Comedian Kevin Hart has posted a parable about growth and learning on Instagram, mirroring his comments to Ellen DeGeneres that he has grown and changed since making homophobic jokes years ago.

Hart is reportedly mulling a return as the host of the Academy Awards after stepping down following a controversy over past homophobic tweets he made. The 2019 Oscars has not yet announced a host for the show and is reportedly considering multiple hosts or no hosts at all.

DeGeneres made a case for Hart to return on her talk show. She claimed she had called the Academy earlier in the day to ask them whether they would consider reinstating Hart as host. “We want him to host, whatever we can do, we would be thrilled, and he should host,” DeGeneres said of the reaction she got from The Academy.

Hart has insisted he has grown as a person over the past decade and understands that what he said back when he was “an immature comedian” was wrong. Today’s Instagram post seems to follow that line of defense.