On Saturday, President Donald Trump went on TV and made an offer he was sure everyone would love, Stephen Colbert told Late Show viewers. In a nationally televised speech, Trump called his latest offer a “common sense compromise both parties should embrace.”

Colbert noted Trump’s embrace can sometimes be “awkward” (as Jon Batiste played a few notes from the Gershwins’ Embraceable You).

Specifically, in exchange for his Border Wall, Trump offered to restore DACA and TPS protections – for three years.

“Which is weird, since they’re protections he himself took away,” Colbert pointed out, describing Trump’s offer as “Give me the cash and I’ll give you the hostages temporarily.”

Democrats somehow did not fall for it. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually rejected Trump’s offer before he even announced it.

Joked Colbert, “She said ‘no’ before Trump even asked – a move known in Washington as The Melania.”