NBC has slotted Thursday, March 28, 9:30 PM for the premiere of the 10-episode series, starring Natalie Morales, who points out she is the first Cuban star of an American TV comedy since Desi Arnaz.

Abby also is the first openly bisexual lead character on TV comedy, Morales said, explaining she’s drawn to roles about marginalized people that do not focus on how they are marginalized. “We are all multi-faceted people; it’s time we see that on television,” she said. “A person can be about more than one thing.”

Challenge of shooting a multi-cam outdoors, with a live audience, was Question No. 1. Biggest challenge: avoiding ambient noise of airplanes and helicopters overhead, sirens zipping by, screaming from horror nights going on elsewhere at the studio – and a skunk who’d staked a claim nearby.

Abby’s, from Uni TV, Fremulon and 3 Arts, was written by Josh Malmuth. He executive produces with Michael Schur and 3 Arts’ David Miner. Pamela Fryman directed the pilot.