at the CDG Awards. Jenny Beavan scored a CDG trophy and an Oscar for her work on George Miller’s post-apocalyptic punk rock dustbowl action pic Mad Max: Fury Road in 2016

We’ll see how this year pans out when it comes to the best in costume design. See how it all went down below.

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:16 pm

Here we go with the 21st annual CDG Awards! 

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:16 pm

Diane is on the scene and I’m manning the desk!

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:18 pm
dhaithman February 19, 20198:18 pm

Hi from the Beverly Hilton hotel, where the CDGA Awards are getting underway.  It’s an irreverent crowd — as one of my table mates said: “If you want dirt, just ask
me – I know where all the bodies are buried. Except they are all mannequins.”

dhaithman February 19, 20198:20 pm

Host Kate Walsh took the stage dressed as a glittelry Glinda the Good Witch.

“I was going to enter in a bubble, but we didn’t have the budget for that,” she observed.

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:22 pm

She must have done a costume change from the red carpet!

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:24 pm

Oh….and here she is as Glinda!

dhaithman February 19, 20198:25 pm

We’re watching videos of the year in costumes, movies and TV, I have to say it’s exciting, they’re spectacular

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:26 pm

Nice! My personal faves of the year are Black Panther, The Favourite and Crazy Rich Asians.

dhaithman February 19, 20198:27 pm

Well, so much for the Glinda dress, Kate’s out of the glitter and back into her doctor’s scrubs. She made the change onstage

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:28 pm

On the TV side, I love the authentic ’80s aesthetic of GLOW.

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:29 pm

On the TV side, I love the authentic ’80s aesthetic of GLOW.

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:30 pm

Excellence in Sci-Fi / Fantasy Television
Westworld, Sharen Davis

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:31 pm

Congrats to Sharen Davis and Westworld on the first award of the evening!

dhaithman February 19, 20198:31 pm

Sharen Davis says thank you “for this beautiful bling.” And to the costume department of
Westworld: “You guys rock!”

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:32 pm

Oh, here’s another look at her work from the HBO show. Stunning! 

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:33 pm

Excellence in Contemporary Television

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story 
Lou Eyrich & Allison Leach

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:34 pm

No surprise here…I mean, it is a show about Versace!

dhaithman February 19, 20198:36 pm

Onstage winners Lou Eyrich and Allison Leach are almost
upstaged by their own wonderful attire: 
Eyrich in an white turban and sunglasses, Leach in a hot pink floor
length gown with hoodie.

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:36 pm


Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:39 pm

Nothing says fashion like a turban paured with sunglasses and a floor-length hoodie.

dhaithman February 19, 20198:40 pm

Dino, you know your fashion do’s and don’ts

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:41 pm

Well, I did use to work in fashion :)

dhaithman February 19, 20198:47 pm

It’s getting political: During thank you’s, CDGA vice president Cate Adair pointedly pointed out the pay discrepancy between the CDGA and other guilds. She suggested that it’s because this guild is “85 percent women. I don’t know about you, but my watch says, time’s up.”

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:47 pm

Good one!

dhaithman February 19, 20198:53 pm

Distinguished Service Award honoree continues to beat the drum for women in Hollywood onstage, demanding pay equity for women in all areas of the industry. She asks for the audience to stand for pay equity. They do

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:55 pm

Betty Pecha Madden is this year’s Distinguished Service Award honoree. She is probably best known for her costume work on Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. The style of the video has become iconic in pop culture!

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:56 pm

Excellence in Period Television

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Donna Zakowska

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20198:57 pm

Congrats to the mid-century modern charm of Mrs. Maisel.

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:00 pm

Excellence in Variety, Reality-Competition, Live Television

RuPaul’s Drag Race, Zaldy Goco

dhaithman February 19, 20199:00 pm

Donna Zakowska, for Mrs. Maisel; “When you are paid less, you
feel like you are less than. I would really like for costume designers to feel
like they are more than.”

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:00 pm

Zaldy Goco is a two-time Prime Time Emmy winner for the slay-worthy RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:02 pm

Congrats to Zaldy and RuPaul’s Drag Race! Shantay you stay!

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:04 pm

A nifty giveaway at all the tables! 

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:04 pm

…and here’s the other side:

It’s definitely making a statement.

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:06 pm

It looks like gorgeous Sarah Paulson is presenting Ryan Murphy with the Distinguished Collaborator Award…the two have collaborated too many times to count.

dhaithman February 19, 20199:06 pm

Yes, Sarah Paulson is stunning in glittering red

dhaithman February 19, 20199:09 pm

“Ryan GETS costumes,” Paulson added, praising Murphy for his “ginormous, and to use a term that might make him squirm in his seat, gentle big heart”

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:09 pm

And since we’re talking about Murphy’s work, his shows are wildly stylized with costuming — including tonight’s winner, Versace.

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:10 pm

…and here is Paulson on the red carpet.

dhaithman February 19, 20199:11 pm

Kate Walsh did a great spoof of the Penelope Cruz look in this clip, long blond wig, black catsuit and sunglasses, during the Ryan Murphy intro.

dhaithman February 19, 20199:14 pm

Lou Eyrich returns to the stage for Murphy.  Girl, can she rock a turban.  “He truly is the hitmaker…he drew Oscar level talent
to TV.  He turned the small screen into the
big screen. I truly love this man.”

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:17 pm

He really did bring Oscar-level talent to TV. I mean there’s Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett…two queens!

dhaithman February 19, 20199:21 pm
Murphy says: “I am here because I love women” and draws cheers when he said: “Two years ago I made Lou (Eyrich) a full producer on all of my shows. I did that because I feel that should be the industry standard.”

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:25 pm

Excellence in Short Form Design
Childish Gambino: “This is America”, music video, Natasha Newman-Thomas

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:26 pm

Congrats to Natasha Newman-Thomas for working on the ever-so-timely Childish Gambino music video for “This Is America”.

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:28 pm

If my calculations are right, we should be going to the film awards soon…

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:28 pm

Excellence in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film

Black Panther, Ruth E. Carter

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:30 pm


dhaithman February 19, 20199:31 pm

The room’s going crazy for Ruth E. Carter. “The Black Panther is a phenomenon, it’s more than a comic book, it’s about women in leading and empowering roles. It’s about African royalty and beauty. It’s about Afro future, Afro future takes a collaborative effort…Marvel may have created the first African superhero but …we turned him into an African king.”

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:32 pm

…and just a reminder. Ruth E. Carter was the most recent guest on the New Hollywood Podcast  AND she is receiving the Career Achievement Award tonight.

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:33 pm

Also, Carter is a three-time Oscar nominee: Amistad, Malcolm X, and Black Panther. She has worked on NUMEROUS Spike Lee films among other amazing pics.

dhaithman February 19, 20199:34 pm

I think Kate Walsh may be having more fun here than anyone, turning up in a variety of costumes, just now as a disheveled Glenn Close looking ready to boil a bunny. “I will NOT be ignored…”

dhaithman February 19, 20199:36 pm

It’s not just random: Close is here to receive the Spotlight Award

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:38 pm

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:38 pm

…I think I shared this GIF of Glenn Close in the last live blog I participated in :)

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:40 pm

I just want to go back to Ruth E. Carter…I think odds of her winning the Oscar on Feb. 24 for Costume Design are quite high!

dhaithman February 19, 20199:40 pm

Nice:  While singing Glenn’s praises before some of her film clips, Michael Chiklis said that Close has collected and donated many of her famous costumes to Indiana University. Chiklis said she calls them “great works of art.”

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:42 pm

I had to share her look from Dangerous Liaisons:

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:45 pm

…and how could we not mention her look as Cruella de Vil 101 Dalmations:

dhaithman February 19, 20199:47 pm

Close, resplendent in silver, is saying: “I am very moved by this award…it has been my great privilege tohave stood for hundreds of hours being draped, pinned and trimmed by many of you in this room.” She praised the designers in the room for taking a simple muslin prototype to finished masterpiece.

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:51 pm

For those of you who don’t watch Project Runway and aren’t familiar with the term “muslin”, it is a lightweight cotton used for making test garments before more expensive fabric is used. 


Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:52 pm

Excellence in Contemporary Film
Crazy Rich Asians, Mary E. Vogt

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:54 pm

Crazy Rich Asians continues to make history with Mary E. Vogt winning for swanky and fabulous costumes in Jon M. Chu’s groundbreaking movie.

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:56 pm

Excellence in Period Film
The Favourite, Sandy Powell

dhaithman February 19, 20199:56 pm

Aaaw, Sandy Powell was not here to accept her award for  excellence in period film for The Favourite

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 20199:57 pm

Congrats to three-time Oscar winner Sandy Powell! We’ll accept the award on your behalf :)

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 201910:05 pm

…and there’s one more honor to be handed out tonight: the Career Achievement Award to Ruth E. Carter.

dhaithman February 19, 201910:13 pm

Halle Berry is among those presenting the big award to Carter, to one more standing O. Berry said Carter designed the costume for Berry’s very first film, Jungle Fever. “I did play Viv the crack ho’ (my costume was) a nasty ass brass and a mini skirt,” Berry said. But that costume, Berry said to laughter, “helped me to be the very best crack ho’ that I could be.”

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 201910:15 pm

“…helped me to be the very best crack ho’ that I could be” is the best quote of the evening.

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 201910:17 pm
dhaithman February 19, 201910:19 pm

Carter is finally onstage, and has plenty of pages in front of her as she details her career. “I’ve been in this business a looooong time,” she joked. She’s not only a great designer, she’s a marvelous storyteller, and we’ll listen for as long as it takes.  One very nice moment near the end: She asked everyone who worked on the costumes for Black Panther to stand as the lights came up to applause.

dhaithman February 19, 201910:21 pm

She adds:”I’ve been designing superheroes for my entire career.” Oh, and in keeping with the theme of this evening, she includes the she-roes. 

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 201910:22 pm

Tonight was definitely filled with she-roes. In fact, the industry is filled with MANY she-roes.

dhaithman February 19, 201910:24 pm

The last thank you from Carter: “To my 97-year-old mother supporting me from Massachusetts, my original costume designer.” That’s a wrap, goodnight!

Dino-Ray Ramos February 19, 201910:25 pm

Good night all! Thanks for following along!