It’s a time for peace on earth, good will toward men. At least, that’s what the song says. But in Hollywood, the anti-President Donald Trump online crowd has been active, given wings as the hashtag #TrumpResign has drawn more than a few celebrity broadsides.

A campaign apparently started by the online, which claims to be “the nation’s largest grassroots Resistance organization,” is claiming credit for the tweetstorm. The hashtag is trending outside the US as well as throughout the country.

So far, most of the people using the hashtag aren’t the usual big names of Trump celebrity attackers, although there are plenty of anti-Trump postings among them minus the hashtag. The marker has picked up a few variations as well, including #TrumpResigns and #TrumpResignisTrending.

Here are some of the celeb reactions using the hashtag so far: