Bearing in mind that tonight’s Golden Globe Awards winners only reflect the will of 93 journalists from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the Globes have been something of a harbinger for the Oscars and Emmys that are voted on by showbiz pros. So despite the flimsy criteria behind these trophies, tonight’s results will create momentum just before the Oscar nomination process begins, and we might get some clarity in what so far has been a wide-open season.

\Handling our live blog tonight: Deadline co-editors in chief Nellie Andreeva and Mike Fleming Jr and AwardsLine chief editor Joe Utichi. Here’s how the night went down:

Mike Fleming January 6, 20194:48 pm

Watching the celebs on the red carpet on E! and see that coming up is a show called “Botched.” Not to be confused with the Academy attempt to get an Oscar host.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20194:49 pm

Welcome to Deadline’s Golden Globes Live Blog. We’ll be here all night bringing you the very most incisive insight into the results and speeches. And Mike will be here too. 

Joe Utichi January 6, 20194:50 pm

Join us in the comments – I’ll pull the most interesting and complimentary/least crazy and mean ones into the live blog for us to discuss.

Mike Fleming January 6, 20194:51 pm

The actresses are wearing beautifully colored dresses this year. Unlike last year when they all wore black, and not for the illusion of slimming that informs our very own Joe Utichi’s wardrobe. 

Joe Utichi January 6, 20194:51 pm

Mike and Nellie are at Deadline’s HQ in LA. I’m in France, and staring down the barrel of possibly having to watch this whole thing live-dubbed into a language I don’t speak. But I’ve got our bilingual international editor Nancy Tartaglione by my side to translate for me (if I can keep her awake)

Joe Utichi January 6, 20194:52 pm

I’ll have you know, Fleming, that I just bought a new tux jacket to match my infamous shoes, in readiness for BAFTA and Oscar and all the awards shows still to come. LA won’t know what hit it.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20194:55 pm

Some good red carpet looks on the men this year. My favourite so far is Timothee Chalamet, who is a man after my own heart, clad in a glitter waistcoat/belt thing.

Yes. That’s as good as the fashion insight will get tonight.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20194:58 pm

Sacha Baron Cohen being interviewed on the French coverage on Canal+. Under the live-dubbing, he’s asked “Who is America?”—the name of his brilliant Showtime show this year. He calls out the government shutdown.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20194:59 pm

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:00 pm

And Mike. speaking of bold color, Lady Gaga seems the best examplar of it.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:04 pm

Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh. The latest in a line of bang-on and bold hosts for this awards. I have high hopes here. The Oscars could learn a thing or two. 

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:07 pm

Mike and Nellie are having technical difficulties and are having trouble contributing, so you’re stuck with me for now. 

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:11 pm

A commenter points out that they’re having trouble live streaming the show too. The feed in France is breaking up a bit. Technical difficulties seem to be spreading. 

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:13 pm

A beautiful moment at the end of the intro as Sandra Oh calls out the “faces of change”.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:14 pm

WINNER: Best Actor, TV Musical or Comedy – Michael Douglas

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:15 pm

Mike wants me to post a message criticising me. I’m not sure I’ll allow it. What’s he going to do? He’s shutdown.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:15 pm

Oh go on then. Says Fleming: “Nellie and I have been muzzled for a bit, but some things Joe posted that cannot go unchecked. Re the photo of Timothee Chalamet: what scores did he receive for his figure skating routine?

Also on his raves about hosts Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh, I was thinking that maybe Oscar will be better off without a host.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:17 pm

We’re seeing a redesigned Golden Globe tonight, changing the square base for a round one. Apparently people used to grip the old one from the top. Also they’ve made the HFPA logo bigger, so we don’t forget who is giving these awards.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:17 pm

Fleming writes “fleming has the power to fire your ass”. So I guess I’ll be passing on his messages. Sorry guys.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:18 pm

WINNER: Best Motion Picture, Animated – Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:18 pm

An expected winner – the raves for this film were deafening.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:19 pm

Ken Land in the comments asks if Timothee is wearing a sparkly shoulder holster. I mean, that’s what it looks like, doesn’t it? I wonder if security tried to bounce him…

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:21 pm

And we’re at our first of 8.2 million commercial breaks. Maybe I can learn fluent french in these next three minutes?

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:22 pm

cadavra in the comments agrees with Mike on the host situation. “Samberg again proving he’s arguably the unfunniest person in modern show business history.”

I may be more fond of him than those guys. Especially if he busts out a Lonely Island number at some point.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:24 pm

From Dom Patten: “if you want to talk fashion, lots of attendees were wearing Time’s Up bracelets on the red carpet tonight, including Ryan Seacrest, who faced accusations on his own behavior last year. Accusations that E! said they investigated and found lacking.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:24 pm

The women of the Favourite took the stage looking like queens.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:26 pm

The Big Bang Theory cast emerge for an “unrehearsed takedown of Les Moonves,” per Samberg. Actually to present Best Actor, TV Series Drama

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:27 pm

WINNER – Best Actor, TV Series Drama – Richard Madden, Bodyguard

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:28 pm

Madden deserves this, and it adds profile in the US to a show that brought back appointment viewing when it aired weekly in the UK on the BBC. He plays David Budd, a PTSD-suffering bodyguard to a top flight government minister. It hit Netflix in the US.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:29 pm

Here’s my interview with Madden from earlier in the season. I’d normally say wait til after to read it, but if these tech difficulties continue my fingers might fall off.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:29 pm

WINNER – Best TV Series Drama – The Americans

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:30 pm

We’re big fans of The Americans at Deadline. Mike Fleming will be running around the room hollering right now.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:30 pm

It’s one of the rare shows/movies we agree on. I don’t know if I’ve told you guys this, but he thinks Love Actually is good. Can you imagine?

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:31 pm

Nellie on The Bodyguard’s win: “The HFPA demonstrating its penchant for awarding international — and mostly British — series. BBC’s Extras previously won for best comedy series. It’s 2 for 2 for Netflix so far in the TV categories.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:32 pm

Nellie and Mike, if you’re reading me, obviously we now know Netflix is two for three, but let’s be honest, these guys have TV locked down. This year is the year they need to prove they can take film too. Do you think they can pull it off? Roma is clearly as strong as it will ever get from them.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:34 pm

Nellie on Americans win: “Like Breaking Bad, The Americans won its first best series Golden Globe on its last try for its final season.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:35 pm

Mike on Americans: “The Americans get a most deserving sendoff. A bright spot for daring cable programming.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:40 pm

WINNER – Best Supporting Actor, Limited Series/TV movie/Series – Ben Whishaw, A Very English Scandal

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:41 pm

Whishaw wins after a pair of roles this year in which he’s tortured by Hugh Grant. As the minister who plots to kill him to cover up their affair in this Stephen Frears Amazon show, and as the voice of the bear going up against Grant’s thespian villain in Paddington 2.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:41 pm

I, too, know what it’s like to be tortured by Hugh Grant. I saw Love, Actually.

Only joking, Hugh is actually lovely.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:43 pm

WINNER – Best Actress, Limited Series/TV movie – Patricia Arquette – Escape at Dannemora

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:44 pm

Presented to her by her director in the show, Ben Stiller.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:44 pm

Nellie, does this indicate that EAD might be the post-Emmy pre-Globe show to watch as we start Emmy season in the coming months?

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:46 pm

From Nellie, on Ben Whishaw: “Another strong Golden Globes showing for British TV productions. 

And a nice tribute to ‘Norman Scott who took on the establishment with courage and defiance, he is a true queer hero.'”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:47 pm

Samberg and Oh offering flu shots to the audience, a spontaneous humanising offer. I like it.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:47 pm

Fleming: “Patricia Arquette’s performance as the woman the tabloids called Shawskank was so strong that she has to be considered an Emmy frontrunner. That said, the banter between Ben Stiller and Jamie Lee Curtis seemed so stilted and awkward.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:48 pm

Says Nellie: “Ben Stiller hands the trophy to his star. This will be the first of multiple wins for Arquette for this showcase role.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:49 pm

Mike: “Flu shots? That’s the best they got? Joe, this is just lame.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:51 pm

Patricia Arquette’s speech got a bleep in the US. Hard to tell if the French were allowed the swear, but Nancy reports the translator didn’t utter any expletives.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:55 pm

It’s time for Carol Burnett to win the Carol Burnett award. She was a shoo-in. Actually they created this award to recognise TV achievement, and few have achieved more, so it’s well named.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:56 pm

Umm in the comments says, of the flu shot bit, “the executives who ultimately approved this and thought it was a good idea, please work harder in 2019.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:58 pm

Says Nellie: “Carol Burnett was the first woman to host a variety sketch show, The Carol Burnett Show. She was also the first woman to win both the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor and Kennedy Center Honors. And tonight, she becomes the first recipient of a new Golden Globe television achievement award, which will carry her name going forward.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20195:59 pm

Burnett asks, “Does this mean I get to accept this every year?”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:03 pm

Burnett closes on “I’m so glad we had this time together,” her classic show-ending line.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:04 pm

WINNER – Original Score, Motion Picture – Justin Hurwitz, First Man

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:04 pm

WINNER – Original Score, Motion Picture – Justin Hurwitz, First Man

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:04 pm

Nancy on Burnett: “The tribute montage featured Burnett’s trademark Tarzan yell, and  clips from iconic sketches on  The Carol Burnett Show including the Mrs Wiggins bit with Tim Conway, Burett as Scarlett O’Hara opposite Harvey Korman and as Eunice with Vicki Lawrence as Mama”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:06 pm

WINNER – Original Song, Motion Picture – “Shallow”, A Star Is Born

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:07 pm

Few awards are as shoo-in as this one. It was Gaga’s to lose. “Shallow” feels like it’s going all the way. Whether the film will remains to be seen.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:08 pm

More from Burnett, per Nellie: “‘What we did then could not be done today, the cost along would be prohibitive.’

She lamented the lack of variety shows on TV now. ‘Here is to reruns and YouTube.’

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:08 pm

Mike: Not surprising to see A Star Is Born win for Song. Probably could have picked any of a number of songs from the soundtrack. Is this the best movie soundtrack since The Bodyguard?

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:14 pm

Samberg and Oh looking back at “Globe meaningful moments”. Their two historic wins.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:16 pm

From Maria P in the comments: “Best of the golden globe so far? The walmart movie cars ad, soooo cool!!!!”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:16 pm

Meanwhile Meg asks if the room is smaller than usual because stars are having trouble getting onto stage. I don’t think so, Meg. The international ballroom at the Beverly Hilton hasn’t really changed in decades.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:17 pm

WINNER – Best Supporting Actress, Motion Picture – Regina King, If Beale Street Could Talk

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:18 pm

This truly is a performance that takes your breath away. King owns every moment as Sharon in Barry Jenkins’ heartfelt movie.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:19 pm

Nellie: “While Game of Thrones is not eligible, HBO just reminded viewers the drama’s final season is coming up with a special Globes spot featuring new footage from the last episodes.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:19 pm

Jimmy in the comments disgrees with Mike’s Bodyguard comparison for Star is Born’s soundtrack. He suggests that honor belongs to Purple Rain.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:20 pm

As King gets political, they try to play her off but stop. She makes a vow that anything she produces be 50% female. She challenges the industry to join her and show solidarity.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:22 pm

Fleming responds to Jimmy: “ok jimmy the commenter, you got me. Purple Rain has not a weak song on the whole album. A Classic.”

To be honest, as long as he’s not suggesting Love Actually I’m fine with all this.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:22 pm

WINNER – Best Actress, TV Series Drama – Sandra Oh, Killing Eve

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:23 pm

OK, where’s Pete when you need him?? He’s our resident historian. Any commenters know if the host of a major award show has ever, in the same year, been a winner too? My powers of google are a bit stifed by liveblog commits.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:24 pm

lahm36 disputes Mike too on the Star is Born front. “Like the Bodyguard had at least 5 top bit hit tracks and was on the chart hella long… Love A Star is Born, but c’mon son.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:28 pm

Nellie points out that Amy Poehler, host of this very show a few years back, pulled of the same host-winner double. “And she became only the second actress of Asian descent to take the best drama series actress award. ‘I’m so grateful,’ she kept saying in an emotional, unrehearsed speech.”

And here comes Amy Poehler herself.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:28 pm

Mike: “C’mon Lahm 36. I asked if A Star Is Born is the best movie soundtrack since The Bodyguard. Keep up!”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:28 pm

Take it outside, guys. Take it outside.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:30 pm

WINNER – Best Supporting Actor Motion Picture – Mahershala Ali, Green Book

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:30 pm

Mike determined to hate on the comedy of the evening. he says: “Amy Poehler should not do the Globes unless teamed with Tina Fey. That was terrible!”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:31 pm

I laughed. At what I could hear anyway. If anyone’s interested.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:31 pm

I guess I’m just less battered by cynicism than others?

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:32 pm

Meanwhile, Ali’s win is deserved. To echo Mike’s thoughts before the show, Green Book could be a dark horse here for Best Picture.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:33 pm

Maya Rudolph fake-proposes to Amy Poehler, just like that dude at the Emmys. She says yes. OK, I take it back, this isn’t funny.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:34 pm

WINNER – Best Screenplay – Green Book

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:34 pm

Back to back wins for Green Book now, and this one is important. Nick Vallelonga, first to the mic, is the son of Viggo Mortensen’s character in the movie.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:34 pm

Mike: “From flu shots to a marriage proposal from Maya Rudolph to Amy Poehler. What is going on here? My have we fallen down the unfunny rabbit hole!”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:36 pm

Kellie, in the comments, also asks “Where is Pete Hammond when you need him???” Hey, I’m trying my best, but none of us are worthy of that man’s encyclopedic mind. To answer the question, he’s in the ballroom itself, rubbing shoulders with movie stars.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:38 pm

Mike: “Nice to see Green Book getting the love. Especially Pete Farrelly, who veered from comedy to deliver an exceptional and touching film. Unfortunately, the Globes, which ran the inane banter between presenters Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph, didn’t allow Pete to speak, nor Brian Hayes Currie, cutting them off in the most curt manner. Whether Oscar names a host or not, there is ample opportunity for the show to be way better than this shitshow.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:40 pm

WINNER – Best Supporting Actress, Series/Limited Series/TV Movie – Patricia Clarkson, Sharp Objects

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:41 pm

There’s a dude in the front row checking his cellphone. Couldn’t make out who it was. I wonder if he’s one of our commenters…

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:41 pm

Or if he’s as bored as Mike apparently is.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:42 pm

lahm36 thanks Ali for shouting out Don Shirley. Ali said: “Dr. Shirley was a brilliant man and I want to thank him for his passion and his virtuosity and the dignity with which he carried himself that inspired me each and every day.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:42 pm

Great comments from Patricia Clarkson: “Amy, I owe you so very much, Jean Marc Vallee, my director, You demanded everything from me but sex, which is how it should be in this industry.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:43 pm

WINNER – Best Actor, Musical or Comedy – Christian Bale, Vice

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:43 pm

Kevin Bourke in the comments: “I’m wondering if from now on award shows should have models instead of comics as hosts, so no one feels they have to tell a joke. I’d be perfectly happy watching beautiful people who can read a teleprompter.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:44 pm

But then it’d be even less entertaining, Kevin, no?

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:45 pm

At least this gives Mike something to grumble about. He lives for his grumbles.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:45 pm

Christian Bale thanks Satan and wonders/threatens to play Mitch McConnell next.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:46 pm

By “satan” he might have meant Dick Chaney. (He did. He did mean that.)

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:50 pm

DCSCA in the comments: “Some ‘add-Vice’– w/a name like Christian, might wanna thank God for landing such an award-winning part, too.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:50 pm

On the nose there, DCSCA. I’m not sure that’s how names work.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:51 pm

Mike was into Bale’s speech, and took it all down for us. “What a bunch of lucky buggers we are. To make a life out of doing something we love. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of that for so many years. Thank you to my beautiful wife, who said to me, who told me less is more. Say less. She knows the dumb crap that can come out of my mouth at times. I can sink and ruin a perfectly good movie and a so-so career in one speech, so thank you for that advice my love.  

Thank you to that geezer over there, Adam [McKay]. He said, i’ve got to find somebody who can be absoultely charisma free and reviled by everybody. So he said, I’ve got to have Bale in it…Thanks you to Satan for giving me the inspiration to play this role.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:51 pm

WINNER – Best Motion Picture Foreign Language – Roma

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:52 pm

Now, here’s the question. Roma surely wants the top prize win too. If it doesn’t get it tonight, there may be a reasonable question to ask of whether it has handcuffed itself by pushing in foreign language categories too. Either way, though, this is is a deserved win for a beautiful movie.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:53 pm

My fingers are falling off.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:54 pm

Cuaron talks about tearing down walls and building bridges with cinema. I wonder if that refers to anything in the headlines lately?

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:55 pm

WINNER – Best Actor, Limited Series or TV Movie – Darren Criss, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:56 pm

Criss, who recently swore to take no more gay roles over gay performers, wins the Globe for nailing his performance of Versace’s murdererer Andrew Cunanan.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:57 pm

It was a “grim story to make” he says. Understatement of the night?

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:57 pm

From Mike:

Wonderful speech by Alfonso Cuaron, who didn’t even have to name Trump for everyone to understand his message: “Cinema at its best tears down walls and builds bridges to other cultures. As we cross these bridges, this experience and these new shapes and faces we realize that while they may be strange, they are not unfamiliar. We begin to understand exactly how much we have in common…Gracias familia, Gracia, Mexico.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20196:59 pm

Commenters correctly point out Roma isn’t up for top category here because it’s in a foreign language. A quirk of Globe rules. Forgetting that is a side-effect of this high-octane liveblogging, apologies all. But it for sure will be eligible in Oscar’s top category, and others, so something to watch out for.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:00 pm

Mike: “Darren Criss’ comments about not playing gay roles anymore to create opportunities for gay actors is certainly his prerogative, but the trouble is many gay actors are uncomfortable declaring themselves that. Look at Rupert Everett, who was like the next Cary Grant in My Best Friend’s Wedding. He was open about his sexuality and it stopped his career in its tracks. So there are likely male actors out there who won’t declare.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:02 pm

This is true Mike. We still need a top-flight, truly bankable movie star to come out for acceptance to spread, and there aren’t many of those left in this franchise era. But I do appreciate Criss’s sensitivity here, and hopefully this will change as other change is happening. We are seeing a new breed of younger actors who are more open, less caught up in gender or sexuality concerns. Let’s hope they thrive.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:03 pm

It’s time for Jeff Bridges to get the Cecil B DeMille award.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:07 pm

lamh36, who points out openly-gay Ben Whishaw just won a Globe, wonders if it’s an American thing. I don’t think so. There are always examples of success, but it’s clear there’s still a huge stigma on coming out. I think that’s true everywhere. People used to cite Middle America. Now they cite the emerging international markets, some of which are conservative countries.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:10 pm

Hey, comment brigade: what are you fave Jeff Bridges roles? I’m going to claim Big Lebowski, but it’s not like you aren’t spoilt for choice with everything else.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:11 pm

Steven asks: “I’m curious…out of all the Golden Globe awards, which one provides the most economic value to the winner? I’m assuming none are as valuable in comparison to the Oscar?”

There’s a reason everything that comes before Oscar are called called precursor awards. I feel like it’s all about that final statue.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:14 pm

Mike: “Lot of love in the room for Jeff Bridges after an exquisite retrospective narrated by Sam Elliott. Thanks everyone including his stand in on 70 films. He thanked the Coen Brothers, and his deceased father Lloyd Bridges and his Crazy Heart director Scott Cooper and Michael Cimino. Curiously, the camera seemed to scan the crowd for those faces, even though some of them are deceased and few of them were on the premises. Still, a Dude-worthy trippy, rambling speech that seemed to confuse but still charmed the crowd trying to figure out his “trim tab” references.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:14 pm

Harrison Ford bemoans having to follow that barnstorming speech from Bridges.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:15 pm

WINNER – Best Director, Motion Picture – Alfonso Cuaron, Roma

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:16 pm

OK, there’s the other major prize Roma needed to take. And take it, it did. This bodes very very well for this movie. And for Netflix. This is Cuaron’s second Globe win.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:17 pm

Mike agrees, this is “a big win for Netflix as it tries to make headway in the Oscar race.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:18 pm

Cuaron pays tribute to his childhood maid Libo, on whose live the story is based.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:19 pm

Kevin Bourke in comments makes an interesting point re: gay actors. “The irony of the ‘danger’ to your career of coming out, when playing a gay character will easily win you an Oscar.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:21 pm

DCSCA says Jeff Bridges’ best role is Jeff Bridges. “He is best playing himself; just look at how he accepted the award. His most memorable performances bring that out.”

Good point.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:23 pm

Mike: Alfonso Cuaron made another graceful shout out to his home country, Mexico. It seems a nice counter to President Trump’s shutdown of the U.S. government to strong arm congress into paying $5 billion for that wall that was a core campaign promise. Said Cuaron: ‘This film was directed by my mother and my family and maybe even more importantly, by this very complex lab that shaped and created me. So much gracias, Mexico.’

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:25 pm

WINNER – Best Actress, TV Series Musical or Comedy – Rachel Brosnahan, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:28 pm

WINNER – Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy – The Kominski Method

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:28 pm

Mike: “More deft camera work by the Globes. As Rachel Brosnahan talks about the influx of women who made the show possible, including Amazon’s Jen Salke, the camera swung to Jeff Bezos.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:28 pm

Nellie: “She became the first repeat winner from last year so far. ‘Our village is a matriarchy, with so many women in leadership position.'”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:28 pm

Nellie referring to Rachel Brosnahan there.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:30 pm

Kevin Bourke calls out Bridges in The Last Picture Show and The Fabulous Baker Boys as his favorites.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:32 pm

Nellie: “Lorre’s previous comedy to win a best series Globe was Cybill in 1996.

‘This is not happening to me,’ said the sitcom king who clearly was at a loss for words but still was able to plug the show’s producer, Warner Bros. (and its new corporate owner, AT&T) as well as Netflix.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:33 pm

Indeed, he repeated, “Netflix, Netflix, Netflix.” Sure is getting that way, Mr. Lorre.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:33 pm

Quite sad I’m going to miss their afterparty tonight. But I’m in Provence, so I can’t be that sad.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:34 pm

M2112 says they’d be no The Dude without Bridges’ role in TRON. Great movie that one.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:35 pm

Dick Van Dyke emerges now to a standing-O, with his Mary Poppins Returns co-star Emily Blunt. This dude danced in a major motion picture this year. He’s 93. NINETY THREE.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:35 pm

Meanwhile, Blunt dons specs to read the autocue.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:37 pm

Lena Waithe puts every man to shame with an on-point tux tonight, presenting Limited Series/TV Movie with Penelope Cruz

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:37 pm

Err, Halle Berry. Sorry, the clips were playing and I’m half-watching.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:38 pm

WINNER – Best Limited Series/TV Movie – The Assasination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:43 pm

Nellie: “A big night for FX, which is adding the best limited series win to the best drama trophy for The Americans.

Executive producer Brad Simpson thanked ‘FX and Fox for supporting disruptive television’ before making an appeal for more representation.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:44 pm

WINNER – Best Actress, Motion Picture Drama – Olivia Colman, The Favourite

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:46 pm

Oh now this is a win I can get behind. Olivia Colman has been a British national treasure for years, now the world gets to know what we know. There is controversy about her being the “lead” but she absolutely is in Yorgos Lanthimos’s film. She’s the Queen, for god’s sake! Great win and bodes well for Oscar. Colman, who has been busy shooting The Crown, has been struggling to do much campaigning, which makes it mean all the more. She talked to us at our Contenders event in London and for our recent print magazine.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:48 pm

Here’s the full text of that powerful Versace speech. “Gianni Versace was murdered 20 years ago. He was one of the very few public figures who was out, during a time of intense hate and fear. This was the era of don’t ask, don’t tell. Those forces of hate and fear are still with us. They tell us we should be scared of people who are different from us. They tell us we should put walls around ourselves, as artists we must fight back by representing those who are not represented. And by providing a space for people who are new voices to tell stories that haven’t been told. As human beings we should resist in the streets, resist at the ballot box and practice love and empathy in our everyday lives. Our story is a period piece, but those forces are not historical. They’re here with us and we must resist.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:50 pm

DCSCA on Colman in the comments, referencing the definitive condiment (can a condiment be definitive?): “Colman’s hot mustard; Hollywood’s looking for the next Judi Dench.”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:54 pm

WINNER – Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy  – Green Book

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:55 pm

What a win for Green Book, which confirms the staying power of the TIFF Audience Award winner. Sure, this is Musical/Comedy and Drama is usually a closer indicator for Oscar’s Best Picture, but this is a key win that increases its odds.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:56 pm

From Mike: “I see Pete Farrelly trying to get his whole cast on stage. Hurry guys! They cut you off last time when you won Screenplay!”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:57 pm

Farrelly gives a special thank you to exec producer Octavia Spencer.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:57 pm

And he refuses to be played off as he talks about how Don Shirley was a great man and an underappreciated genius.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:59 pm

“We still live in divided times, maybe more so than ever” Farrelly says as he talks about wanting to share the movie’s hope. “All we have to do is to talk and to not judge people by their differences.” We all want the same thing, he says. Worth his full moment, for sure.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20197:59 pm

But commenters are chiming in to deliver a dark verdict on the show as a whole. “Entire show was awful.” says Anonymous. “This was the worst show in history! Sandra Oh and whatever his name was we’re absolutely horrible. They weren’t funny” according to Carla.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:00 pm

From Mike: “The victories piling up for Green Book really positions the film going forward into the Oscar race. Way to go, Pete Farrelly, for shaming these Globes posers for trying to play off the movie before he got to deliver a speech on racism that was as moving as the one Brad Simpson gave for Gianni Versace. “

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:01 pm

That Versace speech was from Brad Simpson. Some great winners speeches here tonight, even if the hosts are getting cold shoulder.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:03 pm

The big three to go, folks.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:04 pm

WINNER – Best Actress, Motion Picture Drama – Glenn Close, The Wife

Mike Fleming January 6, 20198:05 pm

Wow, I thought Lady Gaga would take this one, but the Globes voters have certainly spread out the love tonight.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:05 pm

Oh, Mike’s back!

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:05 pm

Don’t refresh the page, Mike, whatever you do.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:08 pm

Another barnstorming speech here, this time from Glenn Close.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:08 pm

I’m actually not as surprised as Mike about Gaga not taking this award. But let’s see what the next two bring before I say more.

Mike Fleming January 6, 20198:09 pm

Very moving speech by Glenn Close on how her mother subjugated herself to her husband and was held back from accomplishment. How touching.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:12 pm

Giovanni in comments on Roma’s Foreign and Director wins: “It could and should win both Best Pictire and Best Foreign film at the Oscars, as well as Best Director and Cinemtography. Bring it home, Roma!”

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:14 pm

WINNER – Best Actor, Motion Picture Drama – Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:14 pm

Malek is certainly the only good thing about Bohemian Rhapsody in my mind. 

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:15 pm

Dafoe was a long shot but he’d have been my personal winner here. Or maybe John David Washington, who emerged in BlacKkKlansman to suggest a big career ahead. 

Mike Fleming January 6, 20198:16 pm

Rami Malek is looking at a major movie career. His charisma catapulted Bohemia Rhapsody to hit status. this was a movie that disappeared its director, Bryan Singer, who was fired with a couple weeks left of production. Rami came to our Contenders event and his charm was irresistible. He is a force of nature.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:16 pm

“Rami Malek continues the tradition of play dead music legend – win award” says JohnM in the comments.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:17 pm

WINNER – Best Motion Picture Drama – Bohemian Rhapsody

Mike Fleming January 6, 20198:19 pm

Now that is a shocker. Bohemian Rhapsody winning Best Drama. I thought A Star Is Born would have taken it.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:19 pm

This feels like a uniquely Globes quirk. But I’ll say what I was going to say about Star is Born: I feel like the love isn’t there as much as it seems to be. Obviously time will tell, but I think the caveats people have with the second half of the movie are preventing them from going all-in on it, in a year in which there are so many other creditable movies. My prediction for Oscar now would be Roma or Green Book.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:19 pm

What do you think Mike?

Mike Fleming January 6, 20198:20 pm

So what does this mean for the Oscars, Joe? It seems like this will help Green Book more than any of the other films. The film has done so so business, and it needed a boost like this

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:20 pm

Andy Samberg says “we’d give us five stars”. I am fairly certain nobody else would concur here…

Mike Fleming January 6, 20198:21 pm

I would still be surprised if Roma gets Best Picture.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:21 pm

I think two things Mike: 1) Green Book gets a big boost, and so does Roma. 2) A Star is Born deflates.

Mike Fleming January 6, 20198:21 pm

Certainly I can see it winning Best Foreign Language film

Nellie Andreeva January 6, 20198:21 pm

In TV — big night for FX and Netflix who swept the top program categories, for Chuck Lorre, who is getting critical success to go with the huge commercial success of his sitcoms, and Ryan Murphy. Great, fairytale ending for ‘The Americans.’ 

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:23 pm

I’ll say this: I’ve never seen audiences more eager to see a foreign language, black and white movie than I’ve seen them for Roma. I remember a screening in London early into the season (but a while after fall fests) that attracted a guest list so A-List I thought I wouldn’t be allowed in – and I was moderating the Q&A.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:23 pm

Voting audiences I mean.

Mike Fleming January 6, 20198:24 pm

Don’t count out A Star Is Born. Bradley Cooper has accomplished something exceptional here, and Lady Gaga’s performance was great for a newcomer. The songs are magic and the film did big business. Can 93 Globes voters really mean that much? To me, the frontrunners are still A Star Is Born, with Green Book right there with it. I can certainly see Rami Malek getting a Best Picture nomination and Roma will be in the mix. Vice had a rough night. Got more nominations than any film, and did win for Christian Bale but they must be bummed.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:24 pm

Ryan Murphy is really feeling like television’s golden boy more and more.

Mike Fleming January 6, 20198:26 pm

Sometimes you just have to break through and then once you are in, you are expected to contend each year. Murphy’s series have been very good, these fact-based dramas. This seems like a trend. I was totally captivated with the Ben Stiller-directed Escape At Dannemora, which won a prize for Patricia Arquette. It was a latecomer for Globes, but watch that one come Emmy time.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:26 pm

I daresay the HFPA’s shutout, considering they’d have been the prime target for the glitz of a cocktail with Bradley and Gaga, speaks volumes on this film, actually. The Bohemian win demonstrates how much they love the shine of glittery musical projects.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:27 pm

Dannemora now has to last the long road ahead as Emmy campaigns start hotting up, but it’s not an insurmoutable hurdle for a good show.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:28 pm

Also, re: Roma, Kevin Bourke in the comments reminds us about another black-and-white film from a foreign country: The Artist.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:29 pm

Giovanni, meanwhile, thinks tonight confirms that First Man has flamed out of the conversation. I was always sure Green Book was Uni’s more powerful play, but I think he’s right.

Mike Fleming January 6, 20198:30 pm

I was muzzled by our own technical problems, but I have to say this: while its credibility has always been suspect, the Globes has always been a fun show. The winners are fed and lubricated, but between the flu shot and the Amy Poehler-Maya Rudolph marriage proposal this was about the worse Globes show I can recall.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:30 pm

And “Not BS” points out that nobody thanked or even acknowledged Bryan Singer for Bohemian. It’s true. From its first LA screening, they have treated it as a movie that had no director. Graham King has been getting all the love and credit from Malek and others.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:31 pm

Any last words Mike before we wrap up for the night?

Mike Fleming January 6, 20198:31 pm

I don’t think I have ever seen that happen before, the way that Singer is being treated like a pariah.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:31 pm

By the way, it’s 5:30 in the morning in Provence, and I’m heading straight for the red wine.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:32 pm

I don’t think it ever has happened before. The party line has been that Singer had a “family emergency”, which also doesn’t really explain why they can’t speak his name. Dexter Fletcher came in to finish the movie, but he gets an EP credit where Singer retains the director one per union. 

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:33 pm

DCSCA in the comments thinks Star is Born has been adapted too many times, and maybe that’s why. “Same old, same old, same old, old, old story.”

Mike Fleming January 6, 20198:33 pm

The DGA would never allow Singer to be completely disappeared. You deserve the wine btw. thanks for keeping this going despite the technical problems that prevented many of us for filing on this live blog for practically the whole show. We will get to the bottom of it so we have better results on Oscar night. Good night Joe!

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:34 pm

Meanwhile, David O says he thinks Andy Samberg won’t get another emcee gig, and Glenn Close gets the Best Speech award. “I don’t feel sorry for A Star is Born. It’s a good movie, but I think Bohemian Rhapsody is just as strong,” he adds.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:35 pm

A pleasure to act as your conduit, Mike and Nellie. I’m off to drink myself to bed. Goodnight folks.

Mike Fleming January 6, 20198:35 pm

I disagree about A Star Is Born being adapted too many times. This is a wonderful film and I understand when you said its finish fades compared to the beginning, but I don’t see how that is avoidable given what transpires. I found Bradley Cooper’s downward spiral to be heartbreaking.

Joe Utichi January 6, 20198:35 pm

We’ll pick up this particular conversation on Oscar night, Mike. Thanks to all our commenters for keeping me awake. And we’ll see you again then!

Mike Fleming January 6, 20198:36 pm

That’s a wrap, then.