Disney’s Captain Marvel from Marvel landed on tracking today, and most early industry estimates are certain that it’s headed to $100M, especially with the pic’s enormous first choice score of 33 and the fact that the trailer clocked a huge 109M views in its first 24 hours, but we have to remember a couple of things:

First, we’re in a funky marketplace. Yes, Captain Marvel could certainly change that. Also, outside of Iron Man‘s $102M and Black Panther‘s $202M (and he was introduced in Captain America: Civil War), no other Marvel origins film has opened to north of $100M, particularly those in the deeper universe, i.e. Doctor Strange ($85M) and Guardians of the Galaxy ($94.3M). That said, we haven’t had a Marvel movie since July, and as Avengers: Infinity War tipped us off in its epilogue, Captain Marvel has something to do with saving superheroes who’ve disappeared into atoms.

Another box office industry source informed us on Captain Marvel‘s $100M start: “Give or take $20M”.

Again, a $100M start for this movie which stars Oscar winner Brie Larson as ace fighter pilot Carol Danvers is feasible, but projections were so far off for Universal/BVI/Blumhouse’s Glass, it was ridiculous. Captain Marvel opens on March 8.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is the top March opener with $174.7M, followed by Warner Bros./DC’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice with $166M.