The British Academy of Film and Television Arts handed out its BAFTA Film Awards on Sunday, with Alfonso Cuaron’s Netflix movie Roma scoring the marquee Best Film honor at Royal Albert Hall. That wrapped a night that saw Fox Searchlight’s The Favourite, which came in with a leading 12 nominations including Best Film, come away with a leading seven nominations: Lead Actress for Olivia Colman, Outstanding British Film, Rachel Weisz as Supporting Actress, Original Screenplay, Costume Design, Production Design and Makeup & Hair.

Roma won four awards, including Director and Cinematography for Cuaron. Leading Actor went to Rami Malek for playing Brit rock icon Freddie Mercury in Fox’s Bohemian Rhapsody, cementing his status as the Oscar frontrunner in the category.

em>Bohemian Rhapsody, Warner Bros’ A Star Is Born (Warner Bros) and Universal’s First Man (Universal) came in with seven nominations apiece; A Star Is Born won for Music and Bohemian Rhapsody also took the Sound category. First Man was shut out.

Here’s how we called the action from Royal Albert Hall:

Joe Utichi February 10, 201910:49 am

Welcome to Deadline’s BAFTA liveblog! Nancy and I are here in London ready for all the excitement and not at all worse for wear from last night’s nominees’ celebration at Kensington Palace.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201910:50 am

We’re a few minutes away from the show starting right now. Red carpet has wrapped up and the royals are arriving (we think).

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201910:51 am

Yes, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are due to head into the auditorium after kindly opening their home to us last night. William is president of BAFTA 

Joe Utichi February 10, 201910:51 am

I’ll be keeping an eye on and replying to comments too, so do join in with your thoughts.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201910:55 am

Lots of stars were out last night at Ken Palace and various after-shows. Still others were flying in today. Alfonso Cuarón, remarkably, was in London for a Q&A on Friday night, but missed last night’s party—he had flown back to LA for another Q&A, and arrived back just in time for the ceremony tonight. I only share this because I wonder what timezone he thinks he’s in after all that flying.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201910:56 am

Yeah, that’s pretty crazy – I saw him with Spike Lee and other. nominated directors at an AMPAS cocktail on Friday night at Claridges. But Joe, you just flew in, so what time zone do you think you’re in?

Joe Utichi February 10, 201910:56 am

Yeah, I missed the AMPAS event as I flew. I went via Sydney, Dubai, Montreal and Lichtenstein. Not necessarily in that order.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201910:57 am

And there’s not a crinkle in your tux; bravo!

Joe Utichi February 10, 201910:58 am

We have a live feed of the stage now here in the press room. But no audio feed. Liveblog tension!!

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201910:59 am

Hang on tight because once it gets rolling it moves fast – no commercial breaks and no performance lulls, except of course for your favorite Joe, Cirque du Soleil…

Joe Utichi February 10, 201910:59 am

I will not be commenting on Cirque du Soleil tonight. I will report on the white noise in my brain during those bits.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:03 am

Dame Pippa Harris, chair of BAFTA, is on stage right now doing a pre-show intro. 

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:03 am

And now we have sound! 

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:04 am

Just as the speech ends

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:04 am

So, do we think Joanna Lumley is going to open with another gag inserting herself into the nominated films?

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:05 am

Last year’s worked pretty well…

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:06 am

Well she’s opening with a video bit. Her in various nominee-themed outfits.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:06 am

And you know you’re at the BAFTAs when the first word she utters is “bollocks”

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:07 am

First an 18th Century Favourite get-up, then as Stan or Ollie. Mary Poppins. Freddie Mercury – a dashing Freddie I have to say – and a First Man spacesuit

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:07 am

We’re back on stage now with some white noise.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:08 am

And now a Cirque du Soleil First Man-themed performance…

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:08 am

Joe? Joe?

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:08 am

Glenn Close likes it

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:09 am

Does she now? Or is she just being polite?

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:10 am

First Man has seven nominations here tonight, a strong showing in the craft categories

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:10 am

There’s a man dancing on a flexible board. I mean, I know they train for years not to do this, but wouldn’t it be hilarious/tragic and upsetting if he missed?

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:10 am

Oh end already. Joanna Lumley has jokes to deliver! She’s a national treasure!

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:11 am

I must say, I agree

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:11 am

Lots of polite applause. People are standing up. Maybe they’re all going to storm out in protest?

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:11 am

Oh they’ve sat down again and stopped applauding.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:11 am

Here comes Lumley, in a beehive!

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:12 am

Joanna calls this an “annual rhapsody in film brilliance” – a nod to seven-time nominee tonight Bohemian Rhapsody

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:12 am

“Thank goodness BAFTA has a host, though I suspect that has to do with the fact that I’m not on Twitter,” quips Lumley.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:14 am

Here’s the montage of nominated films in another strong year for UK and international cinema

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:15 am

The montage included non nominees Aquaman and Solo: A Star Wars Story…

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:15 am

“Let’s see which brave souls have battled through this English weather, in a chauffer driven limousine, to be here tonight,” says Lumley. She intros Bradley Cooper, five-time nominated tonight. “He needs to learn how to delegate.”

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:16 am

“What a master stroke to have called it The Favourite, next year there’ll be a film called, ‘And The BAFTA Goes To'”

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:16 am

Lumley is giving shout outs to the other nominees including Steve Coogan (for Stan and Ollie) and Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali from Green Book

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:17 am

The room then erupts when she salutes Spike Lee

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:17 am

“[BlacKkKlansman] an incredible film, it’s already won many awards, though I’m surprised it did so well at the Klan Film Festival,” Lumley says, to gasps not laughs. “Yes, alright,” she says and moves on. Eek.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:18 am

Yeah, eek

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:18 am

A couple of these jokes are falling a bit flat. But that one… I have a feeling Twitter is going to have a thing or two to say about it.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:19 am

Audience really hesitant to laugh at these subsequent jokes. Wow, this is awkward.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:19 am

Yes, there’s some tension in the air

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:20 am

She finishes up by nodding to the Roma guests. “It could be a very busy evening for all of them, and for Alfonso in particular, as he’s been personally nominated in six different categories. One more than Bradley. Come on darling, pull your finger out sweetheart.”

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:20 am

Here’s Melissa McCarthy to present the first award – Outstanding British Film.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:21 am

This is an interesting category that has some overlap with Best Film in The Favourite

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:22 am

Last year was similar with Three Billboards (also a Fox Searchlight/Film4 title)

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:22 am

The Favourite wins!

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:23 am

WINNER – Outstanding British Film – The Favourite

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:23 am

Director Yorgos Lanthimos comes up to accept

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:24 am

“This film took 20 years to make I contributed to the last 10,” Lanthimos says and honors his three leading ladies Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:24 am

Lily Collins and Olga Kurylenko are out to present Best Animated Film

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:25 am

WINNER – Animated Film – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:26 am

This film has been picking up awards all season. “We share this with 800 other filmmakers and maniacs who worked really hard to break new ground and take animation into new directions, all because we wanted to make a movie that was worthy of Miles Morales.”

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:27 am

Peter Ramsey: “We wanted to make a movie that made people feel seen.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:27 am

He adds, “animation is not a genre it’s a medium”

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:28 am

WINNER – Outstanding British Film – The Favourite

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:28 am

Here’s production design with Collins and Kurylenko presenting this one too

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:28 am

WINNER – Production Design – The Favourite

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:29 am

That’s the first category where Roma and The Favourite went head-to-head

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:30 am

That’s two for two now for the most nominated movie here tonight. In round two of voting all members vote on (most) categories, so sweeps can and do happen. But it’s early days, so let’s see what happens.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:31 am

Jason Isaacs comes out to present British Short Animation. “Short films, let’s call them what they are: free films. I’ve never been paid for them anyway.” 

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:31 am

“We would like to dedicate this Bafta to every woman and working mother who keeps it together and makes it happen,” say Favourite winners Fiona Crombie and Alice Felton who get an enthusiastic response

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:32 am

As a BAFTA voter, I have watched all these shorts in both categories. Watch as the ones I picked fail to win…

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:32 am

WINNER – British Short Animation – Roughhouse

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:34 am

In the first Brexit reference of the night, Roughhouse’s Jonathan Hodgson says, “At this time we need Europe more than ever”

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:34 am

“This film took fifteen min– fifteen YEARS to make,” says Jonathan Hodgson, mistakenly. He gets a big laugh.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:34 am

He made Roughhouse with French collaborators

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:35 am

Here comes British Short Film. 

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:36 am

WINNER – British Short Film – 73 Cows

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:36 am

This is a documentary about farmers who get angsty at the idea of killing their cows. I’m sure that’s a really ungenerous description, but there we go…

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:37 am

Sound and Editing next, presented by Henry Golding and Eleanor Tomlinson.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:38 am

WINNER – Sound – Bohemian Rhapsody

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:39 am

That’t the first Bo Rhap win; I wouldn’t have been surprised to see it scoop Outstanding British Film

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:39 am

Even if you don’t like BoRhap, you have to credit this team. Among the treats: the sound team put a call out for people to sing along to Bohemian Rhapsody, which they combined and used to create the sound of the crowd singing along at Live Aid.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:41 am

The movie has been a phenomenal box office success with over $844M worldwide and just this weekend it crossed $100M in Japan becoming the first Fox title to do so since Avatar

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:41 am

And it’s winner Paul Massey’s birthday today – nice present.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:42 am

WINNER – Editing – Vice

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:42 am

This counts as a surprise, right Nance?

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:43 am

I was just typing that – definitely a surprise

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:43 am

Hank Corwin seems surprised too, “Honestly, I didn’t prepare anything”

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:44 am

A great surprise though. I met the legendary Hank Corwin last night at Universal’s pre-BAFTA celebration. What he had to do with this film was no small feat.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:44 am

Lucy Boynton and Joseph Fiennes come out to do Documentary and then Make-Up and Hair. Not sure how those two are related, but OK…

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:46 am

WINNER – Documentary – Free Solo

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:47 am

Doc has been a funny race this year, with lots of different films cropping up in nominations at the various awards. But if you’re a betting person, you could do worse than put money on this one for Oscar…

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:49 am

Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyian notes it’s been “an incredible year for non-fiction films” and praises the courage of subject Alex Honnold saying, “anything is possible if you work hard to achieve it”

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:49 am

WINNER – Make Up & Hair – The Favourite

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:50 am

The Favourite sure is shaping up to be a favorite (sorry).

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:50 am

Maybe we should start thinking sweep?

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:50 am

It’s now won 1/4 of its categories…

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:51 am

Searchlight was smart to make Nadia Stacey and costume designer Sandy Powell part of this conversation from the film’s debut in Venice onwards. 

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:53 am

And now the first special award. Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema which is going to Stephen Woolley and Elizabeth Karlsen – the legendary team behind films like The Crying Game, Interview with the Vampire, this year’s Colette, and many, many more. Bill Nighy presents. “They have been at the forefront of politically and socially aware filmmaking without ever forgetting to entertain us. Their achievement is phenomenal,” he says. “At no point has Stephen even considered cutting his hair.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:53 am

Woolley is known for his punk attitude and long, flowing locks. But in fairness, he did look like he’d had a nice trim before tonight. 

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:55 am

I’ve served on BAFTA juries on which Woolley has been president, and have known him and Karlsen for many years. (Namedrop namedrop). I know them to be exceptional producers and wonderful people, with a particular knack for identifying hot new talent before anybody else does. So I’m delighted BAFTA is recognizing them tonight. 

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:56 am

“Few things in my professional life have given me as much pleasure as honoring Steven Woolley and Elizabeth Karlsen,” says Nighy. 

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:56 am

I moderated a very spirited panel with Elizabeth in Cannes this year on the inclusion rider and we caught up last night at the Palace (royal namedrop) . 

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:56 am

Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema – Elizabeth Karlsen & Stephen Woolley

Joe Utichi February 10, 201911:57 am

Woolley talks about the work he did to reinvigorate BAFTA when he served as chair with the late Simon Relph. He has been committed to the Academy for years.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:58 am

He also notes, “I’ve been a pain in Bafta’s bum for years”

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201911:59 am

Woolley:; “Thank you for this incredible spur in our sides Bafta I don’t see this as an award but more as a provocation”

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:00 pm

“The Favourite is probably destined to win the most BAFTAs based solely on the British spelling of the film’s name,” says commenter Giovanni. We do love our U’s, Giovanni. And we invented the language, after all.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:01 pm

Karlsen makes another Brexit reference when she thanks partners Film4, BBC Films and Creative EUROPE (big emphasis on the “Europe”)” and public bodies that have supported she and Woolley

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:01 pm

“Yes, he’s cut his hair,” Karlsen says of Woolley. It’s shoulder-length tonight. This is definitely the shortest it has been in at least several decades. All the insights here at Deadline.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:02 pm

Mary J. Blige and Ellen Page emerge to present Supporting Actress

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:02 pm

Emma Stone, nominated here, has not made it to the ceremony. Lanthimos will collect if she wins, but let’s see…

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:04 pm

WINNER – Supporting Actress – Rachel Weisz, The Favourite

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:05 pm

More love for The Fav, this time in a race in which two of the nominees were competing against one another. That’s usually a sure sign neither will win, so the fact that Weisz was able to deliver a win is a good hint that BAFTA is not done awarding The Favourite.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:06 pm

Weisz: “I had the greatest luck in that I played opposite two of the most glorious women. Olivia Colman and Emma Stone, didn’t we have an extraordinary time? Yorgos, your creativity is breathtaking.”

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:06 pm

A cutaway shot there of Richard Madden looking Bond-like in his tux. I know stories about that role are always nonsense, but damn – I hope Barbara Broccolli is watching.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:07 pm

Regina King and Luke Evans are here to present the Rising Star Award. This award is voted for by the public, and it’s made of plastic. Just saying. Draw your lines between those two facts.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:07 pm

It also typically honors people who aren’t exactly total newcomers…

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:08 pm

Yes, I think Lillie Langtry won a couple of years ago…

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:09 pm

WINNER – Rising Star – Letitia Wright

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:09 pm

What a performance she delivered in Black Panther. This truly is a remarkable year for her. Rare to see something so instantly star-making. 

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:10 pm

Indeed, two $1B+ movies in one year (and a 3rd on the way this year)

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:11 pm

She thanks God for her win. “A few years ago I saw myself in a deep depression and I wanted to quit acting. The only thing that pulled me out of that was God, my belief, my family, and an email from BAFTA telling me they wanted me to be a part of BAFTA Breakthrough Brits and it inspired me to keep going. I’m still a work in progress.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:11 pm

“I want to encourage young people – matter of fact you don’t even have to be young – anybody that is going through a hard time, God made you and you’re important. Let your light shine.”

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:14 pm

It’s Yalitza Aparicio and Marina de Tavira – Roma’s shockingly non-nominated stars – here to present Adapted Screenplay. 

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:14 pm

They’re on Oscar’s list though, so there is some justice in the world.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:15 pm

WINNER – Adapted Screenplay – BlacKkKlansman

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:16 pm

We had a nice moment with Marina last night who told us how thrilled and surprised she was by the Oscar nomination and how she hopes Roma goes some way to helping get more people to see foreign language pictures

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:16 pm

Spike Lee reads his list of thanks from his “Crackberry”. Remembers Jordan Peele’s six-word pitch to him. “Black man infiltrates Ku Klux Klan”

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:16 pm

“I want to thank Ron Stallworth because he infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan. Brooklyn’s in the house!” 

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:17 pm

Danai Gurira and Andy Serkis emerge to present Original Music.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:17 pm

They do a little dance to celebrate Letitia Wright’s win. “Baby girl, we love you,” says Gurira.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:18 pm

Universal had a fantastic party last night, ahead of the ceremony and honoring their pics including BlacKkKlansman – now there’s more call for celebration

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:18 pm

At last night’s Universal party, Nicholas Britell took the keys on the piano to play a little of the Beale Street score. It didn’t sound very loud over the venue’s music, but for that moment alone (and the terrific work) I’m gonna pull for him right now.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:19 pm

WINNER – Original Music – A Star is Born

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:19 pm

Serkis notes that a film without music is like “Britain without Europe” – just keeping track of the Brexit references

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:19 pm

Well, if you like that kind of thing…

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:19 pm

Lady Gaga isn’t here tonight since she’s got the Grammys

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:20 pm

So Cooper wins one of his five after missing out on Adapted Screenplay immediately before. Will there be more?

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:20 pm

Original Screenplay next, with Widows’ Elizabeth Debicki and Michelle Rodriguez.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:20 pm

Cooper thanks the team on his movie. Music “was the heartbeat of the film”

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:21 pm

Unlike at Oscar, Cooper is nominated as Director here tonight

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:23 pm

Nice to see two foreign language films nominated in Original Screenplay – like at Oscar, it’s a big year for crossover

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:23 pm

WINNER – Original Screenplay – The Favourite

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:23 pm

By my count, The Favourite has missed only one of its categories

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:24 pm

Deborah Davis has been working on this screenplay for some 20 years. Tony McNamara came on once Yorgos was set as director. 

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:24 pm

Deborah Davis thanks BAFTA for honoring a “female dominated movie about women in power.”

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:25 pm

She calls Tony McNamara “my favorite script writer”. Says McNamara: “When I was in rehearsal listening to these actors I remember thinking, Oh I think this is going to be good. It was such a joy to be around such amazing talents through the whole film, who also turned out to be the lovliest people to drink heavily with.”

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:26 pm

It’s Supporting Actor time, presented by Viola Davis.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:26 pm

Producer Lee Magiday has been on the project just about as long as I’ve known her. We talked about the development process the other day and it’s pretty extraordinary that it took that long and that they got there with such a special film

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:26 pm

To put that in context, Nancy is really really old.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:26 pm

I’m having a Cirque du Soleil moment, just white noise, Joe, just white noise…

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:27 pm

Love you really!!

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:27 pm

Sam Rockwell is absent tonight. Davis will collect on his behalf if he wins.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:28 pm

There’s a lot of love here for Richard E Grant…

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:28 pm

WINNER – Supporting Actor – Mahershala Ali, Green Book

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:29 pm

Wow, a real shocker, but only in BAFTA terms. I would have thought the hometown crowd would have gone for Grant. And this is Green Book’s first tonight. Still, Mahershala has been a leader at other awards, and it truly is a remarkable turn as Don Shirley.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:29 pm

Will Poulter and Michelle Yeoh come out to present Cinematography.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:30 pm

Yeoh another person who should have been nominated tonight…

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:31 pm

WINNER – Cinematography – Roma

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:31 pm

To our point earlier, Karlsen is backstage talking about movies nominated tonight that were around for a “really, really long time” as projects including The Favourite and Can You Ever Forgive Me? 

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:32 pm

Cuaron ended up shooting this movie when his regular collaborator Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki wasn’t available

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:32 pm

So Alfonso Cuarón, who did double duty on Roma as his own DP, breaks The Favourite’s BAFTA spell. A sign that it’s all still to play for. He says he had a sign up that said, “What would Chivo do?”

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:33 pm

In memoriam segment now.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:36 pm

Lots of names lost this year, including Albert Finney who died on Friday. Also Nicolas Roeg, Bernardo Bertolucci, William Goldman, Stan Lee, Lewis Gilbert, Milos Forman, Penny Marshall, Margot Kidder and Burt Reynolds, among others.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:37 pm

Time now for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director, or Producer. 

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:37 pm

Riz Ahmed and Rachel Brosnahan emerge to present.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:38 pm

This is a jury vote where jurors divide ALL potentially eligible releases this year among them, so the nominees and winner here are truly exhaustively chosen. I know, I’ve done this jury. It involves several meetings over the course of about 3-6 months.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:40 pm

WINNER – Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director, or Producer – Michael Pearce & Lauren Dark, Beast

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:40 pm

OK, this is a hometown victory – I’m from Jersey, the British Channel Island where this film is set, and Pearce is a local there too.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:41 pm

Note, that’s *OLD* Jersey, not New Jersey, where my liveblog partner calls home. I will also accept Best Jersey.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:43 pm

I wouldn’t necessarily call it “home” – I have lived in France for 25 years, ya know…

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:43 pm

OK, three strapping British lads, Taron Egerton, Richard Madden and Jamie Bell, emerge to present Special Visual Effects.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:43 pm

Still you can take the girl out of New Jersey…

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:43 pm

Yes, Nance, I’m sure many people leave New Jersey. Not like Old Jersey, which I will definitely (probably not) return to.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:44 pm

WINNER – Special Visual Effects – Black Panther

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:46 pm

Geoffrey Baumann thanks Disney and Marvel execs for “allowing Ryan (Cooler) to tell his story” as well as the “thousands of visual effects technicians around the world who worked tirelessly” on the movie

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:47 pm

Coming out are Sophie Okonedo and Thandie Newton to present the prize for Film Not in the English Language (BAFTA’s version of the Foreign Language Oscar)

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:48 pm

The nominees here are the same as at Oscar, save for Italy’s Dogman being in this race and Germany’s Never Look Away nabbing an Oscar mention

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:48 pm

As with that category, the sentiment here is that Pawel Pawlikowski’s Cold War is a potential upset to Roma

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:49 pm

WINNER – Film Not in the English Language – Roma

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:50 pm

OK, so now we get to see if this counts Roma out of the bigger prize. BUT, BAFTA’s foreign language vote is done by a special chapter, so the larger pool of voters won’t have had the option of putting that film here. It’s still in the mix.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:50 pm

Says producer Gabriela Rodriguez, “Thank you Alfonso. You didn’t make this easy, but it was worth it.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:51 pm

But it’s not to be and Roma wins. At the nominees party last night in the Palace, Pawel told me he had taken a picture of a throne in one of the rooms and sent it to Alfonso saying “Your throne is waiting for you”

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:52 pm

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:52 pm

Eddie Marsan and Cynthia Erivo emerge to present Costume Design. Marsan makes a Brexit reference that gets a round of applause.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:52 pm

Cuaron says, “Foreign is just a different color…the specific color of this film is Mexico” 

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:52 pm

Black Panther, which has won elsewhere, is not in this list of noms.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:53 pm

WINNER – Costume Design – The Favourite

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:53 pm

OK, we are getting to the main awards – already! Next up is Director

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:54 pm

OK so The Favourite will leave tonight with the most awards for sure, but I’m still not necessarily feeling a done deal in Best Film, especially since Fave won British, and both of those awards are voted for by everybody.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:55 pm

But remember Three Billboards which took both races last year

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:55 pm

True. It happens. But, off the top of my head now, I think the last alignment before that was The King’s Speech, no?

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:55 pm

It’s Director now, presented by Salma Hayek

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:56 pm

This award will be a test for my theory.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:57 pm

WINNER – Director – Alfonso Cuarón, Roma

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 201912:58 pm

Hayek shouts “Viva Mexico”

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:58 pm

Yep, there’s your true Favourite upset – but Cuarón has been winning this frequently, including the DGA last weekend.

Joe Utichi February 10, 201912:59 pm

A big hug between Hayek and Cuarón – now with three BAFTAs in hand – “Stay with me,” he says, but she’s sneaked off while he’s at the podium. He thanks Yalitza and Marina. “I’m seriously touched this film has been received the way it’s been received,” he says. Having delivered three speeches, he trails off – I don’t blame him!

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 20191:00 pm

Next up is Leading Actor, presented by Margot Robbie

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:02 pm

WINNER – Leading Actor – Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:02 pm

Malek cements his frontrunner status here. He’d better clear more shelf space.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 20191:02 pm

Rami gets a big hug from Brian May and Spike Lee in the audience

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:03 pm

“I still cannot believe that I’m included with this group of actors,” Malek says. “It’s quite difficult entering your [British] world with this role, as an outsider. It’s not lost on me how sacred your musical heritage is.”

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:04 pm

Malek thanks Dexter Fletcher – who replaced Bryan Singer on the film. No reference to Singer. He also thanks, “The greatest outsider of them all,” Freddie Mercury.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 20191:05 pm

BAFTA last week had scrubbed Singer’s name from the credits on the Outstanding British Film nomination for Bo Rhap

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:05 pm

I think that’s a first for him to acknowledge Fletcher in a speech. His name is only on the film as an EP, but god knows he must have had his work cut out finishing this film when Singer was removed. His films include Wild Bill and Eddie the Eagle.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 20191:06 pm

Gary Oldman comes out to present Leading Actress. As noted earlier, Gaga is at the Grammys so Bradley Cooper will accept if she wins

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:07 pm

WINNER – Leading Actress – Olivia Colman, The Favourite

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 20191:07 pm

That was not a surprise as the hometown crowd gets to its feet

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:07 pm

It had to be – the most treasured of national treasures at this moment. 

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 20191:08 pm

Colman’s having trouble reading her thank you list but she’s getting through it charming the crowd

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:08 pm

Colman: “I’m very shaky, sorry. Can’t read [my speech] either!” She thanks everyone involved. “We’re having an amazing night, aren’t we? We’re going to get so pissed later!”

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:09 pm

She calls the film “my most favorite time ever.” She reserves special thank you for Stone and Weisz. “You were the best and classiest and coolest color guard I could have had.”

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:09 pm

She’s going through her notes again. “I’ve done that bit, I’ve done that bit… Sorry, I swear I’m going to go in a moment.”

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:10 pm

“This is not for the lead, but A lead. It’s a shame we can’t all be here, but this is for all of us. It’s got my name on it, but we can scratch in some other names.”

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:10 pm

Olivia Colman, proving once again that we should ply her with endless awards because her speeches are just the VERY BEST.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 20191:10 pm

Now it’s down to Best Film presented by Chiwetel Ejiofor

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:10 pm

OK the biggie now…

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 20191:12 pm

What do you think Joe? Interesting to think it’s been over 5 months since we first saw The Favourite and Roma in Venice…

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:13 pm

WINNER – Best Film – Roma

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:14 pm

See? This is Cuarón’s FOURTH award of the night, PERSONALLY. And tonight’s Netflix party will be buzzing…

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:14 pm

The entire Roma team takes the stage. 

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:18 pm

OK, so let’s look at stats. 7 wins for The Favourite, 4 for Roma, and some acting outliers: Mahershala Ali picks up Green Book‘s only win for Supporting Actor, and Rami Malek gets Actor for Bohemian Rhapsody. But both Actress prizes went to The Favourite – Rachel Weisz in support and Olivia Colman in lead.

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:19 pm

And now Prince William introduces Cate Blanchett to present the BAFTA Fellowship – BAFTA’s highest honor – to the legendary Thelma Schoonmaker.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 20191:19 pm

Cuaron: “This time I’m going to read because as you can tell, I blanked and can’t think what to say.” He thanks Participant Media and Netflix for their “faith and courage” and shares the award with “my amazing cast and crew.” He points to the story of an indigenous domestic worker in an age when “anger is in danger of dividing us” and warns of a retreat “back to isolation” Hiding in fear “is not an excuse”

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:20 pm

Blanchett: “I know I speak for every person in the room when I say the privilege [of working with Schoonmaker] is all ours.”

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:22 pm

Scorsese talks on a video. He remembers his NYU film where the negative was destroyed, and his professor suggested Schoonmaker to try to salvage it. The start of a beautiful relationship. “We live through every film together and every film is a whole lifetime in and of itself,” Scorsese says. “We’ve spent many lifetimes together.” He also notes her tireless restoration efforts on cinema, and in particular the work of Powell and Pressburger. Schoonmaker was married to Powell right up to his death in 1990.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 20191:22 pm

Going back to your stats, Joe, this was indeed a mix of wins and both The Favourite and Roma are the lead Oscar nominees with 10 each

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 20191:24 pm

I sat down with Schoonmaker in Venice a few years ago where she told me about working with Scorsese and keeping Michael Powell’s legacy alive. It’s here

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:24 pm

A montage of Schoonmaker’s work now. There’s something special about luxuriating in a Schoonmaker montage, but I wonder how terrified the editor of the montage was to get it right?

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:24 pm

It ends with a freeze frame on De Niro from Raging Bull, so good shout there at least.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 20191:24 pm

Surely she edits her own montages, no?

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:25 pm

Richard E. Grant helps Schoonmaker ascend the steps, touchingly. Prince William hands the trophy to her as the audience standing ovates. Can you say “standing ovates”?

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:25 pm

She thanks the Duke of Cambridge (Wills)

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 20191:26 pm

Schoonmaker says of the montage: “You can’t edit sequences like that if they’re not made by a brilliant director”

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:26 pm

She also thanks Blanchett, and remembers a story about cutting The Aviator featuring Blanchett as Hepburn. “Everyone was so stunned by her performance [in one take] that Marty forgot to say ‘cut.'”

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:27 pm

“I think some of my fellow editors might like to take a contract out on my life so they can bump me off to get this wonderful chance,” she says, to work with Scorsese. They’ve done 23 films together.

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 20191:27 pm

Schoonmaker: “Imagine being chosen by Martin Scorsese to collaborate on 23 of his films. Nothing could be more different from Hugo than the crazy Wolf of Wall Street”

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:27 pm

“Without a doubt every great director has a strong sense of editing, so it is very precious to me that you’re honoring my craft tonight.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 20191:29 pm

Schoonmaker: “Marty gave me a second enormous gift, he addicted me to the work of Michael Powell and Emerich Pressburger… then Marty introduced me to Michael Powell, not expecting we would fall in love and marry. This gave me the happiest 10 years of my life. How much more could one want: the best job in the world and the best husband in the world.”

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:30 pm

Lumley emerges for closing remarks, thanking everyone for coming.

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:31 pm

She finishes with an anecdote about Irish writer Forrest Reid, and says to the filmmaker-heavy audience, “Thank you for sharing your visions and dreams,”

Nancy Tartaglione February 10, 20191:31 pm

That was a brisk show with succinct speeches, and no glitches except for that Lumley joke that got things off to a slightly bizarre start

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:31 pm

With the show over, the floor manager asks everyone to keep their seats as the royals leave.

Joe Utichi February 10, 20191:33 pm

So now all the winners are gathering on stage for a winners photo – a BAFTA tradition. But that about wraps us up. On behalf of me and Nancy, thanks for joining us. We’re off now to go and get pissed with Oliva Colman, if we’re lucky.